Top Ten Things You Would Wish for If You Can't Wish for More or Unlimited Wishes

The Top Ten Things You Would Wish for If You Can't Wish for More or Unlimited Wishes

1 To be rich

I can make people pee on Carl!

2 To get everything you want (items only)

Id rather be able to get everything. But if its only items, ill get technology 15 Gazillion years from now...

3 To bring a family member back to life
4 To eat a lot and never become full

How about eating infinite stuff and never becoming fat...x_x

5 Never clean up
6 Have unlimited videogames and music
7 To watch TV forever
8 To die
9 To move somewhere else

I want to move into a rich neighborhood where they have really simple jobs with very little work hours with really high pay...that would really make my day.

10 To become a ninja

I would also want to have the power of invisibility

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11 Stay one age forever

I wanna be a 2 year old forever! My aunt from San Francisco would give me baths and diaper changes all the time!

It would be downright amazing if you could stay one age your whole life. And it would be your decision what age it would be.

12 A time machine

This would be quite useful. You can go back in time and change anything you wish never happened.

13 Your favorite YouTube videos to come back

I hate it when there's a video you really enjoy watching and they remove it from YouTube so you can no longer watch it.

Once I saw a Good Morning America segment from 1992 where it was filmed in front of the Mirage in Vegas on YouTube and then it got deleted :(

14 To have the body you want

Have a beautiful, slender body without dieting or exercising.

15 Undo past mistakes or anything you're embarrassed of

This is something I would definitely like.

16 No Christianity
17 Make your favorite fictional characters real

I wish Zeus, Hera, Hermes, and Hades from Disney's Hercules were real

18 Make disorders disappear

I have epilepsy, which causes me to have seizures, so I have to take medication twice a day. And even with medication I still have seizures time after time. It's BEYOND annoying. I can't stand it and irritates me more than anyone can imagine. I'd love get rid of this crap!

19 To end animal abuse
20 To have the name you want

I wish I had my desired name.

21 To have never met certain people

There are plenty of people I've met throughout my life that I really wish I hadn't for one reason or another. I wish I never knew them.

22 Slappy the Dummy

Slappy wants a family, and I want Slappy. Yeah, he's a bit of a troublemaker, but he's still awesome. He walks and talks and he's magical. He's the coolest ventriloquist dummy in the world.

23 Make your creations real

I've created fictional characters of my own that I really love. It would be so awesome if they existed in this world too.

24 No more religious nutjobs

They drive you crazy, especially when they try to push their religion on you. Honestly, go away!

25 Get Rid of Fangirls/Fanboys

, they are so annoying. They be crazy!

26 More genies in lamps.

If you can't wish for more wishes directly, wish for more genies to grant them.

27 To eradicate poverty, famine, and war

Probably my biggest wish is that there could be no poverty, famine, or war while keeping our enviornment stable. - Turkeyasylum

28 Power

I can make people give me stuff.

29 Meet favorite celebrities
30 To be a super genius
31 Recover deleted information
32 For possessions to be good as new
33 A Lightsaber
34 To kill Justin Bieber
35 To eat unlimited sweets and never get diabetes
36 To undo all your mistakes
37 The power of telekinesis
38 For everyone to treat you like the queen of the world

They have to obey ME and do what I want!

39 Immortality
40 The power of teleportation
41 To be psychic
42 A bodyguard
43 The remote control from the movie “Click”

That way if my relatives speak in baby talk I can mute them!

44 Invisibility
45 Godly powers

For example you know how on Greek mythology the gods punish people whenever they upset or offend them? I want to be able to inflict PURE TORTURE on people who anger me so they’ll NEVER do it again! >

46 Inability to feel pain
47 The Owl of Athena

In the Disney's Hercules episode "Hercules and the Owl of Athena", her owl has the ability to make anyone who's holding it a genius. If I had it, I can please my Asian parents with straight As, and I will NEVER have to study ever again!

Most Asian parents need to get a life, and try to do some of the stuff they make their kids do.

If I ever move to Asia, the only thing I'll make my kid learn is how to not be a jerk. - oneshot

48 Cure mental illness
49 To rid the world of idiots
50 Tiger The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside.
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