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401 Consumerism V 1 Comment
402 Not bringing back Woodstock values
403 Not bringing back the hippies

The modern day Hippies is Occupy and the Bernie Sanders Demo Socialist Party,they will run a candidate in 2020...They Are Here To Stay!

V 1 Comment
404 Not getting rid of Teabaggers

They are Republicans on Steriods!... Mostly white old mean angry lonely sorry people who too dumb to love or can't love? I feel sorry for such small people.. Jesus knocks on every heart... But not all open their heart to him.. He knocks still.. Perhaps they see him before they die? Late.

405 Not being illuminated

Read the Satanic Bible.

406 Not making joy a priority
407 No access to medical marijuana

Its not a drug.

408 Not helping women progress

All women need to VOTE... Support Democrats, all Democrats, VOTEN!

409 People in jail for petty stuff
410 Not owning a gun for protection

I with NRA on gun ownership! But not on their attacks on Obama/Democrats... I love my guns. And I love Mr. Obama/Democrats.. I vote always!

411 Confusing faith with religion
412 Psycho cops and security guards
413 Dance clubs closing at 1:30 a.m
414 Not keeping employment and healthcare separate
415 Commercialism

Money is cool... But its not everything!... Peace of mind... Safety nets.. Free time... Is good too!... Unitity... Our country as family!... This gives us abundance!... Compassion.. Strength.. Respect.

416 Banks

Use credit unions... Not banks!

417 Non diversity

You are who you are.

418 Not legalizing recreational marijuana
419 Protesting V 1 Comment
420 Releasing dangerous people back in society
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