Top Ten Things that People Who Love to Draw Can Relate To

As a person who love to draw I can all of the items that i put in here I think it's not just me so that's why I made this list, I'm so sorry if this isn't accurate

The Top Ten

1 Having a lot of drawing on the back of your notebook

On school when I'm bored or their is nothing to do I draw on the back of my notebook just to not get bored - RoseCandyMusic

2 Wanting most drawing tools

I want to buy all the school supplies in the world

3 We like painting too
4 Drawing is entertaining to us


5 Searching for inspiration on the internet

That's me! I get inspired by life too! For example if I go to a family party and see a kid getting their diaper hanged (we're Asian), I get inspired and then I draw pics of my aunt changing my diaper in the EXACT SAME position as the diaper change that I witnessed.

6 "I'm a perfectionist when It comes to drawing"

*makes one mistake when drawing with ballpen*
Me: ugh this drawing is so ugly - RoseCandyMusic

7 "Art is my favorite subject"

I don't like to be bookworm or nerd, I think art and sports are better! - Sugarcubecorner

8 "Were just book lovers, except when we are bored we draw instead of reading books"
9 Designing is fun
10 You are weird

I have a thing with vulgar humor (especially toilet humor), and once when I was in high school I drew a weird picture of the gods from Disney's Hercules watching my aunt change my poopy diaper when I was 2 years old. I honestly had no idea why I even drew that. I guess I must have WAY too much time on my hands...

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