Top 10 Things to Sell In School

I also need help to what to sell in school, it can be products or services.

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1 Knifes

This is a great idea so we can kill the teacher or commit suicide

Only jeff the killer will do that - TeamRocket747

That is a horrible idea


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2 Gum

It works the best

Best Idea ever

Ah... Gum the irresistible chewing... thingy?


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3 Slime

My best friend did and got a hundred dollars each semester.

It's a good idea to sell slime because a lot of kids like it

Everyone sells slime

I made 78 dollars off of slime selling in two weeks.

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4 Fidget Spinner

Made 50 bucks selling these in the last week

I wish I had done this when I was in school - TealBoyxx

Awesome a boy in my school sell them


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5 Weed





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6 Snacks

Yes me and my sister will make a lot of money out of it

Well its food...

We need some chips, chocolate and a Dr.Pepper. - RebelGamer

Yeah boioy

7 Educational Notes

It will also make a higher chance of teacher approval.


8 Bully Protection

It will be especially useful in a gangster school.

9 Condoms

I wish this happened in my school

same - Suicidal_Crazy

10 Erasers

I make a business selling cheap erasers at 10 cents each and somehow manges to sell it even when converted into powder.

It can be also used as a (gambling) game.

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11 Hair

I love this

12 Junk Food

When I was a kid, I made a lot of money as a student selling candies and snacks to other kids in school. They would spend their lunch money on what I had instead of the school's food. - thaimed

When I was in my old school, they used to have "Baked Good Sales" and I would ask my mom for 2 dollars and I always buy a cupcake, a cookie and a juice. - PrincessKiana

I know at least six people at my school who sell tons of candy and chips at school. Everyone goes crazy of it!

My friends tried selling Takis at the end of 6th grade.. made a lot of money that way

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13 Stress Balls

Because some people get stressed out at school

great idea

14 Cookie Dough
15 Porn

Perfect, nothing like some good old alone time in the back of Ms. Johnson's class

16 Wild Fancy Stationary V 1 Comment
17 Homework Doing

Or maybe copying.
Just make sure you can hide your handwriting

18 Waiter Service

You help them queue and buy their food.

19 Art and Craft Materials

Paper, tape, ice cream sticks mmm hmm.
It can be used for those who are creating with their stationary.

20 Bath Bombs

This would be great!

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