Top 10 Things We Can Hope for in the 2020s

Next year will be 2019 which will be the final year of the 2010s, and I honestly gotta say the 2010s have been an absolute disaster in my personal opinion. Everything from politics, society, entertainment, etc. has gone downhill fast. And I don't really know what the world's gonna be like once we hit the 2020s, but hopefully it's way better than it is now. We all just have to be positive and hope for the best.

Now hear me out, I'm already aware of the fact that no decade is perfect and that a decade has no supernatural powers to make everything better. I'm just saying that we should all stay positive and hope for the best in the 2020s. But keep in mind that if you want the world to get better then you're gonna have to get up off your tail and make it better. Hard work is very important and if you want things done right you're gonna have to do them yourself.

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1 World Peace

I wish people would stop hating on present-day and the future years, If you can't stop living in the past then find some things about this year that you love, look for music that was released this year that you will like, try listening to music that was released by small artists this year. As of for games, try to find an awesome game that you love to play and if you miss the good old days of that game then invite your friends to play that game with you if you can still play and if the game is closed then try to find a similar game to enjoy and then play it. Also, try finding new generation games to enjoy and play them, Try to do these along with everything you love to do and then it will be a lot easier to move on and you won't be like "man I miss the good old days" or "those were the days, the days we will never get back". If you love the music that was released back in the "good old days" then continue to listen to that music today and if people judge you then just ignore them, If ...more - EpicTime9012

In my huge comment, I said 2016 and beyond because that's when I started to see people complaining about the present-day. Ever since 2016, I've seen people complain about how things are going downhill. - EpicTime9012

It looks like the Sustainable Development Goals administered by the UN will not work. Peace cannot last on a divided government system built upon ideology.

World Peace would be awesome - EpicTime9012

2 No More Shootings at Schools

Unfortunately, those school shootings will not stop. I don't want to give out the statistics about what happened before the Stoneman Douglas shooting at Florida in 2018. Besides, it will haunt those families and friends of loved ones murdered by those gunners with the fingers pulling the trigger of an AR-15 rifle.

And besides, we hope that none of the shootings will ever happen again. Will we look forward to beating swords into plowshares? How long will it be until it's time to put aside our differences and get to become friends? Maybe sometime later, extend the olive branch.

Yes school shootings are bad so that's why we have to ban them permanently! - andrewteel

Am sick and tired of schools shootings, I could sticking scream. - CatLeena14

As long as guns exist school shootings will exist sadly - drooper

3 A Better Economy

I'd say a mix of privatized, nationalized and collectivized would make a good economy. A more mixed economy allows for more opportunity and more freedom and hopefully a better economy. - DarkBoi-X

Democratic National Socialism.

Socialism is the answer - shadomatrix

Yeah, I too envy the lucky children in Venezuela lined up to get a loaf of bread who have been liberated from capitalist oppression - styLIShT

This is great

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4 Better Society

I'd love one where they don't have unhealthy standards like "real men don't cry", "women have to look like photoshopped models in order to be pretty", "everyone must be an extrovert" and doesn't rely on outdated/stupid stereotypes to define certain types of people. I unfortunately feel like that day will never come as long as I live, but I hope it will come one day, even if it comes long after the end of my lifetime. - Hanjax70

Unfortunately like world Peace this will Be hard to accomplish - Randomator

Not just in America, but everywhere. We could all just be classy decent people and treat others with respect.

No more tattoos or piercings

5 Better Music

"I wAs BoRn In ThE wRoNg GeNeRaTiOn! "
Can we please stop saying that all modern music is bad? I believe there has always been just as much good and bad music. If you can't find a song released in the last year that you like, you aren't looking hard enough. Thanks to the internet, you can listen to a virtually limitless selection of music, weather that's Ariana Grande or some small indie band with 150 followers on Soundcloud. If you don't like what's popular, then just support one of the thousands of smaller artists that exist! - Atham

I want real music that actually has song structure and some melody - the last time you heard mainstream music that has a traditional song structure was around the year 2000. After this, mainstream music has turned into this boring, repetitive beat while someone sings or raps over it. It got worse with the autotune and the mumble rap. Around 2000, autotune was actually used the right way and it sounded pretty cool - now it sounds annoying.

Here is an example with Britney Spears. When she first came out about 1999-2000, her songs did have a catchy tune and a structured verse chorus verse bridge that we all loved and what made music very listenable. Later on, her music has become very bland, slapped together like every other song on the radio. It sounds more like someone pushing a button, making a loop, and singing over it, making it some boring drone. I think I can blame hip-hop and maybe EDM, DJs for starting it - possibly house music.

I hope real music with some ...more

Get past mainstream music and you'll realize that almost every music genre has been experimented on and popularized in some way, paving out some really impressive music artists. Folk, Indie and Electronic have some really good artists beyond just what's given in the charts, Underground Rap is becoming more prevalent and praised, and Metal has become way more popular than it was during the nineties and two-thousands. - CrimsonShark

I agree about metal (not much familiar with the details in Folk, Indie and Electronic music developments, so I can't say but you might be right about them, too) - Metal_Treasure

I'm a 2007 kid so I can't remember the music from then. I despise pop music so I am hoping for an improvement. Since 2010 music, especially pop, has plummeted down so I hope it's raised up again - JoPro

6 Parents Raising Their Children Better

Oh my God, PLEASE make this happen! Too many parents nowadays are making their kids absolute softies! Being an overprotective parent does more harm than good. Stop having the "everyone gets a participation trophy" attitude because the real world does not function like that at all! I get it, you want your kids to be your friends, but telling them no sometimes is a great thing. Maybe you have to lecture too, and that's good too (although if you're going to beat your kid, you are going a bit too far).
This is probably due to faulty research on my end, and if anything is wrong, I apologize, but how come with any other generation, kids could go outside for hours and do whatever, despite having a higher crime rate and all that? Crime is very low now and yet you the most you'll let your kid outside is for the patio steps?
I swear, maybe things like this is why everyone is offended over the smallest thing (or maybe not. Am I completely in the wrong here? Is it the internet that's doing ...more - wrests

If you ask me, the internet is to blame. People get addicted to that thing and can't seem to stop using it. The worst thing is, anyone and everyone can say their opinions on there and influence the more naive citizens. And not just the internet but technology as a whole is bad. Take television or social media. Those things are being used by people who have more power and money to sell stuff to people (and most of the time "sell" ideas to them). - RogerMcBaloney

This would be a big deal for me and is perfect for me to tell what happened to me I was no more than four and my mom worked nightshifts and slept only two hours a day and was rired cause shed take care of me and my older sister avery and she tried her best to get to things on time as where my dad was an alcoholic and never paid attention and had a short temper any time he had on weekends he would go get drunk with his friends at the bar and would never speak to us he once sat on my sister for I don't know why when we were small and get this just because I wanted to play with this new pink music box shaped like a dog while I was eating he then threw it and it smashed and broke the oven then he told me if I was so ungrateful I could starve so he dragged me in the dark living room for a hour as I screamed but me and avery eventually leared how to climb out and pick locks my mom constantly fought for custody of me and avery she then met our step dad mike who had just dropped and retired ...more

Yes, please! If you ever plan to be a parent, don't be a soccer mom, don't join One Million Moms/Dads, etc. - Hanjax70

Please make this happen! Because of you raise your children right they'll make good decisions that means better presidents, better songs, less shootings, no more world hunger, world peace, less people will commit suicide. Please parents, TEACH YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO BEHAVE!

People are gonna keep spoiling their kids due to thinking that Kids are so special - TheAwesomeDude54

7 Better Politics

Trump wont be president in the 2020s - JoPro

Remove Trump from office, abolish political parties, raise the voting age back to 21 (keep at 18 for those serving in the military) and make it a law that the mentally disabled or those with no political or military experience can't run for president. - shadomatrix

Why not military experience? And at 18 you're allowed to join the military, get a job, and become a functioning member of this society. So why can't they help set up this society that they're in? - SirSheep

American Politics overall need to undergo a massive revamp if the US really wants to prosper. Politicians also need to be more experienced, understanding, connect with their audience and see what their country needs most. That, and the Left and Right Winged parties need to improve themselves by a large margin, lest the country really wants to remain divided.

Politics in developing countries aren't too bright either, but there are people who are determined to get the best person possible to lead them. - CrimsonShark

Political parties should be abolished - Kuro

8 Less Pollution

This will obviously happen, I even predicted it and when all pollution in the world will be gone in my list of best years in the future. - EpicTime9012

Pollution causes global warming. - Userguy44

I would love to see less pollution, more renewable energy, less fossil fuel use, better environmental policies, better energy efficiency programs. I am also willing to be part of the solution, as I am in college to be an environmental engineer.

Hopefully. Otherwise we're all screwed - SirSheep

9 The War on Terror Finally Ends

Didn't it end in 2013?

Enough said.

Are you sure you phrased this correctly? Did you mean terror[ism] finally ends? Because if this is correctly read, unless the implication is that the war against terror is ultimately won once and for all and terrorism is permanently vanquished, ending any attempts to defeat terrorism would result in terrorists plying their evil unchecked at will.

10 For Rule 34 Artists to Stop

R34 artists aren't my cup of tea either, but it's best to ignore them than to give them negative attention.

Their stuff is wrong on a billion levels. Just ignore em - JoPro

Ignore them. Don't give negative attention to them. You have to get used to it forever.
Why some of the people forget that Safe Filter exists? - yamionthetrap

They need to stop!


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? Super Mario Galaxy 3
? Better Horror Games

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11 Animals Gain Rights

Slaughterhouses should be shut down. Animals are raised there just so that they can die and are abused everyday. I once watched a documentary on it and it was awful how those animals were treated there. - DarkBoi-X

Proud vegan right here.

Animals have feelings, and they (depending on the animal) just want to be loved and appreciated. Or, if it's a wild animal, to be set free to live life with their own kind. Animal abuse is even worse than human abuse because I can GUARANTEE you that the animal didn't do anything wrong and if it did, out of protection. - Swiftdawn

Hey visiter. How is human abuse less serious than animal abuse, humans are ones advancing our life. - Manowar9

Bestiality is wrong for both people AND animals. They may not be able to talk, but they have feelings too. - Synchronocity

12 Third-World Countries Will Become More Developed

Yes. This has to happen. - DarkBoi-X

Definitely. - Cyri

"Third-World" seems to be an outdated term if you ask me. It's better to state "Developing Countries" instead as it describes a country as being willing to improve and better itself, despite hardship, problems and struggles. - CrimsonShark

"Third World" is a term that goes back to the Cold War. These were the countries that, if a war broke out, would remain neutral. Generally, these were poor countries, hence our current usage of the term. - Cyri

I accidently voted this - B1ueNew

13 More Accepting of Different Beliefs

I have nothing to say but "yes" - Hanjax70

Everyone is equal at the end of the day, we are all humans - JoPro

Nobody, not even most Christians, wants to hear the words "Jesus loves you unless you're gay". - shadomatrix

YEAH than we could end war

14 Trump Losses 2020 Election

Bernie shall win - Luckys

Oh god no, this world would end quick if he lose, in those crazy people like Hailry Clinton will start war which I don't want. - CatLeena14

Even if Trump does lose, is there any viable presidential representation for either Democrats, Republicans and/or third-parties that you can choose from? This statement isn't valid if you don't have an idea who to envision for the next US president.

Also, I think people focus more on hating the current president than thinking who should be the next, to the point where it kind of becomes an afterthought. - CrimsonShark

Losses election - TheAwesomeDude54

15 Death Penalty for Pedophilia

Raping children deserves death penalty. Not a kid and an adult in a relationship.

It does because years in jail doesn't keep them from doing it again. That goes with every crime though - TheAwesomeDude54

Right, because pedophiles should not be forgiven for what they’ve done! - JoeBoi

This is unjust punishment, - namesnipe

Those who rape kids should be used as target practice - DarkBoi-X

16 Free Health Care

Certainly. Many people are dying simply because they can't afford healthcare. - DarkBoi-X

The United States is the only highly developed country not to have universal healthcare, and it's very easy to fix. All we have to do is remove Trump from office, and increase taxes on the rich so they can pay for it. - shadomatrix

*cough* U.S. *cough* - Cyri

Free Healthcare is anything but a good idea. If doctors can't get paid, they would quit their job and very few people would actually want to work as a doctor because they don't get paid - 445956

Free Healthcare is a good idea because if healthcare is not free then some people could die because they can't afford healthcare, would you rather find out about people dying because they could not afford healthcare or find out about healthcare becoming free? - EpicTime9012

17 More Intelligent People

YES! We need more intelligent people. Sadly, throughout history, intellectuals have been persecuted for conflicting beliefs with the government or church. - DarkBoi-X

That's very offesive to people that are not smart

Oh boo hoo go cry some more if you're too lazy to do research and become smarter. - DarkBoi-X

YES the answer for solving every problem on the earth!

We really need it too - SirSheep

18 Time Travel

It would be SUPER COOL! But time travel has it's evil side, too - TheAwesomeDude54

Too complicated... I don't think it's a good idea OR a possible idea

Good lord, historians. We would happen if I had to go to travel in one time period or so, I am thinking about the world would used to be like in the past, to stop plotting on the end of the world apocalypse thing

...I don't think we're ever getting it... - ZeroBlaster

19 All abusers get executed

It should 100% happen - drooper

Abusing is about as bad as murdering somebody.

Execution is an injustice thing (if these people aren't killers and did they not killed anyone/anything). So this could be invalid and bad. - DinoLover4242

The world would be a better place without tgese monsters. No form of abuse whether its verbal, physical, or sexual abuse is okay at all.

20 Good Cartoons Coming Back

It's nice to see good cartoons coming back, but not if they're going to have a terrible reboot/spinoff. - SamHalls2015

We already lost the last hopes on cartoon network

If by "coming back" you DON'T mean "given a SJW pandering reboot"

Maybe not...

21 Less Homophobia

Homophobia- scared of gays :/

On certain websites you get more hate for being a white, heterosexual man than for being a homosexual.

*Cough* *Cough* Tumblr *Cough* *Cough* - MaxPap

*Cough* *cough* Its flu season, *Cough* *Cough*
Clears throat, "Wait, wha..." - BloodFang

Again, we're all human - JoPro

I very much hope so.

22 Artificial Intelligence

I wonder when we'll reach the Singularity. - Cyri


Can we not? Please listen to Haken. They write futuristic songs, and lots of their songs hint at that being a bad idea, with good reasons why. Or listen to Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Too bad, because artificial intelligence can make life a lot easier and there already is artificial intelligence, there are working robots now, there is one that flips burgers and one that goes around a grocery store restocking products. - EpicTime9012

Technophobes need to realize that The Terminator and The Matrix are just sci-fi movies, not documentaries. - Sprightly

23 PETA Shuts Down

Animal abusers disguises as animal rights activists. Evil. - Cyri

Yes since they're evil and killed pets for no reason despite claiming that they don't want animal abuse, so they're hypocrites. The Animal Humane Society should dominate and PETA should permanently close, for the better. - DinoLover4242

Even they made satirical browser games as well.

If it does,I hope all the people who ran it or join it go to jail for animal abuse,Plus making horrible lies about protecting them when they are killing them. I hope it shuts down on the first day of 2020,Or maybe on my birthday! That would be the best birthday gift society gave me! - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

24 Scientists Making Vampires Real

Seriously? Vampires? Vampires do NOT exist and never will. Also, if vampires became real, they would have ended humanity by now (if they aren't effected by religious artifacts, etc since they would NOT be supernatural) by turning them into immortal (if vampires developed immortality) blood-sucking vampires. Vampires should NOT exist. - DinoLover4242

If vampires became real. The end would come because of twilight fans - lemur

Who would benefit from this!? - Cyri

Who's ideas was this!?!? - CatLeena14

25 The Loud House Ends in 2020

Please God, end this show. I do not get the hype. Did not laugh once. - aj2005

Lord please let it end - CatLeena14

Opinion-based. - SamHalls2015

Jump duck push and shove this is how we show our love - lemur

26 We Go to Mars

It's a good way to solve overpopulation but we should come up with technology that allows us to live on different planets. - DarkBoi-X

That's not going to happen - CatLeena14

Nah, sounds kinda boring to be honest

Life on Mars? What would that be like? - Misfire

27 Oasis Reuniting

Again, just an opinion. - DinoLover4242

28 Alcohol and Drugs get banned

YES! THANK YOU! Alcohol & Drugs as well as smoking are all very bad for your health. Especially for alcoholics, drug addicts & smokers who don't care about their own health at all & they die from these things, which is obviously their own fault. By the way, drug addicts: doing crack? More like doing crap!

I hope this happens because you don't need alcohol and illegal drugs. By illegal drugs, I mean the kind of drugs that won't help your body in any way, shape or form. I hope alcoholic drinks get banned someday. - EpicTime9012

Prohibition will repeal if this happens because a lot of people are still going to illegally drink and buy alcohol. I would say that this is a terrible idea. - BurnAux

We banned alcohol once and that led to the highest crime rate (along with the 70's and 80's when cocaine was the drug). - aj2005

29 End of the Alt-Right

Violent extremists altogether. - Cyri

Put this in the top 10. The Alt-right is worse than even the alt-left, and that's saying something. Just recently they released a graphic movie "Unplanned" to scare women into becoming anti-abortion activists! - shadomatrix

And alt-left.

30 All Rapists Die

Rapists don't deserve death. They deserve torture, then death. - 3DG20

Nobody deserves to die, so I would NOT wish for that. - DinoLover4242

Yeah well, here's an idea for them if they're so concerned about people wishing for something that should've happened to them a long time ago, how about maybe don't go around purposely ruining other lives? - 3DG20

That would be great and rapists do deserve death - DrayTopTens

31 Fortnite Battle Royale Gets Banned

Why stop there let's ban the whole entire fortnite Franchise - Yoshidude

Ban Fortnite in general. - aj2005

Not banned it, BOYCOTT IT! - CatLeena14

Please, we have more important things to worry about. - TuxIsAPerson

32 All Cities Have 100% Renewable Energy

We need this in order to combat climate change but unfortunately, this would probably take a long time. - DarkBoi-X

According to my hypothesis, all cities will have 100% renewable energy by 2043. - EpicTime9012

This will take a really long time - SirSheep

Pretty dream - RawIsgore

33 Saturday Night Live Being Cancelled

Go away, crazy psychotic funny show!

Yes please, I'm only 14 but I hate today's SNL. Wish John Belushi and Chris Farley were alive to show Pete Davidson he is NOT funny. - aj2005

Opinion-based. - SamHalls2015

Again, opinions. - DinoLover4242

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34 Better Grammar and Spelling

Please don't judge others by their grammar. We don't need to judge people by their grammar, just leave that only in school and also leave that to the reading teachers & professors, please. I hate it when people judge others by their grammar in the comments because it's so rude and unnecessary. - EpicTime9012

Please don't be so judgemental by other people's grammar just because improper grammar annoys you. If it annoys you then ignore it, please don't attack people in the comments just because of their improper grammar and I will not tolerate judging people by their grammar on my lists. - EpicTime9012

Many news reports nowadays seem to have grammar and spelling errors. Put text in the news report onto a Grammarly document and there is a good chance that it could catch some errors. - SamHalls2015

Aren't grammar and spelling taught in schools these days? There are so many grammar and spelling mistakes in almost everything one reads, it's disgraceful!

35 Healthy Food Becomes Less Expensive

Healthy food is already less expensive than junk food. Buying food for your whole family from McDonald's would cost on average $34. Buying a large salad that is already made that is also enough to feed a family of 4 - 6 would cost somewhere between $10 - $16 - EpicTime9012

No one cares about you. They only care about your money. This is not gonna happen until a store manager actually cares about you and not just your money. - TheAwesomeDude54

I wish - CatLeena14

Food is so expensive nowadays. - RogerMcBaloney

36 No More Hunting Animals

It's better than slaughterhouses.
Also it can be needed in order to keep the control of animal population. An example was how wolves in Yellowstone were all over the place and endangered other animals because at the time it was illegal to hunt wolves there. - DarkBoi-X

As much as I love animals, it is good to prevent certain animal species from overpopulating since the decline of apex predators such as wolves (at least in the US). Hunting is a way to do this. Once apex predators rise in population, there wouldn't be much of a huge need for hunting unless if it's a hobby (by the way, James Hetfield, the lead singer/rhythm guitarist of Metallica if you don't know him, is doing a hunting reality show, but it's legal hunting). I just want ILLEGAL hunting to end. It's terrible and most apex predators were illegally hunted anyway. Same with animals that aren't even predators like elephants for their ivory. Hunting illegally and for the wrong reasons is bad. Hunting to control from overpopulating is a good thing. Actually, most hunters are actually animal lovers and respect balance. - PhoenixAura81

I don't like to see hunters hurting animals and it's mean. poor animals! - andrewteel


37 Less Liberals

YES! -Ginger22

And conservatives - shadomatrix

Make that less political hostility - SirSheep

Just the rioting maniacs - RawIsgore

38 Animals raised for milk, eggs and meat are treated better

Plus those that are taste better. For example, beef from a cow on a private ranch verses beef from a huge company. Some of you will get what I mean - SirSheep

Eating their products isn't a problem, how they are treated IS. - RoseWeasley

Animals deserves to be treated better! I HATE animal cruelty! 😠

39 Russia Stops Interfering The West’s Politics

I know right? They probably made Trump win the 2016 election. - DinoLover4242

No conclusion what do you not understand are you not happy with the answer is it not a good thing? - RawIsgore

To be honest russia is not good enough for the biggest country ever. To much bad guys, and Putin sucks as a presidant - Nightkillo


40 Stephen Fry as the 14th Doctor

That's just an idea. The 14th doctor could be anyone. - SamHalls2015

This isn't real. It's just a Doctor Who episode idea. - DinoLover4242

41 Less Pedophilia

Why is a video game a bigger deal than adults sexually abusing kids?!

So a video game, which will die out in few years and caused no real harm, is a bigger deal than adults sexually abusing kids!? What site is this!? - MrCoolC

This is below ending a kids cartoon in 2020. Let that sink in. - EllaJoy

Nothing wrong with a child and an adult in a relationship where they both love each other and consent. But it's a different story if the adult is luering in the child and taking advantage of them.

42 Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality had already existed for several years now, but you could say 'Virtual Reality Becomes Cheaper'. - SamHalls2015

Virtual Reality is honestly too expensive now for your average Joe, so I hope the prices go down and we'll be experiencing another world.

I know this has happened, but it hasn't become very common yet. I hope it doesn't, otherwise all of our TVs, computers, and tablets would sadly become obsolete. - DinoLover4242

Everything becomes obsolete eventually muskets buggies the blimp it all goes away but we all move on eventually - RawIsgore

It happends - BorisRule

Duh, Virtual Reality exists before 2020s would arrive, so your argument is invalid - BorisRule

43 People and Wildlife Live in Peace

Let's hope so - drooper

Imagine all the people living life in peace! - Misfire

I would love that, so people and wildlife (no matter how big or small) could live together in peace. - DinoLover4242

I know that, but I want many habitats preserved and many larger animals like elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and many others adjusting to city and suburban life, living peacefully alongside humans so we would get to see megafauna everyday and it is better for the environment rather than killing them off, which is bad. We should protect them and let them live in cities and make them more docile and tame over time. - DinoLover4242


44 Global Warming Ends

It's not going to end overnight, but if we work hard on the problem, we can save the world. - Cyri

Lower than one of the best shows on nick ending?!

No more children

The world does not need to be an over or a ball of fire.

45 Less Child and Animal Abuse

Yeah it should 100% happen I don't like to see children or animals getting abused - andrewteel

YES PLEASE! this is a big problem and I've seen 3 videos about this today, I looked at 3 of those videos just to see what the comments were like. - EpicTime9012

Video games, cartoons and movies are above this. When will you people learn?

I would like all abuse to be abolished. - DinoLover4242

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46 Less Pornographic Content

YES PLEASE!, I really hope they get rid of pornographic content because nobody needs to see or watch it and porn is boring as heck. I have never looked at or watched porn and I know it's boring because why look at or watch porn when there's funny youtube videos & T.V. shows that you can watch and there are beautiful pictures of landscapes, beaches & trees to look at. - EpicTime9012

It's best to ignore them, than negative comments. Porn isn't my cup of tea either :/ - BorisRule

Dude if you whine about it your just bringing it more attention. - XxembermasterxX

Welcome to TheTopTens... Why else do you think Justin Bieber, Dora, Caillou and Nicki Minaj are so popular here? - 3DG20

But hentai is art - Kuro

47 World Hunger Eradicated

That would be great but more then likely it won't happen - drooper

It'd be nice, but sadly I don't think it will happen - MarioBros11

Too ambiguous. - MrCoolC

Sounds good, but this may NEVER happen due to poverty/famine. :( - DinoLover4242

48 People Eat Healthier

That can be easier since healthy food is on average cheaper than junk food. - EpicTime9012

As if that will ever happen - drooper

We don't wanna get fatter and fatter, and we especially don't wanna kill more animals. We have to eat better so we can stay in shape.

I'm a little chubby, I don't want to get chubbier - MarioBros11

49 Venezuela Becomes A Democracy Again

Why? That country may sadly no longer exist in the next decade due to corruption. - DinoLover4242

50 No More Limitless Spending of Other People's Money

More opinions. - DinoLover4242

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