10 Things You Must Do Before You Die

The Top Ten

1 Go Skydiving

Umm... Okay, Definitely not for people with a fear of heights.

What Cameron Boyce wanted to do with Boo Boo. 😢

2 Have Children
3 Vote for This Option

Yep - Maddox121


Welp, done that

4 Swim In a Pool of Sharks
5 Go to Outer Space

it is becz... looking at the creation of the whole universe is a life time expireince... stars are smthing that everybody look upon... so I wud like to go out there,... and may be I find some aliens roaming out there... hahaha...

6 Jump Into a Lion's Cage
7 Jump Off the Top of the Empire State Building
8 Climb Mount Everest
9 Eat a Gigantic Cake

And get diabetes? No thanks.

10 Find a Cure for Cancer, AIDS, Etc.

You forgot MS. That's bad too. But discovering a cure for these diseases would be truly amazing. - booklover1

The Contenders

11 Produce a Singing Album
12 Invent Something
13 Win a Gold Medal In the Olympics
14 Climb the Pyramids of Egypt
15 Be On Broadway
16 Visit the Great Wall of China
17 Be In a Hit Movie
18 Read the Holy Bible from Cover to Cover
19 Climb a Mountain
20 Circumnavigate the Globe
21 Go On an African Safari
22 Play Gran Turismo 5
23 Slap the Guy Who Added Join PETA
24 Dance to a Song Sung by Frank Sinatra
25 Go to a Film Premiere
26 Read the Bible

This is a given. - dipperpinesfangirl618

27 Join PETA
28 Watch the Lion King on Broadway

It's really one of the best musical ever! The music are great, the acting are awesome!

29 Order 50 Boxes of Pizza In One Day
30 Go Out On 100 Dates
31 Take Part In a Food Fight
32 Go Hunting
33 Visit Every Country
34 Be a Judge On a Show
35 Get Saved

Er what if you don't want to be a Christian what if you want to be a Pagan/Wiccan. They don't have a Holy Book.

36 Play Undertale
37 Learn to Fly a Plane
38 Write a Book
39 Take a Parachute Jump
40 Dive With Sharks
41 Fly a Plane
42 Play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
43 Drink 100 Cans of Rum
44 Read 100,000 Books
45 Have Sex

This is probably the best thing which any person can do. You don't need a lot of money, just a girlfriend, if you don't have one, then you can try your luck at places like bar, parties, etc

46 Face Your Biggest Fear

What's your biggest fear?
Face it... You're not getting another chance.. If you don't you may just sit there in the heaven and wonder, "may be it was not that scary"

47 Forgive Someone

If someone has done bad to you, and regret. Forgive him.

48 Do Something Good

When you know you're going to die, you don't fear anything. Just imagine what all things you can do. Like kill a very bad person, or at least try to.

49 Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Spend most of the time with your loved ones like girlfriend/wife, children's.

50 Watch All the Good Movies

Here are some good movies...
Star wars
A walk to remember
2 states
Breakfast club
Bhaag milkha bhaag.. Etc

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