Top 10 Things to Sell In School

I also need help to what to sell in school, it can be products or services.

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1 Knifes

This is a great idea so we can kill the teacher or commit suicide

Only jeff the killer will do that - TeamRocket747

I want knifes so we can do whatever we want and threaten the teachers to do things for us, also so we can bring protection from people who break into our school, but mainly the first thing about threatening the teachers.

I wish lol

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2 Gum

Gum is probably a great thing to sell at school. That was MY second idea.

Yeah this is good because everyone always asks for gum when you open a pack.

Great idea I also did this


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3 Slime

Everyone sells slime

My best friend did and got a hundred dollars each semester.

It's a good idea to sell slime because a lot of kids like it


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4 Weed

You went to high school I went to school high

Weed is great

It's good bois

I bought a pound of weed and also ordered 100 pre rolled cones, stuffed em and sold em for $5 each. Think of that, $1600/pound $5 each jay which is.3 of a gram that’s killer profit 👌😎 That’s if you don’t smoke your supply. Stay Lifted by the way there’s 453 Grams in a pound

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5 Snacks

Yes me and my sister will make a lot of money out of it

It's an option but when I tried it as an option a few years ago I was told only seniors are allowed to sell that

Well its food...


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6 Fidget Spinner

Made 50 bucks selling these in the last week

I wish I had done this when I was in school - TealBoyxx

Awesome a boy in my school sell them


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7 Condoms

I wish this happened in my school

same - Suicidal_Crazy


At least it’ll stop them from reproducing. - 3DG20

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8 Stress Balls

Because some people get stressed out at school

When you get really mad and want to squish something this is so the right thing

I got a headache blowin these stuff up

Awesome idea lots of people would want to relieve their stresses with a stress ball but the thing is what will be inside it? what would you need

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9 Porn

Love watching this

It would be amazing

Perfect, nothing like some good old alone time in the back of Ms. Johnson's class


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10 Educational Notes

It will also make a higher chance of teacher approval.

You can cheat on a test


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11 Bully Protection

It will be especially useful in a gangster school.

Honestly this is lit, I get bullied everyday for having erectile dysfunction

12 Wild Fancy Stationary

College passer free!

It might not be available in the school bookshop.

13 Hair

I love this

me to

14 Erasers

I make a business selling cheap erasers at 10 cents each and somehow manges to sell it even when converted into powder.

It can be also used as a (gambling) game.

15 Your Soul

I buy souls and sell them to minecraft youtubers so they can pretend to be people, that is why we never realized that the minecraft youtubers are superior beings pretending to be lower.

What if you don't have one?

I already do this

Give me give me

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16 Pens

Whenever I let someone borrow a pen, sometimes I don't get it back and I have to steal it back from them. - Pegasister12

Of course...

17 Junk Food

When I was a kid, I made a lot of money as a student selling candies and snacks to other kids in school. They would spend their lunch money on what I had instead of the school's food. - thaimed

I know at least six people at my school who sell tons of candy and chips at school. Everyone goes crazy of it!

I sell candy and make average of 10 dollars a day in profit. That is 50 dollars in 2 weeks!

I'm doing this right now, selling snickers, taki's, pelo pelon rico (mexican kids just eat it up), sour patch watermelon, coke, sprite. Dead ass made 200 in 2 weeks. I'm mexican by the way no racism except your own :D

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18 Cookie Dough

Follow Me On Instagram @60.dxddy


It's so LiT

19 Homework Doing

Just fake handwriting, and boom.

Or maybe copying.
Just make sure you can hide your handwriting


20 Fidget Cubes

Oh yeah that's what I'm talking about

21 Bath Bombs

This would be great!

22 Corn

What is the point of that


love it

I love tota juise

23 Juul Pods

Hit that juul

Yes please

Pretty sick

I pick up a pack of juul pods for 14 and sell them for 20 I'm the pod dealer at my school and no one sells as much as me do this and u will be so rich u will have to get a safe or bank account or get another wallet for all the paper u will make

24 Candy

Honestly how are you going to do this

But... You never know if ya laced them w/ drugs. But... if people trust you, screw it. Sell dem

25 Paracord Bracelets

Honestly I'm just tryin to make some cash and this is a great idea

My teacher suggested this!


26 Energy Drinks

I sold them for a lot more then they were worth.

Is this good then


27 Weapons

Think of all the possibilities

be a ninja


28 Your Body

lick me



29 Waiter Service

You help them queue and buy their food.

30 Pokemon Cards

Lowkey did this in middle school

I sold cardboard for $40

Sell rare ones

I smashed so many kids in the play yard with these bad bois

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31 Art and Craft Materials

Paper, tape, ice cream sticks mmm hmm.
It can be used for those who are creating with their stationary.

32 Lollipops

It is cool I think...



33 Bracelets

It is not bad and everyone will want some

34 T-shirt bags

They are really simple to make...all you need is an old t-shirt,some scissors,and tiny rubber bands

35 Pencils Pencils

nice idea

36 Carrot

I agree because you can put it in you ear


37 Chicken

I love it when it goes in my mouth hole


ChIcKeNS! - bOb HoOmAn

38 Phone Cases

Most kids will have a phone and will be interested to see a different variety of cases for them.

39 Clothes
40 Bags
41 Shoe cleaning

All you have to do is ask people if they want a good shoe clean and you could make the price like $5

Yes. I love cleaning shoes

42 Guns

Robert's got a quick hand
He'll look around the room, he won't tell you his plan
He's got a rolled cigarette, hanging out his mouth he's a cowboy kid
Yeah found a six shooter gun
In his dad's closet hidden oh in a box of fun things, I don't even know what
But he's coming for you, yeah he's coming for you
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, out run my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, out run my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
Daddy works a long day
He be coming home late, he's coming home late
And he's…

WWIII is in school

It is assassanation classroom

43 Trading Cards

Just like the old times. - RebelGamer

well done

44 Pictures

I am not talented in drawing but good in drawing stickman rage comics, somehow I got a buck for one.

I sell pictures for 50cents and look up things to draw

45 Perfume

Mm it tastes good

46 Blind Dates

This is so good you wont be single anymore

47 Cookies

When your hungry yum yum

48 Shoes

All these are great I highly suggest doing this in school ecspeacily the gun one

49 Shoes for Running

Hell yeah bring ten pairs of shoes to school

50 Lip Balm

Girls will go crazy for lip balm almost every girl ask the teacher for chap stick or lip balm every day

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