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281 Drama

People afraid of no healthcare in U.S.A. is not needed Drama!... Not correct!

282 Retiring at 70

You should be allowed to retire at 60. Some people's bodies age worse than others. - benhos

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283 Distorted history books

Browns and blacks never in a good light.. Never tell you whole story.

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284 Not spaying and neutering

But.we need to do this to Rednecks too,and it should be covered by Obamacare,I say no more Rednecks!

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285 Not raising the minimum wage

Exactly! Our government is making millions of dollars a day and still, they expect us to pay more when we don't get paid more. How can we take care of our families and keep spending more on it if the people with crappy jobs get paid exactly the same for their whole employment time? - benhos

I bet Ted Cruz.. John Bauner.. The house republicans.. They have GREAT! Healthcare.. Benifets.. Pensions.. what do you teabaggers.. Poor republicans have?... Besides the rich!... You struggle like us democrats!... White don't make you rich... Does it?... You with us 99 percenters.

286 Not fixing our roads and bridges

REPUBLICANS are too busy fixing the Middle East not middle America.

Fix America! NOT Iraq!... Education.. Healthcare!.. Houseing... Science...

287 Not taking care of family V 3 Comments
288 Consumption based economics

Bring Single Payer Healthcare to the U.S.A. Vote ALL DEMOCRATS! VOTER!

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289 Lack of labor laws

Read-THEY CAN FIRE YOU FOR READING THIS BOOK...its about our bad labor laws in America.

Lots of abuse on workers! Cheating on pay... Breaks.. Overtime... NO benifets at all!... None!

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290 Not compromising

The USA works Best, as a Team, Teamwork, NO matter your color, religion, or lack of, your sexual preferance, your money status, in the end, we all become 1,1 family,1 people,1Team,1 country, and we die for 1, and 1 for all, Team USA, is my America, TEAM USA, UNITY.

291 A police state

You mean white power... White supremacy?... The Gop controlling us all?... Corpirate... Corporate america relly in charge $$$... I pity us if republicans relly take over... We will all be pak mules.

292 Neocons

Dude... Its not the 1930s anymore! Vote democrats!

Republicans hate Unions,they want you to work Cheap! VOTE DEMOCRATS!

No more Republicans! May ALL in the U.S.A. have access to good Healthcare! This is the most important thing in our lives, Health, Keep on supporting the Democratic party! VOTE, VOTER, VOTEN! It relly matters!

293 Not traveling the globe

Comparring Europe to America is like a pinto to a mercedis... We are not at all great!... Way behind!... in so many ways! FOX lies O.K.

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294 Medical marijuana

If you try it for medical reasons, you will fall in love with it! Its that good!.. Fed legalize it Now!.. So many uses!.. Fun too.

Legalize it NOW in all 50!... For all purposes! 420... Vote Democrats 2014!

Legalize, 100%. People can decide for themselves.

All should have easy access! All 50 states!

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295 Not volunteering

I make Democrats, that is what makes me Happy, I MAKE DEMOCRATS! 24/7. VOTE, help me, help others!

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296 Conservative talk radio

You can listen to Liberal talk radio instead,much more positive!

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297 No public transportation

Public Transist should be FREE... More would use it and this would clean our air!

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298 White flight

Equality makes better communities.

299 Exclusion

Stop voter suppression... NOW!

300 Inner city plight

Fix this... Screw Iraq.

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