Top 10 Rides at the Disneyland Resort

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1 Space Mountain Space Mountain is the name of a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located at five of the Magic Kingdom-style Disney Parks.

I grew up riding Space Mountain and I never get tired of it! It's one of the best coasters I've ridden and I'm a coaster enthuseist who's ridden over 75 Rollercoasters in my lifetime!

Sure it may not be the most thrilling ride in existance, but for what it is, it's a masterpiece! One of disney's finest projects to date.

do think it's about time it gets a refurbishment though so it gets some of the updated effects that rides such as Big Thunder Mountain and Matterhorn currently have. Hopefully when tomorrowland gets it's much needed refurbishment, this gets the massive makeover I want it to get so it's on par with it's superior clone in Hong Kong.

Okay, enough rambling! This is an awesome ride and I highly reccomend riding it when you're at Disneyland. Besides, you wouldn't turn down one of the most famous coasters ever. Would you? :(

This ride was AMAZING! It was so thrilling and amazing, and it's very fast, my favorite was the drops and the sharp turns, and also they have it now Star Wars Themed!

Yes! Amazing but hats could be lost! I lost ad never found mine... rip hat. It was a nice ride though, one of my favorites!

I love this ride so much! It's fast, it's in the dark. The only problem I have with it, is that the ride is to short.

2 Splash Mountain Splash Mountain is a log flume at Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort, based on the characters, stories, and songs from the 1946 Disney film Song of the South.

Splash Mountain, where do I begin? It's the best ride in the park. It tells a classic story, and the music and animatronics work so well. The smaller drops are great, and the big drop is just AMAZING! Overall, Splash Mountain couldn't get better. It is a masterpiece of storytelling, technology, and thrill.

Best ride ever in any park! Relaxing, fun, thrilling all in one. Long ride, I think its like 9 minutes long. When you hit the climax (the big drop) you may think the ride is over but it continues to go on. I could ride this thing all day long.

Not only does Splash Mountain have a huge amount of thrill, but it also tells a classic story along the ride. And of course, everyone that rides it feels much adrenaline right before the big drop!

The first time I went on this ride, I was nervous about the 50 foot drop, but when we got to it I screamed my lungs out.

3 Indiana Jones

Even though this ride has MANY technical problems and has constant Estops. It's a FANTASTIC dark ride! The theming is incredible and it's super intense for the kind of ride it is!

Although I do prefer Test Track at EPCOT, Radiator Spring Racers at DCA, and Spider-Man at Island's of Adventure to this, it's still in my top 5 dark rides and you absolutly MUST check it out since hardly anything like it exists.

I love this ride so much! I always have to make I go on it AT LEAST twice every time I go. This ride will not disappoint! It's always slightly different each time you go. I also always love figuring out what changed each time.

I LOVE IT! It's thrilling, the theming is creepy, the ride is always different, and the queue is great! It's so detailed and spectacular!

This is my favorite ride. Jungle cruise sucks. All they do is tell lies and bad jokes. Indiana Jones is so much better!

4 The Matterhorn

This is my first ever rollercoaster and even though I have fond memories growing up, I unfortunatly cannot say I like this ride.

I get the appeal and I will respect everyone's opinions, but good lord this thing is brutally rough. I got off of this thing with so much back pain and an awful migrane that lasted for 10 minutes. It was TERRIBLE.

The theming is really good and I understand the impact that it had in world of Disney. But unfortunatly, I just cannot say this is an enjoyable ride. It is in desperate need of refurbishment because it is straight up NOT ENJOYABLE NOW! Heck I even made a youtube video about a horrible ride I had on it in 2017. (Go check out my youtube channel Twisted Coaster Fan to see it. Don't worry, it's a PG rated video! ) If they could somehow retrack it to be a smoother and more enjoyable ride experiance, then I would love this ride a lot more than I do.

So many great things to say about this ride. First steel tubular roller coaster in the world! Glowing crystals, howling winds, splashing in an alpine lake, abominable snowmen! This attraction is a classic! I love the Matterhorn Bobsleds! It's a really fun attraction!

When I was a toddler I had the Disneyland Fun Sing Along VHS. The Matterhorn was 1 of the rides that was featured on it. I have always wanted to visit Disneyland to ride it because of that video. In 2015 I got to ride it. I got front seat just like in the VHS. It was fun!

This ride was fun!

5 Pirates of the Carribean

YESS. Pirates of The Caribbean is timeless. The storytelling, animatronics, drops, music, and build-up...just amazing. There is also the Blue Bayou restaurant inside the ride. I love how you traverse from the New Orleans bayou with the crickets chirping, to deeper into the ride. It is long, long enough to tell the story and create a classic experience.

The Pirates of the Caribbean (Pirates of The Caribbean) movies themselves have a similar look based off the ride of the same name because those movies have, you know, JOHNNY DEPP (Edward Scissorhands).

If this ride does not have you singing "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life for Me", before, during, or after this ride, you really need to ride it again... and again... and again.

This was pretty awesome but I'm looking forward to space mountain too

6 Big Thunder Mountain

LOVE! I can't enough of this ride. The thrill, effects, and track are amazing, and I've heard the goat trick is really neat. It's also long!

I LOVE this ride it's SO much fun! It's my second favorite rude in all of Disneyland Redort (second to Radiator Springs Racers).

This is obviously my favorite ride! My siblings love this ride too!

Good luck trying to avoid going on this ride more than once.

7 Haunted Mansion

I love the history, nostalgia, and beauty that comes with this ride! The Imagineering done for it is so admirable, you can't top it!

I liked the Haunted Mansion Ride. It was amazing.

I love Haunted Mansion Holiday the best!

8 Grizzly River Run

Underrated ride of awesomeness. No other ride in D-land has this many ride variables. Makes you feel as though you are in the wilderness with towering peaks, the smell pine trees, and even geysers.

If you want to get wet, this is it! It has a variety of small drops so it's better than the avg water ride.

GREAT in the summer. Lots of fun!

9 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Rode this many times growing up and I miss is greatly. Although I prefer the preshow and the details of Mission Breakout more, this was a more enjoyable drop tower and it told a much better story.

The story was EXCELLENT and the ride experiance was remarkable. And for those coaster enthusiests, this had a INSANLY good ejector airtime moment. GOOD LORD BEFORE TWISTED COLOSSUS AT MAGIC MOUNTAIN THIS THING AND THE NOW DEFUNCT PERILOUS PLUNGE WERE THE ONLY THINGS THAT GAVE AIRTIME IN CALIFORNIA!

And yeah, that one airtime moment alone with everything else the ride had made it an S tier drop tower. For those wanting to ride, you still can as it has an exact clone in Disneyland Paris which is still open to this day! Heck you can even go to Disney's Hollywood Studios and ride their version which is better than this and Breakout!

So yeah, great ride. RIP Tower of Terror

Being on this ride was the greatest 4-5 minutes of my life! SO much adrenaline, and cool line/queue area.

This was remade into Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!

This is the best ride in Disneyland. It should be number 1.

10 California Screamin'

I love California Screamin! This is an awesome coaster and one the best rides not just in Disneyland, but out of every Disney park in the U.S! It has that great launch, the loop, the huge drop, and don't forget Neil Patrick Harris giving you the countdown! Put it all together, and you've got California Screamin! Should be number 1!

It's the scariest ride we have in Disneyland now, and it's sure to get you screaming in fear and excitement.

This ride never gets old when we go! Not only is it thrilling, but you can't help but scream with excitement!

I have never been on this ride but I will the next time I go to Disneyland. It is the best ride there.

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11 Soarin Over California

It's so underrated! It feels like you're really flying, they do the effects SO well!

I love it, feels like you're flying!

Now It's Soarin Around The World

12 Radiator Springs Racers

Ok, how is this NOT #1? SERIOUSLY! It needs to be moved up! This is my favorite ride in all of Disneyland Resort. You begin the ride going through the brilliant landscaping of the Cadillac Mountain Range in Cars Land, and it's AMAZING, with the mountains and rock work and waterfalls, it's all so real! Then you go in the dark ride part which is awesome, and then finish going REALLY fast back through the mountain range, even sideways and over hills! This is easily the best ride Disney has ever created!

My favorite ride in the resort, second favorite ride in the world. The scenery, rockwork, and landscaping are so immersive and real. The dark ride part has high tech animatronics, awesome effects, and it LOOKS SO REAL! The outdoor race is SO THRILLING AND FUN!

Great ride, not so great line and wait times

13 Star Tours Star Tours was a motion simulator attraction at several Disney theme parks, based on the successful Star Wars film series created by George Lucas.

Overhated ride that's a lot of fun! The original was good, but this is better.

The randomized show sequences along with the updated simulator are both great and they gave the aging ride new life.

I hope the rumors of it closing by 2019 or 2020 aren't true, because I do enjoy this ride!

It was really great with Captain Rex and such, until they changed it into just a cruddy 3-D version with Darth Vader and such, which is a cash-cow move.

Is this a joke?

14 Toy Story Mania
15 Goofy's Sky School

WHAT, this should be number 1 this is my favorite ride my dad took me and my brother holden to this ride and we didn't leave to go to the next ride until we went on it twenty times.

Just a Wild Mouse that's nothing special. I'd skip it and spend your time elseware if the line is long or if you have the coaster credit. It's not a bad ride, there's just so much else to do at Disneyland.

This is OK. It's just a kiddie coaster.

It’s so underrated

16 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

This is the only Disney ride that lets you drive around like a crazy person until you get arrested by the police to then get hit by a train which kills you taking you to the depths of hell. This rede cemented mr toad as my favorite Disney character.

Like Aladdin, this classic dark ride is a real diamond in the rough at Unky Walt’s Magic Kingdom. What other ride at Disneyland puts you in the middle of an obscure Disney film and lets you drive like a madman until you hit a train and land in Hell?! I’ll have to admit, though, it’s beginning to show it’s age and it needs to be updated with animatronics and cutting-edge special effects. But nevertheless this is a fun filled ride that needs to stay! POOP POOP!

That ride was totally awesome!

17 It's a Small World It's a Small World is a water-based dark ride located in the Fantasyland area at the various Walt Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide; these include: Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, more.

I think it creepy and can be annoying but I can respect for what it did for the Theme Parks, plus without Small World we wouldn't got the Pirates of the Caribbean as a boat ride. (It was gonna be a Wax Museum at first.)

Creepy. If it gave us Pirates of the Caribbean, I'm thankful, but I still would never ride it.

You would think it would be for little kids, but I really enjoyed it

This ride is a Walt Disney classic

18 Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin

I hated it. It should be closed down and replaced with Joy's Inside Out Adventures: The Ultimate INSIDE Story Behind Riley Anderson's Mind (a Disney Infinity platform-based sandbox adventure in which I step on the platform to play as a character in-game).

I remember not expecting much from this ride, but I was wrong! The spinning is so much fun (you use the steering wheel), it's a long ride, and the dark ride is great!

Love it! It's a perfect mix of a spinning ride and a dark ride!

I wanna ride it so badly

19 Autopia

It's not just a ride where you drive your own car, you go through a jungle and a car park and other pretend locations. I loved it!

A classic race car attraction thru a car park

20 Soarin’ Around The World

Okay people seriously? How is the ride bad? HOW!

I've seen people compare this to the atrocity known as Stitch's Great Escape. I'm just like, WHAT? HOW?!?!?! THIS RUNS CIRCLES AROUND THAT HORRID RIDE!

Yes I'm sad that the original is gone, but I'm honestly fine with the new version. Heck, It's honestly better. It has the same feel as Soarin' Over California and they turned it's already amazing score into an EVEN BETTER ONE! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

Really the only issue I have with this ride is that they took out the preflight song that is played when you board in exchange for... wind... I mean I'm not the guy that demands that everything gets changed and updated to match the perfection of the original ride but come on. REALLY? WIND? Ugh

But besides that small nitpick this ride is GODLIKE. The score is beautiful, the scenary is beautiful, the projections look incredible, the effects are extremly well done, You really don't get much better than this.

My ...more

An insult to Californians. Get this off the list please!

Stop hating the ride! It’s a step away from the original dca and a step towards the new thing Disney wants it to be! It’s better to go around the world then focus on California. It’s a beautiful ride that is much better than over California.

21 Sleeping Beauty Castle

This isn't a ride.

22 Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

I Loved that Ride ever since 2006. It was so fun and badass I have keep shooting evil minions from zurg. I've been there like so many times.

23 The Incredicoaster

Disneyland is replacing it with California screamin. It will be an old thrill with a new twist.

Renamed from California screamin to the Incredicoaster. will be a old thrill on a new twist!

Fun ride and 2nd best in the park behind gurdians

Really great ride.

24 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

That's a land, not a ride. though there is Smuggler's Run & Rise of the Resistance.

I was on it and it's so awesome.

Both of the rides are great

25 Monsters Inc.: Mike and Sulley To The Rescue!
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