Top 10 Things We Can Hope for in the 2020s

Next year will be 2019 which will be the final year of the 2010s, and I honestly gotta say the 2010s have been an absolute disaster in my personal opinion. Everything from politics, society, entertainment, etc. has gone downhill fast. And I don't really know what the world's gonna be like once we hit the 2020s, but hopefully it's way better than it is now. We all just have to be positive and hope for the best.

Now hear me out, I'm already aware of the fact that no decade is perfect and that a decade has no supernatural powers to make everything better. I'm just saying that we should all stay positive and hope for the best in the 2020s. But keep in mind that if you want the world to get better then you're gonna have to get up off your tail and make it better. Hard work is very important and if you want things done right you're gonna have to do them yourself.
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World Peace

Oh yeah, this is DEFINITELY going to happen. Sounds like a job for, Man Sloth! Give me- I mean Man Sloth four hours. (give or take a few centuries)

I wish people would stop hating on present-day and the future years, If you can't stop living in the past then find some things about this year that you love, look for music that was released this year that you will like, try listening to music that was released by small artists this year. As of for games, try to find an awesome game that you love to play and if you miss the good old days of that game then invite your friends to play that game with you if you can still play and if the game is closed then try to find a similar game to enjoy and then play it. Also, try finding new generation games to enjoy and play them, Try to do these along with everything you love to do and then it will be a lot easier to move on and you won't be like "man I miss the good old days" or "those were the days, the days we will never get back". If you love the music that was released back in the "good old days" then continue to listen to that music today and if people judge you then just ignore them, If ...more

Nearly everybody wants this to happen, even if we know it's impossible. The closest we can do is to teach the next generation to be better than us.

It's definitely a long way to come, but I'm still waiting till World Peace is declared. Last thing we need is more quarrelling between countries.

No More Shootings at Schools

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen these on TV. It breaks my heart that somebody with so much evil on their soul would try and kill children. We need better security for these schools to prevent any other kids from losing their lives.

Unfortunately, those school shootings will not stop. I don't want to give out the statistics about what happened before the Stoneman Douglas shooting at Florida in 2018. Besides, it will haunt those families and friends of loved ones murdered by those gunners with the fingers pulling the trigger of an AR-15 rifle.

And besides, we hope that none of the shootings will ever happen again. Will we look forward to beating swords into plowshares? How long will it be until it's time to put aside our differences and get to become friends? Maybe sometime later, extend the olive branch.

Another thing I hope for is fewer idiots automatically calling someone a school shooter or even assume someone is a school shooter over very petty things and mostly because they don't understand people very well. I've been called a school shooter throughout my few years in my school career and that is a wretched burden I hope it will be completely obliterated for good.

School shootings, albeit tragic, are pretty rare. It's the news coverage that gives a massive spotlight to these as to why so many people think of it as a big deal. Gun violence is an issue, but things like heart disease and cancer are more common causes of death than guns.

Parents Raising Their Children Better

I just want to say that parents should try their own methods of raising their kids, but talk to their kids to see if they approve of it. Some kids are out here doing things they will regret later on in life because their parents are too hard on them. Other kids do things behind their parents' backs because they have the freedom to do so without serious punishment. This needs to change.

Lots of parents are to soft. Like "participation trophies" I'm 12 but this is ridiculous. But then there are also loads of people who tell people to beat there kids. And the excuses they use, oh my god "Some children get abused so you should to" I'm not messing around here, but that has been an actual argument.
Well welcome to the first episode of Ellis States The Obvious
If you beat your children it is not "tough love" it's just hate

But what I'm ultimately trying to say is that many parents are to soft but lots of people arguing against them (not all) are straight up abusers - Unnamed Google User Remade

Oh my God, PLEASE make this happen! Too many parents nowadays are making their kids absolute softies! Being an overprotective parent does more harm than good. Stop having the "everyone gets a participation trophy" attitude because the real world does not function like that at all! I get it, you want your kids to be your friends, but telling them no sometimes is a great thing. Maybe you have to lecture too, and that's good too (although if you're going to beat your kid, you are going a bit too far).
This is probably due to faulty research on my end, and if anything is wrong, I apologize, but how come with any other generation, kids could go outside for hours and do whatever, despite having a higher crime rate and all that? Crime is very low now and yet you the most you'll let your kid outside is for the patio steps?
I swear, maybe things like this is why everyone is offended over the smallest thing (or maybe not. Am I completely in the wrong here? Is it the internet that's doing ...more

I like that because it is quiet and special and you can take a little nap when you hear that word because it is a nice quiet word and almost everybody likes it.

A Better Economy

The US Economy can't get much better. I guess you mean the vast majority of hard working people will have their taxes jacked up and will generally be made miserable to make sure that the laziest ones are well taken care of. Brilliant.

I'd say a mix of privatized, nationalized and collectivized would make a good economy. A more mixed economy allows for more opportunity and more freedom and hopefully a better economy.

A well structured and secure global economy, with plenty of jobs for everyone. Life would be easier as people will be empowered to build their lives up leading to a better standard of life for all.

*Looks at stock markets, laughs awkwardly* I don't think so buddy...

Better Society

Society can usually be cruel. You've got sexists, racists, homophobes and just people who are unwilling to accept others for how they were born. Then you've also got people who don't take mental health seriously enough and people who don't help the others who genuinely need it.

The sad part is cancel culture is everywhere. Virtue signaling is here. People are overreacting over little things with microaggressions. Everything is becoming woke culture in society which will ruin it. There is no respect in order to make everything work. Society is ruined by SJWs.

I'd love one where they don't have unhealthy standards like "real men don't cry", "women have to look like photoshopped models in order to be pretty", "everyone must be an extrovert" and doesn't rely on outdated/stupid stereotypes to define certain types of people. I unfortunately feel like that day will never come as long as I live, but I hope it will come one day, even if it comes long after the end of my lifetime.

THAT'S something more attainable than world peace. If different countries have leaders and people that can make changes, it can happen.

Third-World Countries Will Become More Developed

"Third-World" seems to be an outdated term if you ask me. It's better to state "Developing Countries" instead as it describes a country as being willing to improve and better itself, despite hardship, problems and struggles.

I accidently voted this

Yes. This has to happen.


Better Politics

Politics need to get better. I mean basically, all politicians are corrupt. Political parties aren't a huge problem but if you remove it or keep it whatever. You may hate Trump but Biden's way worse keep the voting age at 18 though. I mean politics are kinda stupid but necessary at the same time.

My campaign sign: Everyone Sucks, We're Screwed 2020.
Why can't we bring Theodore Roosevelt back from the dead? He was one of the best!

These politicans are old fools who live off drama. They are so concerned about political parties while people are dieing. We need to fix this.

American Politics overall need to undergo a massive revamp if the US really wants to prosper. Politicians also need to be more experienced, understanding, connect with their audience and see what their country needs most. That, and the Left and Right Winged parties need to improve themselves by a large margin, lest the country really wants to remain divided.

Politics in developing countries aren't too bright either, but there are people who are determined to get the best person possible to lead them.

Less Pollution

We are killing the planet because we use too much plastic. We also throw things on the ground and don't pick them up. This needs to stop.

Global warming IS real! Stop saying that it is not! Can't wait till plastic is banned worldwide. It isn't only the ocean life that is being harmed from plastic and other forms of garbage and scraps.

Pollution needs to stop think of where your clean water comes from or your pet fish or all the marine life in the seas your killing this by dumping oil into the ocean if this happens more and more waters will be inhabitable and guess what no water no life also air pollution clog the breathable fresh air with smoke and exauhst clouds were screwed we need to breath if we wanna live.

Well at least coronavirus does care about something. Significantly less pollution in a short amount os time. I hope it remains that way

Better Music

I don't usually vote to comment because I don't like doing that, but I think it really needs to be addressed that if you want new songs with better quality, there is always better music (depending on opinion) past the mainstream. Some of that music is popular despite not being played on the radio.

I myself usually listen to bands that were popular in the 90s and 2000s, BUT, I am also willing to give newer songs and newer bands a try, popular or not. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone every now and then.

Most music nowadays have catchy beats, but have inappropriate lyrics and messages. We need to have better lyrics and messages that actually mean something that could help someone out.

I want real music that actually has song structure and some melody - the last time you heard mainstream music that has a traditional song structure was around the year 2000. After this, mainstream music has turned into this boring, repetitive beat while someone sings or raps over it. It got worse with the autotune and the mumble rap. Around 2000, autotune was actually used the right way and it sounded pretty cool - now it sounds annoying.

Here is an example with Britney Spears. When she first came out about 1999-2000, her songs did have a catchy tune and a structured verse chorus verse bridge that we all loved and what made music very listenable. Later on, her music has become very bland, slapped together like every other song on the radio. It sounds more like someone pushing a button, making a loop, and singing over it, making it some boring drone. I think I can blame hip-hop and maybe EDM, DJs for starting it - possibly house music.

I hope real music with some ...more

I don't think that there were inadequacy of better music during the past few decades -- I can only speak for myself. The definition of good music is vague or non-existent when not scrutinized from a subjective angle. If one's taste solely revolves around mainstream music and there's not a grain of willingness to scratch below the surface or broaden musical horizons then I'm afraid the coming decade will have nothing better to offer you.

All Cities Have 100% Renewable Energy

I wish so humans could no longer pollute the air and global warming caused by humans grind to the halt.

We need this in order to combat climate change but unfortunately, this would probably take a long time.

According to my hypothesis, all cities will have 100% renewable energy by 2043.

This would greatly benefit the world by keeping the city air cleaner.

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? No More Toxicity in Fandoms and Hatedoms
? Peter Scully Dies
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More Accepting of Different Beliefs

There are too many people who go off of stereotypes and are judgemental because of this. We need to actually get to know the religion before we can give our opinions on it. We don't have to believe in them, but we have to respect them

With this you better mean people accepting Atheists and ex-Muslims, stop saying "Muslims are the most oppressed people" take a look in the life of an ex-Muslim and you surely will reconsider.

I need to clear something up. I am a Christian and a lot of people who say they are Christians Don’t act like it. A true Christian cares for all and believes
Jesus died on the cross for OUR sins, not white peoples sins, not black, not Hispanic, not Aiden. But Everybody! And even though I don’t agree with the other religions, I’m not going to be mean about it!

I’m a Christian, and all I want to say is, please stop hating us so much! When people say accept different beliefs they are usually telling us to, but in reality, you are overhating us.

Animals Gain Rights

After an incident in Bangladesh where a girl killed an orphan kitten for no reason, new Animal Rights laws have been created in there. But we still need more. Some people treat animals way too bad.

We slaughter animals for something we don’t need, because we won’t be stopped. Stop the meat. Veggie burgers are good now. You can save animals by making the meat market drop, and making it less and less useful. We can save them.

Slaughterhouses should be shut down. Animals are raised there just so that they can die and are abused everyday. I once watched a documentary on it and it was awful how those animals were treated there.

Animals have feelings, and they (depending on the animal) just want to be loved and appreciated. Or, if it's a wild animal, to be set free to live life with their own kind. Animal abuse is even worse than human abuse because I can GUARANTEE you that the animal didn't do anything wrong and if it did, out of protection.

The North Koreans are Freed

We need the North Korean goverment to collapse so we can finally have peace there

This could seriously be a possibility in the near future.

How is this not higher!


More Intelligent People

Irony - most people voting for this likely want people to actually be more ignorant - just ignorant in THE WAY THEY ARE. See “more Christians”

If (which and I'm not saying it isn't.) it is the problem solver, then if there were more Intelligent People. Then I think that more peeps would be more Christians! -Ginger22

YES! We need more intelligent people. Sadly, throughout history, intellectuals have been persecuted for conflicting beliefs with the government or church.

We need them because they could help us with certain things in life like finding the cure for cancer or inventing time travel. Without them we're nothing.

World Hunger Eradicated

Unfortunately, this is much more complicated than it sounds. Due to poverty and overpopulation, completely ending world hunger is next to impossible. Sad but true.

Really want it to happen but unfortunately it would probably take a long time.

Yeah, I don't bother wondering why parents always talk about starving kids in Africa. - TheAwesomeDude54

Millions are going hungry. This needs to be destroyed, to save lives

Free Health Care

The United States is the only highly developed country not to have universal healthcare, and it's very easy to fix. All we have to do is remove Trump from office, and increase taxes on the rich so they can pay for it.

Free Healthcare is anything but a good idea. If doctors can't get paid, they would quit their job and very few people would actually want to work as a doctor because they don't get paid

The United States, for some reason, doesn't have free or universal healthcare, when almost every other developed country is known to have it. It's kind of odd if you ask me.

This list only lists problems of the US, not universal problems. Regarding the US though this seriously needs to happen.

All Rapists Die

Keep them in maximum security isolation prisons for life where no one will ever see them again, not even the officers.

Like I said, rapists should be banished to the worst torture chamber possible. - TheAwesomeDude54

Rapists don't deserve death. They deserve torture, then death.

Nobody deserves to die, so I would NOT wish for that.

No Bullying

Sadly, Singapore is still having this problem for decades because this country sucks at handling bullies. Just google "Singapore has third highest rate of bullying globally". All the schools and workplaces in Singapore are full of toxic people and theres no one to help you.

ya people always bully me if I punched them someone would just snitch on me and I would probably break his nose and they would sew grandparents my mom and dad did not care about me and left my gp to also I don't even do anything to black people then they just call me racist for no reason and I don't have any friends

I had someone in 1st grade class named mason and he acted like a bully (witch he was) this is why I want it to be 3000 so you can have no bullying sub to sketch

No afence,but I get bullied by a lot of black people,and well I'm white,and all of there freinds are black,so this is for racism.
ps I do have like 2 black freinds,so.

The War on Terror Finally Ends

Let's hope it ends soon so that CNN can bring back CNN Sports Tonight and FOX News can bring back on Super Saturday The Best of FOX and Friends. Both ended way too soon because of 9/11.
Its Joeysworld

Are you sure you phrased this correctly? Did you mean terror[ism] finally ends? Because if this is correctly read, unless the implication is that the war against terror is ultimately won once and for all and terrorism is permanently vanquished, ending any attempts to defeat terrorism would result in terrorists plying their evil unchecked at will.

Gone on for too long.

Didn't it end in 2013?

Less Pedophilia

Pedophiles are scum of the earth. I'd wish pedophilia would be eradicated from the earth right now but unfortunately this will always be a thing.

So a video game, which will die out in few years and caused no real harm, is a bigger deal than adults sexually abusing kids!? What site is this!?

Why is a video game a bigger deal than adults sexually abusing kids?!

This is below ending a kids cartoon in 2020. Let that sink in.

Death Penalty for Pedophilia

Voting for this cause I seriously hate pedophiles.. and I want pewdiepie to be killed, yes shut up fanboys back in 2015 child porn was found on his computer. I never really had any respect for the guy in the first place because I hated his videos, and watching porn is bad enough because it makes you a pervert! but child porn? COME ON MAN!

Give them a life sentence in maximum security isolation prisons where no person can ever see the pedophiles ever again, not even the officers.

The sex offender registry ain't doing anything for our society. Hopefully enforcing harsher laws like this will make crime more unlikely to happen.

Raping children deserves death penalty. Not a kid and an adult in a relationship.

Poachers Becoming Extinct

The 2 last albino giraffes, a mother and a baby, had to die from being slaughtered by poachers. To this day, animals all over the world are getting killed because of these poachers. More and more are becoming extinct as you read this. If you are a poacher and you are reading this, stop being so cruel to the animals and stick up for them. Try to do something that will not make these animals be extinct and no longer seen on this planet.

Yes! So that animals like elephants and rhinos, for example, will no longer be threatened to extinction by poachers.

Good Cartoons Coming Back

It's nice to see good cartoons coming back, but not if they're going to have a terrible reboot/spinoff.

Mostly yes to good cartoons, stop making terrible reboots/spin-offs like The Loud House or Rick And Morty. Please let us bring good cartoons back for once and for all! 😍

Oh yeah the Nicktoons Movie is coming on 2020 and the Loud House Movie and 3rd Spongebob Movie

We already lost the last hopes on cartoon network

LGBT Rights
PETA Shuts Down

PETA are one of the reasons I am not all that interested in helping animals (I would never abuse an animal and would help one if I saw it in trouble). What they carry on with is seriously demotivating. We need less militant preachers about animal rights and more militant doers helping animals

IceFoxPlayz said that they support killing put bulls. I thought they were made to PROTECT animals! And also, pit bulls only get their reputation because of abuse from their owners and people also mainly set these dogs up in dog fights. It's bad owners that create bad dogs people!

Yes since they're evil and killed pets for no reason despite claiming that they don't want animal abuse, so they're hypocrites. The Animal Humane Society should dominate and PETA should permanently close, for the better.

Killing innocent puppies and kittens?

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