Top 10 Things We Sometimes Forget


The Top Ten

1 To do homework

I don't forget.I sometimes just don't want to do homework.

It's the easiest thing to forget for me. - Turkeyasylum

Yup. This is me all the time. - Wolftail

2 To clean up
3 To bring your wallet

I do this, all the time. - nintendofan126

4 To get food
5 To drink water for a day
6 To bring keys to your car
7 To open the dryer door
8 To take a medicine
9 To study for an exam
10 To pray

This is why I always pray and read my Bible before bedtime.

The Contenders

11 Why you walked into a room
12 To shave before a big day/night

Oh yeah. Guilty as charged. - BKAllmighty

13 Where you parked your car
14 To exercise
15 To walk the dog
16 A lyric from a song
17 That life is short
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