Top 10 Things That Would Make Harry Potter Bad


The Top Ten

1 Cedric Diggory surviving and marrying Cho Chang

No offense, but this is the only likely thing on here, and yeah. This would suck so bad. - AnonymousChick

2 Harry dying

Technically speaking, he did.

3 Elmo paying a visit to Hogwarts
4 SpongeBob SquarePants drops by Hogwarts
5 Percy Jackson visits and fights Harry

Actually, that would be an epic crossover.

6 The Muppets attack Hogwarts

Do it J.K.

7 Harry Potter goes to Middle Earth
8 Harry, Ron, and Hermione supporting Donald Trump

NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE. I only picked this one because of this: They. Don't. Live. In. America! I mean, all of these are stupid, I'm sorry

9 Toy Story characters visit Hogwarts
10 A minion becomes the headmaster of Hogwarts

The Contenders

11 Mario Comes to Hogwarts

Seems like a good idea

12 Harry wakes up under the stairs he used to live in, and the whole time he was dreaming to cope with living in an abusive family under the stairs.
13 A Pokemon marries Hermione
14 Justin Bieber plays Harry in one of the movies

*sigh* yet another Justin Bieber item

15 Draco develops a crush on Hermione
16 Elsa from Frozen attacks Hogwarts
17 Harry marries Hermione

It would be one more story where the protagonist marries the heroine of the series.

Danteem: no that will make it great and better.

18 Bella from Twilight comes to Hogwarts

Actually people have made fan fictions.

19 Jar Jar Binks Comes to Hogwarts
20 Draco Malfoy and Cho Chang get married
21 Justin Bieber visits Hogwarts and sings
22 Justin Bieber playing Draco Malfoy
23 Harry, Ron and Hermione go to Vegas

Oh my gosh, imagine this happening!

24 M. Night Shyamalan directs one of the movies
25 The Dursleys kill Harry
26 Hogwarts gets destroyed
27 Caillou Comes to Hogwarts
28 The Minions kill Dumbledore

Ok,now I am shocked...

29 Hogwarts gets flooded
30 Voldemort kills Dumbledore
31 The Dursleys take over Hogwarts
32 Draco takes over hogwarts with help from caillou and the minions
33 Neville and Cho start dating
34 Hogwarts catches on fire
35 Never ending hatred between magical worlds and muggle worlds
36 Snape marries Harry
37 Bellatrix and Voldemort being late bloomers
38 Harry potter growing up in the muggle world instead of wizarding world
39 No magical resurrecting, reviving spells
40 My Little Ponies take over
41 The Hogwarts Express is Thomas the Tank Engine.
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