Top 10 Things to Sell In School

I also need help to what to sell in school, it can be products or services.
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1 Gum

At my school you can't find gum anywhere. And if you have any everyone is going to ask you for it

I sell gum and I bout a 35 piece package for $2.26 and if I sell it all I will make 8.43 since so it is worth it.

In my school gum sells like mad but everyone else sells gum too so I don't have much business

I agree because people love gum and will pay lets say $1.50 for half a pack in my grade

2 Slime

In elementary school is was crazy everybody was selling slimes and squishes people got MONEY

Everyone in my school likes slime even me and literally everyone wants it and sells it

It is a really good idea you can get a lot of money and every one likes it

My best friend did and got a hundred dollars each semester.

3 Snacks

Really is a good way to make money there would be like three candy dealers in each grade

I'm popular for selling candy at school. Everyone calls me "candy girl"

Yes me and my sister will make a lot of money out of it

Tasty fried, roasted, and on pizza

4 Condoms

I wish this happened in my school

Good thing for doing some activity

Give them to the teachers

You need these kids

5 Stress Balls

I think this is a GREAT idea if your having stress before a test etc. I’m considering starting a school shop but I have no idea what to do, but after looking at this I think I might make these! Thanks!

Awesome idea lots of people would want to relieve their stresses with a stress ball but the thing is what will be inside it? what would you need

When you get really mad and want to squish something this is so the right thing

Anxiety and Stress are a big part of High school. it'd help calm the one's state of mind, and may help them improve in school.

6 Porn

Perfect, nothing like some good old alone time in the back of Ms. Johnson's class

Yay porn and money

It would be amazing


7 Fidget Spinner

This'd be great except my school banned all toys. Only for middle grades though. Fortunately, 5th grade and younger can have Beanie Boo's, coloring books, and legos out at recess... We can't have fidget spinners, fidget cubes, slime, putty, or flip water bottles because it's " distracting " the students. Even though we just got into the classroom durning homeroom. One of my friends has like a ton of these at his house.

Made 50 bucks selling these in the last week

I wish I had done this when I was in school

Awesome a boy in my school sell them

8 Educational Notes

It will also make a higher chance of teacher approval.

You can cheat on a test


it good

9 Bully Protection

It will be especially useful in a gangster school.

This is great

10 Junk Food

When I was a kid, I made a lot of money as a student selling candies and snacks to other kids in school. They would spend their lunch money on what I had instead of the school's food.

I sold these as a fundraiser, but people keep asking me if they could buy some even after I've used the money! Everyone loves fudge

I know at least six people at my school who sell tons of candy and chips at school. Everyone goes crazy of it!

I sell candy and make average of 10 dollars a day in profit. That is 50 dollars in 2 weeks!

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11 Hair
12 Homework Doing

Or maybe copying.
Just make sure you can hide your handwriting

Just fake handwriting, and boom.

I will try this

13 Stationary

College passer free!

It might not be available in the school bookshop.

14 Bracelets

Honestly I'm just tryin to make some cash and this is a great idea

O yes! I sold a braclet and already have 2 orders and got $1.00! This week has just began!

It is not bad and everyone will want some

I make my own and it's a great idea

15 Erasers

I make a business selling cheap erasers at 10 cents each and somehow manges to sell it even when converted into powder.

It can be also used as a (gambling) game.

This is actually very useful


16 Pens

Whenever I let someone borrow a pen, sometimes I don't get it back and I have to steal it back from them.

Click click click

17 Pencils
18 Bath Bombs

The kids would have fun throwing them

This would be great!

Great thanks ✌️

19 Art and Craft Materials

Paper, tape, ice cream sticks mmm hmm.
It can be used for those who are creating with their stationary.

20 Fidget Cubes

Oh yeah that's what I'm talking about

21 Energy Drinks

I sold them for a lot more than they were worth.

I just buy 30p ones and sell for 50p

Is this good then

22 Waiter Service

You help them queue and buy their food.

23 Phone Cases

Most kids will have a phone and will be interested to see a different variety of cases for them.

24 T-shirt Bags

They are really simple to make... all you need is an old t-shirt, some scissors, and tiny rubber bands

25 Perfume
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