Top 10 Things That Would Make Harry Potter Bad


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1 Cedric Diggory surviving and marrying Cho Chang

But what if it was Lord Voldemort never existed lol.

No offense, but this is the only likely thing on here, and yeah. This would suck so bad. - AnonymousChick

2 Harry dying


Technically speaking, he did.

3 Elmo paying a visit to Hogwarts

I laughed at this...

! Imagine the purebloods just casting spells at him all day.

Elmo: I love you!

Pureblood: ridikkulus (forgive me if misspelled)

Elmo: you hurt my feelings!

Other pureblood: Crucio!

Elmo: WHY!

All the purebloods: Avada Kedavra!

That would be a sad day for all the three year olds.

4 SpongeBob SquarePants drops by Hogwarts

I wonder how my cousin feels that she loved a really cringy cartoon.

5 Percy Jackson visits and fights Harry

This would be SO COOL! (especially if the other Heroes of Olympus characters came too, imagine Annabeth and Hermione)

Actually, that would be an epic crossover.

6 The Muppets attack Hogwarts

Do it J.K.

7 Harry Potter goes to Middle Earth

I don't think people get that Harry Potter is not a Lord of the Rings rip off.
Harry Potter is more similar to The Worst Witch except The Worst Witch is for younger ages, is an all-girls school, they have school trips and sports day. No war plots.
Harry Potter is for any age they made adult book covers. Sorry they didn't in America.

8 Harry, Ron, and Hermione supporting Donald Trump

NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE. I only picked this one because of this: They. Don't. Live. In. America! I mean, all of these are stupid, I'm sorry

9 Toy Story characters visit Hogwarts
10 A minion becomes the headmaster of Hogwarts

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11 Harry wakes up under the stairs he used to live in, and the whole time he was dreaming to cope with living in an abusive family under the stairs.

I don't like Harry's aunt and uncle but the series would probably not be as sucessful if it weren't Harry's reality because think about it Harry potter is one of the most popular children's books of all time despite the fact that Harry's realitives are neglectful but then again it would probably still be great if Harry had lived with his decent Mom and Dad

12 Mario comes to Hogwarts

Seems like a good idea

13 Justin Bieber plays Harry in one of the movies

How about Eragon had been made a few years later than 2006 and Justin Bieber played Eragon when Justin was 15 years old haha.

No Daniel Radcliffe playing Harry is good enough for me

*sigh* yet another Justin Bieber item

14 A Pokemon marries Hermione

Gumshoos marries Hermione.

15 Elsa from Frozen attacks Hogwarts

Uuuuh okay?

16 Harry marries Hermione

Overused cliche - RoseWeasley

It would be one more story where the protagonist marries the heroine of the series.

Danteem: no that will make it great and better.

17 Draco develops a crush on Hermione

Hermione punches malfoy thoug I guess it would be fun because he wouldn't be a death eater

18 The Dursleys kill Harry

Like they nearly had done in the books.
Starving him.
Dudley diet. He had to owl everyone he knew to get food.
Violence - Dudley beating him up, Petunia hitting him with a pan in the second book, at Dudley's 5th birthday well Harry would've been 4 years old Aunt Marge hit him with her stick to stop him from beating Dudley at musical chairs.

Oh and Vernon trying to strangle Harry, but gets a shock from trying.

19 The Hogwarts Express is Thomas the Tank Engine.

I'm dying

On no...

20 Bella from Twilight comes to Hogwarts

Actually people have made fan fictions.

21 M. Night Shyamalan directs one of the movies
22 Caillou comes to Hogwarts

I'm a 90s kid. Ok I was not under the age of 5 when Caillou first aired. But who the hell is he?

23 The Minions kill Dumbledore

Ok,now I am shocked...

24 The Dursleys take over Hogwarts

Just imagine what Hogwarts would be like if the Dursleys were in charge they would abuse their power to make Harry's life more misreable anything that goes wrong the Dursley's will probably assume it's Harry's fault Dudley could probably keep on bullying Harry and also his friends and get no punishment while Harry Dursley's taking over Hogwarts is one of the worst things that could happen in the franchise

25 Jar Jar Binks comes to Hogwarts
26 Edward Cullen becomes Headmaster

LOL. But I doubt it he is American. Possibly all of them are from Britain and Ireland.

27 Draco Malfoy and Cho Chang get married
28 Justin Bieber visits Hogwarts and sings

Eragon movie was made later than 2006 and Justin is given the role.
The hair and eye colour of Eragon.
The hair and eye colour of Justin.

29 Justin Bieber playing Draco Malfoy
30 Harry, Ron and Hermione go to Vegas

Oh my gosh, imagine this happening!

31 Hogwarts gets destroyed
32 Hogwarts gets flooded
33 Voldemort kills Dumbledore
34 Draco takes over hogwarts with help from caillou and the minions

That makes no sense both caillou and the minions are animated that kinda crazy

35 Neville and Cho start dating
36 Hogwarts catches on fire
37 Never ending hatred between magical worlds and muggle worlds
38 Snape marries Harry
39 Bellatrix and Voldemort being late bloomers
40 Harry potter growing up in the muggle world instead of wizarding world
41 No magical resurrecting, reviving spells
42 My Little Ponies take over
43 Bellatrix turns into Bella Swan


44 Mr. Grey marries Dumbledore
45 Dumbledore marries Waylon Smithers
46 Cartman becomes headmaster
47 Harry goes to Stonewall High
48 South Park kids become teachers
49 Ash, Misty and Brock take over
50 Duffman comes
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