Top 10 Things We Can Hope for in the 2020s

Next year will be 2019 which will be the final year of the 2010s, and I honestly gotta say the 2010s have been an absolute disaster in my personal opinion. Everything from politics, society, entertainment, etc. has gone downhill fast. And I don't really know what the world's gonna be like once we hit the 2020s, but hopefully it's way better than it is now. We all just have to be positive and hope for the best.

Now hear me out, I'm already aware of the fact that no decade is perfect and that a decade has no supernatural powers to make everything better. I'm just saying that we should all stay positive and hope for the best in the 2020s. But keep in mind that if you want the world to get better then you're gonna have to get up off your tail and make it better. Hard work is very important and if you want things done right you're gonna have to do them yourself.

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1 World Peace

I know it's probably never gonna happen but I decided to put it at number 1 anyway because it's something we all want anyway.

As much as I want this to happen, I don't think it can be attainable. With everything going on in our world right now, it just can't happen. Also, the world having small but resolvable conflicts makes it more dynamic to me. We all have to disagree with some things. If there is complete peace and everyone is never fighting again, our world would be less dynamic. Again, those fights being only minor. As I said before I do really want world peace to happen. - PhoenixAura81

Unfortunately, this isn't happening anytime soon. I hate conflict, I think war is stupid and unnecessary, and that's why I'm disappointed by the fact that this is not happening soon. - Pokemonfan10

If we wanted that to happen, let's just revert to when there were only five civilizations in the world. Sounds real easy, doesn't it? - Archived

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2 No More Shootings at Schools

School shootings, albeit tragic, are pretty rare. It's the news coverage that gives a massive spotlight to these as to why so many people think of it as a big deal. Gun violence is an issue, but things like heart disease and cancer are more common causes of death than guns. - Archived

An end to shootings in general, not just school shootings - Kanyae90

No more shootings, in general. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Yes please no more of these - Demon_Kitty

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3 Better Society

Not just in America, but everywhere. We could all just be classy decent people and treat others with respect.

No more tattoos or piercings

One where people can accept that not everyone is a clone of them, maybe? - Cyri

THAT'S something more attainable than world peace. If different countries have leaders and people that can make changes, it can happen. - PhoenixAura81

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4 A Better Economy

This is great

A well structured and secure global economy, with plenty of jobs for everyone. Life would be easier as people will be empowered to build their lives up leading to a better standard of life for all.

5 Better Music

"I wAs BoRn In ThE wRoNg GeNeRaTiOn! "
Can we please stop saying that all modern music is bad? I believe there has always been just as much good and bad music. If you can't find a song released in the last year that you like, you aren't looking hard enough. Thanks to the internet, you can listen to a virtually limitless selection of music, weather that's Ariana Grande or some small indie band with 150 followers on Soundcloud. If you don't like what's popular, then just support one of the thousands of smaller artists that exist! - Atham

Get past mainstream music and you'll realize that almost every music genre has been experimented on and popularized in some way, paving out some really impressive music artists. Folk, Indie and Electronic have some really good artists beyond just what's given in the charts, Underground Rap is becoming more prevalent and praised, and Metal has become way more popular than it was during the nineties and two-thousands. - CrimsonShark

I agree about metal (not much familiar with the details in Folk, Indie and Electronic music developments, so I can't say but you might be right about them, too) - Metal_Treasure

If you're all hoping for rock to make a comeback, I'm afraid it will never happen. Wanna know why? Because people have been waiting for jazz to make a comeback since the 1970s and it still hasn't happened. So the same will most definitely happen to rock. Rock is dead, guys. Let it die. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Whatever mainstream stuff you've been listening to is clearly well past some things that I've been listening to. Maybe look into more obscure genres? - Archived

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6 Parents Raising Their Children Better

Oh my God, PLEASE make this happen! Too many parents nowadays are making their kids absolute softies! Being an overprotective parent does more harm than good. Stop having the "everyone gets a participation trophy" attitude because the real world does not function like that at all! I get it, you want your kids to be your friends, but telling them no sometimes is a great thing. Maybe you have to lecture too, and that's good too (although if you're going to beat your kid, you are going a bit too far).
This is probably due to faulty research on my end, and if anything is wrong, I apologize, but how come with any other generation, kids could go outside for hours and do whatever, despite having a higher crime rate and all that? Crime is very low now and yet you the most you'll let your kid outside is for the patio steps?
I swear, maybe things like this is why everyone is offended over the smallest thing (or maybe not. Am I completely in the wrong here? Is it the internet that's doing ...more - wrests

If you ask me, the internet is to blame. People get addicted to that thing and can't seem to stop using it. The worst thing is, anyone and everyone can say their opinions on there and influence the more naive citizens. And not just the internet but technology as a whole is bad. Take television or social media. Those things are being used by people who have more power and money to sell stuff to people (and most of the time "sell" ideas to them). - RogerMcBaloney

Anyone encouraging the clobbering of kids should receive lacerations while hung upside down until they fade or die. They deserve this for being uncaring for other human beings who does not deserve it.

Dear future parents, don't let kids under 10 use internet, let kids between 10-12 use internet, but they can't make an account, and let kids 13 and above use internet with little or no restrictions. Don't let your kids under 13 have a phone. And last, supervise your kids when it comes to video games; I don't want to see some pointless news about "video game addiction", when the news reporter blames a video game developer for it, when it's actually the parents laziness that's to blame. - MrCoolC

Don't let your children drinking alcohol too young. - Userguy44

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7 The War on Terror Finally Ends

Didn't it end in 2013?

Enough said.

8 Better Politics

American Politics overall need to undergo a massive revamp if the US really wants to prosper. Politicians also need to be more experienced, understanding, connect with their audience and see what their country needs most. That, and the Left and Right Winged parties need to improve themselves by a large margin, lest the country really wants to remain divided.

Politics in developing countries aren't too bright either, but there are people who are determined to get the best person possible to lead them. - CrimsonShark

If this is pointed at Trump, I agree. - MarioBros11

I don't like politics. - Userguy44

Right now, the political parties in America are just two groups that loathe the other, which leads to heated fights between people with opposing political views. I hope this improves in the 2020s. - allamassal

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9 Less Pollution

I would love to see less pollution, more renewable energy, less fossil fuel use, better environmental policies, better energy efficiency programs. I am also willing to be part of the solution, as I am in college to be an environmental engineer.

My idea is with the maglev trains but they will be reduced to 750 mph and we need to be eco-friendly as Allah (God) made this planet so we could protect it. Those who are not eco friendly do not know how hard He works

To live a better life we must look to the eco friendly side of us and help our planet to live a long healthy life the friendly way.

Lets hope...

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10 For Rule 34 Artists to Stop

R34 artists aren't my cup of tea either, but it's best to ignore them than to give them negative attention.

Ignore them. Don't give negative attention to them. You have to get used to it forever.
Why some of the people forget that Safe Filter exists? - yamionthetrap

Really? Of all the important topics that need to be solved, you choose some rule on the internet? The internet's a free space for most of it. This won't stop. - Archived

Not Rule 34 in general, but the child porn needs to stop.

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The Newcomers

? The Shrek Franchise Gets Thrown Into a Burning Dumpster and Get Sent to the Sun.

Yes it should.

Ok...cough cough psycho cough cough - MarioBros11

? Memes Become Less Mainstream

Only the ones that make terrible fanbases like Shrek and Cuphead. Those are the ones that deserve to rot in the meme garbage bin. - bugger

Memes aren’t that important so why? - Userguy44

HAHAAHA no - XxembermasterxX

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11 Third-World Countries Will Become More Developed

"Third-World" seems to be an outdated term if you ask me. It's better to state "Developing Countries" instead as it describes a country as being willing to improve and better itself, despite hardship, problems and struggles. - CrimsonShark

"Third World" is a term that goes back to the Cold War. These were the countries that, if a war broke out, would remain neutral. Generally, these were poor countries, hence our current usage of the term. - Cyri

I accidently voted this - B1ueNew

12 More Accepting of Different Beliefs

YEAH than we could end war

Nobody knows the true meaning of life but to me personally, I think all religions are equal and we need to stop fighting over which one is the right one.

Just no nutty people - you know flat earth society, creation museum, chick tracts, rapture.

INCLUDING liking Trump - Maddox121

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13 More Intelligent People

There is literally graffiti near my house that says 'flat Earth'. I swear, the population has grown 10% dumber in the past two years - MarioBros11

We need them because they could help us with certain things in life like finding the cure for cancer or inventing time travel. Without them we're nothing.

Yes, please! Including more of them on this site. - Metal_Treasure

What is your definition of someone intelligent though? Someone that thinks the same as you? - MaxPap

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14 Free Health Care

No. You want that? Go to Canada or Europe! - crazycat99

The United States, for some reason, doesn't have free or universal healthcare, when almost every other developed country is known to have it. It's kind of odd if you ask me. - CrimsonShark

Just go to Canada. - Cyri

It won't actually be free, but somebody other than you will pay for it.

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15 Trump Losses 2020 Election

Even if Trump does lose, is there any viable presidential representation for either Democrats, Republicans and/or third-parties that you can choose from? This statement isn't valid if you don't have an idea who to envision for the next US president.

Also, I think people focus more on hating the current president than thinking who should be the next, to the point where it kind of becomes an afterthought. - CrimsonShark

Donald Trump loses the 2020 election but Kanye West doesn't become president its his wife.

The re-election thing has been going on since the 90s, so chances are kinda slim :/ - codgtamk34

Who would replace him then? - Userguy44

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16 Healthy Food Becomes Less Expensive

Doctors would love this. Less obesity and childhood obesity. Lower prices= healthier people. please put this higher

If healthy food becomes cheaper, more people will eat it, and less people will be fat.

Defintley I totally agree with whoever said that thumbs up to you

17 People Eat Healthier

We don't wanna get fatter and fatter, and we especially don't wanna kill more animals. We have to eat better so we can stay in shape.

I'm a little chubby, I don't want to get chubbier - MarioBros11

Healthy food is good - ElSherlock

*Cough cough* McDonald's *Cough cough* - MaxPap

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18 Good Cartoons Coming Back

This is opinionated - Demon_Kitty

Looney Tunes - MarioBros11

Oh yeah the Nicktoons Movie is coming on 2020 and the Loud House Movie and 3rd Spongebob Movie

Today new cartoons like 2016 to now is so bad.

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19 Time Travel

If this were possible, it would probably be illegal cause people would use it to go back in time to kill the ancestor of their ex and/or enemy. Id rather this not happen cause I also made lots of mistakes as a kid - codgtamk34

I'm still a child but I know my things. One mistake could destroy our world. As if we aren't doing that enough already. And I don't believe in alternative universes, what's happening is happening now. Time travel would be terrible.

Time Travel is the most awful thing to exist, one tiny mistake in going back time and no matter how good or bad it is. Especially separating your friend's grandparents when they first met, you make the big mistake. I like to let things happen. Unless you should never let a human/animal see you and your time machine, then you should be fine. - BigFatNoob

I want to see what time travel is like and I want to see my future ans past

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20 Animals Gain Rights

Animals have feelings, and they (depending on the animal) just want to be loved and appreciated. Or, if it's a wild animal, to be set free to live life with their own kind. Animal abuse is even worse than human abuse because I can GUARANTEE you that the animal didn't do anything wrong and if it did, out of protection. - Swiftdawn

Hey visiter. How is human abuse less serious than animal abuse, humans are ones advancing our life. - Manowar9

Bestiality is wrong for both people AND animals. They may not be able to talk, but they have feelings too. - Synchronocity

Animals should drive, shop, and become president. (The president and driving part would probably be a bad idea.) - bugger

So humans will treat animals like how people treat other people. The animals will gain much more respect and such. - DinoLover4242

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21 Less Homophobia

On certain websites you get more hate for being a white, heterosexual man than for being a homosexual.

*Cough* *Cough* Tumblr *Cough* *Cough* - MaxPap


Hate the sin love the sinner - namesnipe

I believe there's a thing above this saying "Be more accepting of other people's beliefs." What happened to that. idiots. - LordDovahkiin

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22 Less Obsession with the Internet

It's impossible to break this obsession - codgtamk34

Duh...But I personally find it difficult. I try but it's hard to find a good balance between the Internet and the real life. Moreover, I stay in touch with some people from my real life using the Internet... - Metal_Treasure

The fact that we are all typing why internet is bad ONTO the internet really says something... LOL - Swiftdawn

The Internet has it's pros and cons, it's not perfect in anyway, and I wish people would stop treating it like a flawless thing. - RogerWatersfan1999

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23 We Go to Mars

Nope, this won't happen. Stupid humans wanting to rule everywhere. Why won't humans try to conserve environments on Earth or other planets by leaving them be (with no human influence, etc)? - DinoLover4242

At least plant a flag or something - MarioBros11

People actually went to Mars before but I don't know why it's not showing up on YouTube and the Internet

No thanks - Demon_Kitty

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24 The Loud House Ends in 2020

YES PLEASE! This show has been an abomination since the start! - TheAwesomeBowser

In the Loud House in the Loud House - MarioBros11

25 Fortnite Battle Royale Gets Banned

Too overrated. It's literally a mix of Minecraft and Call of Duty. Down with Fortnite! - MarioBros11

Yes, it is getting annoying

Why do people that don't know how to have fun have to ruin it for everyone


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26 Better Entertainment

Even Sports are becoming a stage for political drama. Seriously quit bringing politics into sports! - Randomator

Hopefully things like movies, games and music get a lot more better and have passion and soul out back into them for once.

And have it actually be *entertainment*, not Tumblr

Yeah, movies today are just movies we want to see so that the makers of it make more money.

It's all about the money. - MaxPap

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27 Artificial Intelligence

Nope just nope. Get AI out of the list. If AI takes over the world, humans will just have to kill themselves because they will not be worth living on this planet anymore.

Nope, AI is destined to go wrong since as most movies shows, AI causes downfall of humanity and other related disasters, so AI should remain as pure fictional characters. - DinoLover4242

If AI becomes widespread I will lose my trust in humanity that s why it needs to be banned.

We alredy got it

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28 All Cities Have 100% Renewable Energy

I wish so humans could no longer pollute the air and global warming caused by humans grind to the halt. - DinoLover4242

I want it to happen but those people are pigs - BigFatNoob

29 Better Grammar and Spelling

Please! Grammar and spelling is my biggest pet peeve and it's damn annoying! - Swiftdawn

This gets on my nerves, especially when they ask for likes on Youtube. - CartoonCriticizer

Really? - RoseWeasley

Oh yes please especially on the WWE youtube comment section - Whatdoumean743

Almost every YouTube comment section has terrible spelling, not just WWE. - MrCoolC

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30 Virtual Reality

I know this has happened, but it hasn't become very common yet. I hope it doesn't, otherwise all of our TVs, computers, and tablets would sadly become obsolete. - DinoLover4242

It happends - BorisRule

Duh, Virtual Reality exists before 2020s would arrive, so your argument is invalid - BorisRule

31 No More Hunting Animals

As much as I love animals, it is good to prevent certain animal species from overpopulating since the decline of apex predators such as wolves (at least in the US). Hunting is a way to do this. Once apex predators rise in population, there wouldn't be much of a huge need for hunting unless if it's a hobby (by the way, James Hetfield, the lead singer/rhythm guitarist of Metallica if you don't know him, is doing a hunting reality show, but it's legal hunting). I just want ILLEGAL hunting to end. It's terrible and most apex predators were illegally hunted anyway. Same with animals that aren't even predators like elephants for their ivory. Hunting illegally and for the wrong reasons is bad. Hunting to control from overpopulating is a good thing. Actually, most hunters are actually animal lovers and respect balance. - PhoenixAura81

You mean illegal right? - ElSherlock

No more ILLEGAL hunting you mean? - BorisRule

If it is a quick, humane death and humane conditions, and it is for food, than yes, hunting should be legal. But not for some girl/guy who go hunting wolves and other apex predators so they can hang their kills on their walls. - Swiftdawn

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32 Global Warming Ends

Not gonna happen. We've locked ourselves in this. Now its gonna cause an ice age. - MarioBros11

Maybe, It's a possibility. - EDT

Yes, please! - Smash64

This will not happen by itself. It’s great, but it has to be done by people, because it was also caused by people. - Userguy44

33 World Hunger Eradicated

It'd be nice, but sadly I don't think it will happen - MarioBros11

Too ambiguous. - MrCoolC

Sounds good, but this may NEVER happen due to poverty/famine. :( - DinoLover4242

Those bois in the poor countries be like yus. - EDT

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34 People and Wildlife Live in Peace

I would love that, so people and wildlife (no matter how big or small) could live together in peace. - DinoLover4242

I know that, but I want many habitats preserved and many larger animals like elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and many others adjusting to city and suburban life, living peacefully alongside humans so we would get to see megafauna everyday and it is better for the environment rather than killing them off, which is bad. We should protect them and let them live in cities and make them more docile and tame over time. - DinoLover4242


35 No More Mumble Rap

It's bad, but how the hell is this above drugs getting banned. - XxembermasterxX

Exactly! And my friends think rapping takes skill but when in reality, they just press buttons for some beat boxing and then they use their voices, it literally takes no skill while rock and roll takes a lot of skill and mindset - BigFatNoob

Khalid is the definition of mumble - MarioBros11

Search 'I Love Kanye' by Kanye West - MarioBros11

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36 No More Limitless Spending of Other People's Money

More opinions. - DinoLover4242

37 Less Obsession with Social Media

Guess what your doing right now

Mind your business if you have a problem with it god dayum - Demon_Kitty

Boycott Facebook

Yes this needs to happen right now as social media has tanken over the world and that is bad so less obsession with it PLEASE!

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38 Better Video Games

I want to see an actual Fallout 5 and some remaster of great older games - codgtamk34

I can't stand anymore of FPS or battle royale games anymore. Because of this, kids are playing games that are deemed too violent for children Bring back TRUE video games like Super Mario, racing games, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo games, Sega, and more!

Such as Nintendo reviving Dead franchises and adding Waluigi to Super Smash Bros Ultimate; and Sonic games improving for the better. - WilsonAsmara

*sigh* It's too late for Waluigi to be playable; he's an assist trophy and you can't make a difference to that. Hopefully he could be playable in a future title, as long as he appears in a major Mario or Wario game.
I feel that Nintendo should make a compilation of the entire Mother trilogy and release it worldwide (Mother 3 would be called EarthBound Future.). - TheYoshiPyro64

YEAH! Forget Fortnite, Apex Legends and other stupid, boring and generic battle royale games! We need a new Elebits game stat! Or maybe even a new F-Zero for Switch! Tak and The Power of Juju should make a comeback as well!

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39 Alcohol and Drugs get banned

Unfortunately, that may NEVER happen. - DinoLover4242

These are what promote abuse - codgtamk34

40 Disney Stops Buying Everything

Why should they stop buying everything? Also, I don't think they'll buy everything, just buying only some big entertainment industries like 20th Century Fox, etc. - DinoLover4242

Or Cartoon Network, 50% of Discovery Communications, and all of HIT Entertainment.

Disney might buy Fox's Simpsons - ElSherlock

To answer your question, they already bought Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and now Fox. that's too many things in the movie industry. Just wait, they'll probably buy Universal, Sony and Paramount - codgtamk34

41 Free Education
42 PETA Shuts Down

Yes since they're evil and killed pets for no reason despite claiming that they don't want animal abuse, so they're hypocrites. The Animal Humane Society should dominate and PETA should permanently close, for the better. - DinoLover4242

PETA are one of the reasons I am not all that interested in helping animals (I would never abuse an animal and would help one if I saw it in trouble). What they carry on with is seriously demotivating. We need less militant preachers about animal rights and more militant doers helping animals - crowdiegal

PETA sounds like a terrorist cult

Killing innocent puppies and kittens?

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43 Animals raised for milk, eggs and meat are treated better

Animals deserves to be treated better! I HATE animal cruelty! 😠

44 Donald Trump Executed

He is a horrible person, but he doesn't deserve to be executed. A few years in prison, on the other hand, wouldn't hurt. - Synchronocity

Lol this is so extreme it's funny.

This is horrible - ElSherlock

Wow, so you want Trump executed? This is just another anti-Trump idea. - BorisRule

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45 Better Cartoons

I'm not sure

And not just by making everything a blatant clone of 90s Nickelodeon and The Simpsons either - xandermartin98

Yes please. - MrCoolC

46 Less Pornographic Content

It's best to ignore them, than negative comments. Porn isn't my cup of tea either :/ - BorisRule

Dude if you whine about it your just bringing it more attention. - XxembermasterxX

Corn is better than porn. - XxembermasterxX

What the hell does porn have to do with explosions? that's the first thing that came up when searching explosions up for a project - codgtamk34

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47 Cyborgs

No! Cyborgs are immoral since they could kill off "natural" humans and I don't want to live as a half organic being and half futuristic technology. I'm perfectly fine the way I am right now. - DinoLover4242

48 People to Use Swear Words Less Often

Everyone has been swearing for years. It's not gonna stop.

People throwing swear words everywhere (especially online) has bothered me for too long now.

Especially for people under 12. - MrCoolC

Lol no - XxembermasterxX

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49 Less Child and Animal Abuse

I would like all abuse to be abolished. - DinoLover4242

I agree big time, and I mean in both real life and T.V. - codgtamk34

50 Scientists Making Vampires Real

Seriously? Vampires? Vampires do NOT exist and never will. Also, if vampires became real, they would have ended humanity by now (if they aren't effected by religious artifacts, etc since they would NOT be supernatural) by turning them into immortal (if vampires developed immortality) blood-sucking vampires. Vampires should NOT exist. - DinoLover4242

Dude, if they make a real life vampire, then would this be the end of the world? - BorisRule

Yes, because vampires are said to be pure evil blood-sucking immortal creatures of the night. I'm worried that if vampires were made real (if it is/was possible), then they would turn is all into vampires, and I don't want to live forever with or without a soul (if souls were real too). - DinoLover4242

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