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61 Prejudice

The OCCUPY movement introduced us to Bernie Sanders and its effects are here currently in the 2016 election.

America needs good labor laws that protect workers!

I will not stand for the national anthem! Not till we fix our country first! Take care of our own.

The Socialist Party will be back 2020.

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62 George W. Bush

The whole time this idiot and Cheney were in office,8 long stupid years! I was embarrassed to be American! We were the butt of jokes the world over! Obama, makes us look Regal, cool, young, contemporary, hell, even European chic! He a GODSEND!

If not for this upright walking jack ass! Just think of all the TRILLIONS SPENT ON Iraq! We could have Super Fixed the USA in SO MANY ways! But, NO, Republicans won, and we in STUPID WARS, they are MORONS!

End Stupid Wars.. Redirect funding, implement universal healthcare, stop global warming.

I don't think Mike Pence is a Good Man

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63 Discrimination

Ban NOT VOTEING! US Liberals have the chance to have equality, healthcare, things that our fathers, and forefathers never had the chance to even envision! DON'T you see the GREAT POWER we as a people have?.. We can have an AMERICA that will lead by EXAMPLE, I can see the potential future of our AMERICA, and it is so BEAUTIFUL!

Looking like the Republicans are well on their way to another Smashing Defeat in November 2016!

I will never know why marijuana is not legalized I know it helps epilepsy patients a great deal, I think, it's just done to discriminate on minorities!

The Democrats handle this Way Better!

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64 Anti death penalty people

The Bad people in America have more rights and Protections than the Good.

The death penalty is to nice for Monsters, rot in a cell, just rot!

Isn't life in prison worse?

I would not fight for TRUMP.

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65 Antiscience

Everything is Science... Even Religions!

Perhaps, the most beautiful word on earth? Progressives.. The cure to ignorance, superstition, stupidity... Human anguish... Vote Democrats 2016. The progressive party.

Seriously, your political babble is no better than the crap that comes drooling out of Donald Trump's mouth. Both sides are lying here. - MKBeast

If you belive in the power of science.. Then vote Democrats!

Sad but true,Global Warming is Real.

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66 Greed

Look at the Record Amounts of Fraud at Ability One and Source America!

Democrat are not as selfish as republicans.

Why would a Union worker vote republican?

I always thought this was Gods land,not my land,i'm just passing thru.

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67 40 hour work weeks

30 hours per week best all around.. More production.. Health.. Family.. Longevity!

68 Liberals who hate free speech.

Because all these liberals keep adding stuff like "Not being liberal" or "Not voting Democratic"

This is Free Speech.. VOTE Tuesday November the 8th,Be there Early!

Is Donald Trump a Mental? A 51/50?

Hopefully this means Antifa gets banned.

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69 Marijuana
70 E-Sports

This is making those stupid people who doesn't actually work paid millions, while those who are committed to society get very little! Government just make things more fair! - MChkflaguard_Yt

71 Circumcision

Only people with phimosis should still be allowed to get circumcised.

Would it have avoided Ted Cruz being born?

With TRUMP they worked on the wrong head.

With Trump,Doctors sliced off the wrong head.

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72 Undertale Haters

It's a game! Why are there politically stuck-up morons here? - MKBeast

I hate Undertale. So sue me suckers.

Are they anything like Tea Party haters?

Dead people in comas need to be put to death,this saves time,money,space,I care about the liveing.

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73 Kris Jenner Kris Jenner Kristen Mary "Kris" Jenner is an American television personality who rose to fame for starring in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians together with her family.

She exploited her daughters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe and turned them into monsters for money and fame so she could live her lifelong dream. Three words: Worst Mother Ever

74 Toxic waste
75 Anti LGBT laws

The LGBT in no way should support the Republican party in Indiana at all! And no one should either! NO.

The Only Reason The LGBT community now has Marriage Equality is Obama and the Democrats!.PERIOD.

We all know LGBT equality will be passed on the Supreme Court soon, and LGBT equality will be the law of the land, Universal Healthcare will be next, APPROVED.

In the 1960s,The Hippies,were the Normal Ones,History Proved Us Correct.

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76 Islam

Often termed as religion of peace by idiots is making the whole world to live in pieces. It must be banned from the world. It is the origin of terrorism which is destroying the global harmony.

The best simply Really.

77 Homework

Homework is useless! Even psychologists say so!

Donald Trump is one ignorant candidate.

How is this not higher on the list!

78 High taxes

Or at least decrease property taxes by 20-25% and increase the sales tax to 7.5%

79 Sex changes
80 Tracy Beaker

Single payer healthcare is comeing to the USA, it's the Best way!

Go to Healthcare. Gov to sign up for healthcare in USA... Its affordable... Thanks Mr. Obama!

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