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341 Not keeping a straight face at the republican convention
342 Puritanism
343 Women supporting Republicans

It's called a women's right to choose for a reason. If women want to be Republicans then the more power to them. If you restrict them to just voting Democrats, that takes away a women's right to choose who to affiliate with and who to vote for. Tolerance goes both ways you know?

My great grand ma has the hots! For John Mccain!

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344 Not learning another language
345 Anti-environmental laws

NO! To keystone pipeline!.. No fossil fuels!

346 Minimum wage limits

All jobs should have at least 5 paid sick days per year!

347 Retirement age
348 Money spent on wars
349 Unfairness towards women
350 White collar crime

Look at Fraud at Ability One online and the CNN story on this.

They get a slap on wrist.

351 Not rewarding good people who work and do good things

All full time jobs should have at least 2 weeks paid vacation pay!

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352 Charging for healthcare

Homeless and poor people get no say in this. All people are equal, it doesn't matter who decides to buy a big house and then still owe 200k on it when they die and not have a house at all because they don't want to deal with our corrupt government. - benhos

Take the profit out of Healthcare,go to Healthcare,see movie Sicko.

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353 No rights for gay people V 2 Comments
354 Not having a strong military

Use communication before bombs!

355 Not doing everything with love and concern
356 Imaginary gods

I hate goofy Christians!

357 Not being truly free
358 Social inequality

Single Payer Healthcare NOW!

359 Anti-Healthcare V 2 Comments
360 Not doing immigration reform

We lose talent to other countries!

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