Top Ten Things That Should Be Banned In 2015


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1 Cigarettes

Preventive Healthcare for All!

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2 Sex

We need this or humanity would end. - Therandom

You mean the premarital kind, right? Because without this, the human race would be gone in 120 years or less, unless cloning people becomes possible before then.

What type. If you're talking about sex in general, well, humanity's banned too - PizzaGuy

What is humans just did the animal type sex? No orgasms or moaning, just natural sex - pupcatdog

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4 Political Borders

By the way, it's the Democrats who were the Confederates, not the Republicans.

Put the Republican Party in a museum along with the confederate flag! It's a dinosaur party of old relic white only men in total control,may they be a part of old and outdated Americana,extinct!

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5 Currency

Somehow, I doubt this would turn out well. - PetSounds

Bit coin will Rock!

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6 Weighing Over 250 Pounds

Then Ban the porky southern states.

I just had to find some moronic Yankee say this. It's not the states; it's people's decisions with what to do to their bodies (kind of a stupid decision, but whatever). - MKBeast

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7 Abortion

Although I identify as a Democrat, this is the one area where I actuaI side with the republicans. I have no respect for any woman who has had an abortion! They should all be sent to jail immediately for at least 5 years! You are killing someone, another human being! The second that conception occurs, that baby is alive with its own set of DNA like it or not! I hate women that murder a fetus instead of just giving birth to the baby and then turning it over for adoption! That baby is a new, unique person. What if you were that fetus? Struggling to stay alive because the mother doesn't care about you. And then dying because the mother would rather have life easier for her than let you live. You could have had so much potential! You could have grown up to be the greatest person in history, yet you were killed. Killed because your mother didn't want you. Killed because you were seen as a burden. Killed simply because you were there. Killed for no good reason at all.

Stop abortion.

Keep abortion legal in all 50 states! Vote Democrats 2016!

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8 Strip Clubs

They deserve to be destroyed or demolished. Strip shopping centers are way more better than strip clubs. I agree with Julie "Juliet" Mosher that those disgusting strip clubs are so ' annoying and nothing but stupid, stupid, stupid! They deserve to die, die, die! - playstationfan66

I hate them. They are nasty.

9 Communism

Not teaching Civics to everyone in America should be Banned,and not urging all Americans to VOTE!

10 Eating Dogs

So... A dog deserves to live more than all the other animals we eat? If you raise any animal as a pet, you will love them. - keycha1n

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11 Islam

All Religions are just as STUPID.

Well, if you retards want to banish a religion, why not follow that up with Christianity and Judaism? Smh - MKBeast

Teach Civics to all Americans so that they don't become Radicalized! They have SO Much Power here in the U.S. by VOTEING and Activism here!

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13 Stupid Military Spending

Honestly, spending above a trillion dollars on the most pointless war in history is really stupid. - MKBeast

Just think what us Americans could have done with all the money we wasted in Iraq! Thanks Republicans,for getting us in such a Stupid,dumb war! Your Inept!

New Michael Moore movie out soon...Where do we Invade next..out in September 2015...Vote 2016!

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14 Republican Party

As opposed to Democrats, who want to let murderers out of jail and back on the street, want perfectly able-bodied people who refuse to work to get everything free, ban everything industrial, and want humanity to live in tents. Think about it, how would you get your internet if there was no power and no manufacturing? Dumber, naive, drug-addicted, intolerant; democrats have no clue about life.

Get rid of the Democratic party, too! We don't need split parties to divide this country any further. - MKBeast

This is the party of Dinosaurs, old white people that have no clue how life, people relly are NOW!.. Smarter, thiner, compassionate, inclusive, the internet!.. This party needs to be banned! It's a relic!

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15 Pollution

Look at movie An inconvenient truth.

Over population is also pollution.

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16 TheTopTens TheTopTens TheTopTens is a website created in 2005, which is used to write top ten lists, where anyone can vote, comment, and write posts about the lists.

Top Tens ROCK!

If the TopTens ended now, then you would've wasted about 11 years of hard work. - DontMakeARookieMistake

...You do realize this is the site you're on now... - RiverClanRocks

I love TheTopTens, but now I feel like its being overwhelmed by cocky, brats that wish death on you if you hate stupid metal or like Justin Beiber.

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19 Sikhism
20 Music that Condones Bad Behavior

So basically anything that's been popular since the 1950s? - PetSounds

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