Top Ten The Legend of Zelda Games

You've probably played many of the Legend of Zelda games and ejoyed them all. But which ones are your favorite. Pick the greatest Legend of Zelda games!

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Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Product Image

Every Zelda game is different but this one is what made the franchise great. The gameplay and story of Ocarina is what made this game a hit. This was the first game that brought Link into a 3D environment (no, not the 3D that everyone these days is obsessed with) and Nintendo did a great job in making it. Because of the gameplay it is able to offer something that the handheld and all previous Zelda games weren't able to. For the time this game's graphics were great but I would really like to see this game re-made for something besides the 3DS with HD graphics. I'm sure that the younger generations of Zelda fans would get to enjoy the classic that they weren't able to.

There is something about this game that I just don't get. I played a lot of Zelda games. My favourites were Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, The Minish Cap, A Link to the Past, Majora's Mask, Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Zelda II, The Legend of Zelda, and last but not least, Ocarina of Time. Of all these games, Ocarina of Time had the most impact on me as a Zelda game. I personally like Skyward Sword as my favourite Zelda game and video game, maybe until Breath of the Wild comes out, but I had a deeper but strange connection to Ocarina of Time more than Skyward Sword. I highly recommend this game. If you still have a Nintendo 64 or maybe a Wii or 3DS, GET THIS GAME BECAUSE IT'S SUCH AN AMAZING GAME!

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is definitely a game well worth your time, without a doubt. Interesting plot, characters, and does a good job keeping you interested in beating the game. Although I wouldn't call it my favorite Zelda title, I can see why it would be put so high on the list. Ocarina of Time is very good at differentiating itself from most other games in the franchise. It gives you a feeling that you really are in the game, although most Zelda games capture it like this, Ocarina of Time does it very well, and I'd definitely suggest it for any Zelda fan

One of the reasons this is number 1 is because while you're playing it you get this special feeling that you don't get in others, I might not be able to explain it too well, but it makes you start to like the, game, probably because it kinda starts it all, and that it's the beginning, and the fact that you start at a place that makes it really feel like a new story, with great calming music to make you like it more like Saria's song, a great story to make it a real game. Those are my thoughts on this game that a rightful place, number 1.

Twilight Princess Twilight Princess Product Image

Being heralded as one of the best (if not the best) Zelda games during its time, the years have been unkind to this masterpiece game as it has ironically become the underdog pick, pun intended (Because you turn into a dog! Get it? ). Providing challenging enemies and puzzles, a touching story, and a large, heavily atmospheric world full of fantastical characters, Twilight Princess stands tall in the franchise, giving subtle nods to its predecessors while remaining an independent chapter that would serve as forethought to later entries. Though many find the game's sandbox oversized and its missions drawn out to tediousness, it is designed to allow the dramatic sequences to have a deep sink in as well as give a feel that Hyrule and its provinces are a truly grand kingdom. Critics say that the game "tried to hard to be dark," usually in response to its color palette and use of a "twilight realm." Well, it didn't just try. It SUCCEEDED in being dark. Fans wanted dark after experiencing ...more

This was the first Legend of Zelda game I played, and in all out truth it was the first video game I became completely invested in. I played at a neighbors house, and later begged my mother for a spare dollar just so I could by the game. I bought it... And that was when the magic began...

I remember how much I loved every character! Such diverse personalities and aesthetic looks! Not to mention that theirs so many people! So many people to talk to, and to become invested in imagining what it's like from their point of view (I'm a strange human whom thinks up back stories for background characters). And Midna... To this day she is still by far my FAVORITE companion, hell - she's my favorite character!

And the world that these people lived in... I was too young at the time to enjoy the scenery and the beautifully dark atmosphere, but now that I'm almost an adult I see all that I missed as I play this game for the fourth time... I'm simply awestruck by the artistic passion ...more

I might be slightly biased, as this was the first Legend of Zelda game I played and nostalgia and such, but this game is a work of art. In my opinion, it has the best art, music, and story. The game itself was challenging, but not impossible. It is a very atmoshperic game and I think that they really emphasized the free-world mechanics in this game especially. The side-quests were all very unique and all tied into the story somehow and some made the game easier. I have played this game well over ten times and somehow I never get bored of it. Just writing this review is making me want to go play it again. Twilight Princess was the Zelda game which I got most immersed into the story and characters.

An underrated game (Wind Waker can't be better). It has best soundtrack of the franchise thanks to Twilight Symphony. Midna is the best character in the franchise even with Link. Best dungeons with Ocarina of time. The best story because of it's depth and complexity (little plot holes are inevitable), the best overworld for it's time (not as empty as other games), combat and puzzles until Breath of The Wild. Twilight Princess is really an adventure, initially started slow and it took speed (a little rushed moment's are forgivable, too much preasure in development as Majora's Mask but the efforts were payoff). Finally, Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess are the most emotional games. So hard to choose between that 2

I played first Link to the past, after: Ocarina of time (every Zelda game after is better), Twilight princess, Wind Waker (This game aged well in graphics but not very in Gameplay, storytelling). Currently playing Majora's Mask and Skyward sword get's too much hate ...more

Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Product Image

The side mission system, where you have to help people and find out about them at different points in time during the three-day cycle, is simply genius, especially when you see how things turn out for them dependent on your actions. But even more important: The whole game has a very powerful, melancholic atmosphere and music which are deep to the bone. The last minutes before the moon crushes down are enthralling. This is especially true when you are short in time to help someone out or finish a job which happens a few times. When you have made it to the end of the game and have seen the world’s downfall so many times in the process you will kind of love this world and their people.

This game sucks! I have played lots of zelda games and this one deserves no spot on the list. You start out looking for the lost friend, who by the way is navi from ocarina of time who flies away mysteriously in the end, and they never say where she is. It can be fun but it is just an add on game. There are only about 4 dungeons and at least 100 mini quests. The graphics are worse than its predecessor ocarina of time and this game is newer. There should have been more temples and more challenge. Plus the happy mask salesman is looking for the most evil mask ever! Whats with that? Its evil. They should have made him a villain. Now for those of you who think I got stuck on the first temple and quit, I beat the game.

To be honest this is one of the few (Very few) Zelda games I don't like. Too little dungeons (4), only one of those dungeons actually being good. The thing that killed it most for me was the Time limit. The idea of Zelda in the first place was to have an adventure, to explore. Not simply follow through a simple story, always having the same adventure having a set path, that crap's boring. It would pretty much be if in Pokemon you started off with 6 Pokemon, those are the only Pokemon you can have your entire run and you only get those Pokemon every single time you play through the game. No replay value, just a straight set path. It seems most people who actually think it's the best one are hipsters. Also I'm not saying it's the worst (Four swords and Phantom hourglass are the worst), but it's just not as good as people say it is. But that's just my unpopular opinion.

Majora's Mask is by far the best Zelda game. I could spend an eternity talking about the plot and how magnificent it is, but I shall summarize it to this point: Majora's Mask didn't follow the regular plot line that most zelda games follow. Its brand new direction in story away from regular zelda plots makes it so original, wonderful, and enveloping. The many underlying themes in this game are ingenious prodding to the mind. The characters are memorable and endearing. The music is just... the best. The gameplay is addicting; the puzzles are creative and sometimes very challenging. I won't go much into detail about this factor, due to the repetition of this fact being reinstated, but it is a very gloomy, unsettling game. However, through all this, the biggest reason of all that Majora's Mask is the best Zelda game: IT INTRODUCED TINGLE!

The Windwaker The Windwaker Product Image

I am a Zelda fan from New Jersey and I have to say... it's my favorite Zelda of all time. Wind Waker has great music, great graphics, amazing dungeons, a solid cast and story, new mechanics which changed the game, a vast open world, and the plot tends to get a bit darker, meaning it kind of has a creepier undertone, with Hyrule in ruins after the flood. Wind Waker always has a special place in my heart, and I always would want to revisit the game.

Although every Zelda game is epic in it's own way, the one too special to me is The Wind Waker. It was my very first Zelda game. It's not only my favorite game from the series, it's my favorite game overall. The world in this game is simply enormous, the characters are very memorable, and the story is very deep and emotional. It also had some very funny moments. And the music is just too fantastic, best one in the series if you ask me. And the graphics (although still criticized) is one of the many things that makes the game so epic. The characters, especially Link, were so expressive in this one. It really made you feel part of that world. There was always something to do in every corner. The dungeons were challenging and fun, and the sailing, although tedious from time to time, made you feel like you were really exploring a vast, oceanic world. I wont deny that games like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess were amazing, and that Skyward Sword was a big leap for the series, but ...more

The game that got me into the series, and it is now my favorite game of all time. It's release showed who the true Zelda fans were, the ones that could handle the change and appreciate that new approach. The graphics were heavily criticized back then (and still a little bit today), but there is no doubt that it is one of the many things that made this game so unique and special. Just because it's cel shaded doesn't mean it's childish. Do not be deceived by appearances. This game, while very funny at times, has some very emotional and dark moments. The characters, especially Link, are so extremely expressive, you really feel like you are there with them. The soundtrack is the best of the series, it only comes to mention that this is the only game in the series where every single boss has it's own music. Even if they are divided into stages, the music still changes (Puppet Ganon). The characters are so very memorable and you even get to control a few major ones. To add more, Link has ...more

Every Zelda game makes the community happy, although this one makes us more than happy. It makes you excited and adventurous! Link is quite unique on this game. The storyline fits the game as you sail from one island to the next!

Not only this is my all time favorite Zelda game. But my favorite game out of them all! Zelda took a step of cartoony and artistic looks. Added a few characters. Not to mention the side quests which filled my heart with joy. And this game introduces to ways to travel such as sailing. And introduces old characters from previous Zelda games.

You can also have fun throwing pigs and messing around with snot boy which is funny. If you haven't played this game yet or if you are a starter to the franchise I recommend the WindWaker first!

A Link to the Past A Link to the Past Product Image

I could of voted for Ocarina of Time or Minish Cap, but if I'm to be totally honest then I would have to say that this was my favorite Zelda game. (not having played Link between Worlds yet) I love the top down veiw game play, and for the Zelda series it just fits perfectly for the level designs and puzzles, the combat and cool gadgets, gadgets which no other game has been able to match! Don't get me wrong I won't argue the awesomeness of the newer prettier Zelda games, but being an original player of the first nes game, I value game play above graphics, and adventure equally to both, therefore I vote for A Link to the Past as the greatest Zelda game of all time! Which means I'll probably vote for A Link Between Worlds as the greatest as well!

The Godfather of Zelda due the fact that it pretty much invented Zelda the way everyone knows it and loves it. It was the first one using the Master Sword, had a ton of music in it that all the next games in line still reuse, was the first which had an actual storyline, and and and. I love this game from the bottom of my heart, even more than Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask.

PS: Skyward Sword is the worst Zelda game. Except for The Adventure of Link, maybe. And the CD-I games of couse, who doesn't count as Zelda games anyway.

This game made such an impact on me. It didn't need fancy graphics to deliver an amazingly fun adventure. The music and story line have stuck with me over the years, and I lost count of how many hours I spent exploring and uncovering new secrets. Despite having much more "realistic" looking games, I find myself being drawn back to this one at least once every couple of years.

I can say it is the best Zelda game without hesitate. And that's a hard thing because they're all pretty good. But there's something in ALttP that makes it way better than the others. And that's something I don't even know. There's a different feel in it. I can take it being below Ocarina, which is a wonderful game, but not that good as they say. 2nd place is the minimum I can take.

Skyward Sword Skyward Sword Product Image

Skyward Sword was a great step forward for the series and was very innovative. They added a great upgrade system based on things you collect, they added better shield mechanics (such as new types of shields, durability, fixing shields with potions, or even upgrading them). They added the stamina bar which (FINALLY) gives Link the ability to run, jump, and parkour. They added hero mode (a mode where you take double damage and heart flowers don't appear as an extra challenge). They added a great combat system that wasn't just spam the "b" button (you have to assess the enemy, find a good way to attack based on how the enemy acts, and execute it). They added immersive 1:1 motion controls. I could go on, but I'll stop there.

Actually no. They added a lot more than that. With Skyward Sword, they gave the Legend Of Zelda series an AMAZING origin story that served as the prequel to Ocarina of Time. They condensed the overworld, making sure that it was full to the brim with content. ...more

Way too underrated. People blame the motion controls for being unresponsive and flawed, but I personally had no problem with it. It enhanced the game, making it a whole lot more immersive. The dungeons were all just fabulously designed. And oh, the story gave a satisfying backstory to the Zelda timeline and was just masterfully crafted. Upgrades were a great addition, along with the extensive collectible items. Unlike Twilight Princess, bug catching was actually really fun! The over world wasn't too sparse and condensed a lot of content into all the areas. And it was just so much fun riding about in the sky, into the thunderhead, exploring. The goddess cubes were such a good idea, connecting up the surface and the sky (in my opinion better than wind waker sea charts). Skyward Sword is just a game made very well, even though it had flaws. But then again, all games have flawed LIKE OCARINA OF TIME AS WELL!

This is my favorite legend of Zelda game for multiple reasons. It's got a great story line, and it's about the closest relationship between Link and Zelda that I've seen so far. Most people don't like this game because of the motion controls, I don't really mind them, and believe that it shouldn't effect the players overall game experience.

This is my least favorite Zelda game with Breath of the Wild second least favorite, though BOTW was actually good, SS just sucks. It's not a Zelda game, I don't know who at Nintendo thought to crank out this type of story and slap Zelda's name on it, but this is not Zelda. Zelda has never been this emotional of a series. It had way more crying scenes than any Zelda game has ever had, it had too much focus on lovey-dovey romance than a Zelda game even had with its cast.

I mean, why make a Zelda game so emotional to even make the protagonist cry a bit? Why make Zelda cry tears of joy at the end? I don't understand why people cry tears of joy of all tears. Why are people insulting Link and pushing him off cliffs in this game? Link is my favorite character and in this game, he's a butt-monkey, insulted by Scrapper, insulted by Impa, insulted by Groose etc.. and they made Link a bit too mean in this game. I don't think Zelda has that many characters insulting each other.

And ...more

Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild Product Image

Do I really need to explain why this is the best zelda game? This was Nintendo's first open world game and they blew it out of the park. Easily the best part of the game is it's freedom. Freedom to explore, to screw around, to do the story whenever you want to. Not to mention, this game has characters that you can care about because they're fully voiced and have backstory's (the champion's backstories are in dlc). I love this game through and through.

Breath of the wild was way diffrent than any other zelda game. Instead of being a linear adventure game. it is open world. You can go anywhere in any order. The goron gerudo zora and rito built divine beasts to protect them but ganon took control of all of them and turned them against hyrule. Link must save the divine beasts and defeat calamity ganon and save zelda. There are so many stables shrines and towers to go to. This game is a masterpiece and is worth everyones time

This is the game that saved Nintendo. The Wii U was a backflop and Nintendo could've easily sold this Wii U only to get more money to finnish out the generation with Sony and Microsoft in 2020, but Nintendo needed a revolution to save themselves and get to the top of the market. Botw is a game of its own and the Switch is a console of its own. And Nintendo let Wii U owners get in the game with their own version of Botw. Well done by Nintendo.

Play it, after you do 100% AND DLC, do it AGAIN. SO COOL! This game is better than if all the good parts of EVERY Zelda game were united in a game and all bad parts were removed.

Link's Awakening Link's Awakening Product Image

Now THIS is what you call an amazing game. The game is challenging and fun. The sidequests are nice, the graphics were incredible for gameboy, and the music is awesome. One excuse I hear on why this game is not as good as others is simply that turtle rock is to "hard". Two things about that. 1: it's the final dungeon of the game, it should be difficult. 2: I found this dungeon quite easy actually. Its probably just me since I am used to this style of zelda, but I still would say eagle's tower and catfish maw were harder. 11/10.

Ocarina of Time and all the other popular ones are really great. But this game is kinda underrated. It's so different from the other Zelda games, but that's what makes it so great. There isn't really even a villain. And it's actually really sad at the end :( The dungeons were really fun, the music was beautiful, the characters were pretty memorable and this is definitely the best handheld Zelda. It can even compete with some of the console games. If you haven't played it yet play it now!

Most people will vote for generic choices (Person 1: Ocarina of Time is the greatest game of all time. Person 2: No A Link to The Past is! Person 3: Skyward Sword all the way! Person 4: Majora's Mask for the win! ) But I feel that at the end of the day, they are all forgetting about Link's Awakening. It is a fantastic game and I think that it is severely underrated.

Zelda meets Twin Peaks, only good. The best game of all time and the best Zelda. It's not the same sense of exploration as LBW and original LOZ has, which is a shame, but it makes up for that in amazing characters, amazing writing, cozy art, great action, pioneering item combination system, and the best dungeon designs and puzzles (both in and out of dungeons) in the entire series.

A Link Between Worlds A Link Between Worlds Product Image

While not my favorite Zelda game, this one is great! The dungeons were all fun and satisfying to go through, and I liked the concept of playing them in any order! While it's nice to have items appear in dungeons, it still worked with the whole renting concept, and it was an innovative idea. The soundtrack is pretty good, and while it's not the best one I've heard, this game has some great songs (mainly Lorule Castle to me)! Also, the story was better than I expected, and the ending was surprising and awesome! I was expecting this game to focus a lot more on gameplay, but it delivered a pretty good story as well! Overall, a great game that every Zelda fan should pick up. I never played A Link to the Past (although I plan to and I think it will be good), but I know that this game plays homage to that game in many ways (it even has mostly the same overworld! ) and if you were a fan of A Link to the Past, you will certainly feel lots of nostalgia!

This game it great and a prime example of way games now a days are still as good of not better then the classics. Is game is also able to basically use the same formula as like to the past and ocarina of time but still be fun. After the collect the three pendant thing you are free do do anything you want in the game and it's amazing. The only problems I have is that if you want to collect everything in this game you need to first go throw the thrives hideout and the sand temple to get the sand rod and the gauntlets but other then that you can do everything else on the game and after those to dungeons you could go collect every heart piece, buy every Item, go throw every mini dungeon and more.

This is not my favorite Zelda game, but I think it deserves to be in the to ten. I was very impressed with this installment for 5 reasons. 1: the story is awesome and was much better than I expected.
2: The visuals. The art style along with the 3ds made a pretty decent looking game.
3:The soundtrack is amazing and perhaps the best the 3ds has to offer.
4. GAMEPLAY IS FUN! The dungeons were all in my opinion great dungeons. However, they are also too easy for my personal tastes. Despite that, I had lots of fun playing through them.
5. The replay value was a little better than I thought it would be. Whether you are collecting all 100 maiamais or looking for treasure, this game offers plenty of additional adventure after the game is beaten (not to mention hero mode). The best thing about this game is that it can all be experienced on the go! As of right now, this is my 6th favorite Zelda game but if it ages as well as I think it will, it might become my fourth favorite game ...more

This game is incredible! An amazing tribute to my 3rd favorite Zelda- A Link to the Past, it at first seems to be a beautiful remake, with a near exact rendition of LttP's map. But then you begin upgrading items, finding all the secrets and flying through the dungeons. A more streamlined game for on the go, it features fast travel and quick touchscreen interface. One awesome addition was putting pins on your map. This is extremely helpful for finding and accessing secrets in the overworld. The only downfall that keeps this from being one of my favorite games ever is that it is to easy! I highly recommend this as a starting point for up-and-coming Zelda fans!

The Legend of Zelda (1986) The Legend of Zelda (1986) Product Image

This was the very first Zelda game, as well as the very first video game, I played as a kid. I remember my dad installing it on our computer, and and although I was kept dying because I was so young, being 4 years old at the time, I had a blast! Playing it is one of my favorite childhood memories, and I enjoy revisiting it to this day.

Most of you all are too young to be able to really appreciate what this game represents...there's a reason it's among the first ten games enshrined into the Video Game Hall of Fame, and they certainly didn't make a mistake with this one. I would rank it #1 in this list, and probably the same spot with any list of video games.

The addiction of this game allows you to play it through in a much more open-ended format. While you have to beat all of the dungeons, you can walk into the first one with the blue ring, white sword, and a couple of heart pieces at your disposal.

This game is what makes Zelda well, Zelda, and I love it.

A really accessible Zelda game you can just pick up and play. It's simple but it has aged very well in my opinion. It was also the world's first adventure video game as we know it.

The Contenders

The Minish Cap The Minish Cap Product Image

Definitely the best 2d Zelda game. Also one of the most overlooked games in the franchise. To be honest I like Vaati much more than Ganon(dorf). Ezlo is also one of the best companions in the franchise. This is certainly my 3rd favorite Zelda game.
Link's Awakening is also really amazing, though.

Not but it's the least progressive Zelda game. It has no new mechanics and it doesn't push any new boundaries. The gameplay is pure formula.

This game is so underrated, such a fantastic Zelda addition and so refreshingly different.

First I played and continues the light tone of wind waker while hiding a much darker ending

Spirit Tracks Spirit Tracks Product Image

Very underrated. You'd think the train mechanic would be bad if not worse than the boat in Phantom Hourglass. but it is not as restrictive or boring as you might think. It's actually fun to plot a route and travel on the tracks where you want to go! Also, the music is OUTSTANDING, the dungeons are fun, the story is good, the phantom mechanic is great, and it's just generally a higher quality game than Phantom Hourglass. The only bad thing about it is those stupid blue trains that kill you! If you disagree, that's fine, but at least give it a chance and don't assume it will be low quality. I hear this game mentioned a lot with some other games that are seen as bad or low quality, and I don't feel this game belongs in that same conversation. Give this one a chance!

Listen, I've seen videos saying that this is the worst Zelda game of all time- Even Matpat from The Game Theorists named the "Hero of Trains" From Zelda Spirit Tracks the "Weakest Link" In one of his videos. And I see his point- But I simply can't agree with that... Maybe it's because it's one of the first Zelda games I played (Second after Phantom Hourglass) but I simply ADORE this game. I even recently took to the internet in order find this game and almost CRIED when I was able to find it for a decent price. The music is beautiful and even though it is a bit funny to hear that he is "The Hero of Trains" I simply HAVE to choose this as the best Zelda game. I went back and played other but none could give me that happy, carefree feeling I get when I play Spirit Tracks- Regardless of other's opinions- I have to disagree!

He will destroy the demons and save the world and princess. He rides on a train and somehow defeats an ice golem. And in this game at the beginning you can go wherever you want on the train. You don't need no spirit orbs to raise your health! You just need to buy a heart container from somebody! Not to b mention they added in lottery tickets! This is the best legend of Zelda game ever.

I truly hate this game. The dungeons are good. I kind of like the story and Zelda being a playable character. But the train is the worst thing that happened to Zelda. Not only did it kill the exploration, or make the game boring, but the train sections were thoroughly unpleasant for me.

The Wind Waker HD The Wind Waker HD Product Image

In literally ALL Zelda games princess Zelda is annoying. I will make a list of all annoying things in all of her appearances, not only in games.

Wind Waker HD takes Wind Waker (already one of my favorite games) and manages to improve upon it. The most obvious change is the HD graphics. Wind Waker goes from a game with a cool art style to one of the most visually stunning games I've ever played. My favorite addition, though, is the Swift Sail, an upgrade that increases your boat's speed (decreasing the previously-frustrating amount of time you were just in the middle of the ocean) AND eliminates the need to play the Wind's Requiem EVERY TIME you want to change directions.

The Wind Waker HD is indeed the same game as its predecessor (The Wind Waker) though, strangely enough, a more better game. The Wii U has solid controls that improve the game. And it has major plot twist we did not expect along with better graphics as it is labeled HD. ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER!

This game is the improved version of the GameCube one, which was amazing. This game has great graphics, great yet challenging dungeons (the wind temple still haunts me to this day), and that there is a sort of open world which BOTW expanded. My only downside is that Tingle, TINGLE, is part of the main quest.

Oracle of Ages Oracle of Ages Product Image

Actually my favorite is the Linked Oracles adventure, but if I have to choose one I'll go with OoA for the superior story and characters.
This duo just represents everything about my ideals for the series.
It breaks the formula by taking you out of Hyrule and giving you interesting enemies and worlds that I would love the series to develop further as kind of different pillars to the overall Legend of the series.
Simplistic dialogue compared to more recent titles but still my favorites together.

These two games were designed to function as one, and when considered from that perspective they combine to make one of the most substantive games in terms of gameplay and level design. They also tread new ground with the locations and villains, and in Season's case a totally unique mechanic in the Seasons theme. Add the bonus of linking the two and an extended ending and it's an immensely satisfying journey.

Huge quest when linked with Seasons, intriguing story, solid gameplay, tons of originality and potential for sequels... I've played the Oracles more than any other game and they pack such a punch for the smaller package. So many Zelda titles get stuck in the ruts of "tradition," but the Oracles do their own thing, as I wish more Zelda games would do.

The game is so balanced in terms of difficulty. First dungeon is a joke, then last dungeon is impossible. Also game play is epic. That's why this surpasses all other Zelda games, even ocarina of time.

Oracle of Seasons Oracle of Seasons Product Image

Why is this one so overlooked? perhaps because it was at the tail end of the game boy life cycle, or that it was a 2d game, when 3d games were all the rage. In my opinion this was the pinnacle of 2d zelda. What a classic, I would say it is maybe my favorite game of all time.

The season-changing mechanic is original and creative. The sprite work is really pretty. The colors of each season are vibrant. The music is great (duh, it's Zelda). The dungeons are fun. It's just a solid game.

Plus, you get to go on dates with someone who isn't Zelda for once. AND you get to name a kid and decide who that kid becomes. (I chose Hero.)

My personal favorite of the duo (and therefore one of my favorites in the franchise), it has a less developed world and characters and story than OoA but much more fun items and dungeons. And the seasons mechanic is a really cool, original one that I really want to be revisited in a future game!

These games are way too underrated they are much better than link's awakening and a link to the past

Four Swords Adventures Four Swords Adventures Product Image

You guys might hate this game, but it still belongs on the list, I mean come on you put crossbow training before an actual Zelda game? That's just completely ridiculous.

It may not be as popular as ocarina of time or twilight princess, but it is the best LOZ game I have ever played. It has a great story, really cool characters, and it's super addicting.

It's good multiplayer fun, but way too much of a hassle to assemble everything for a four-player experience.

This should be number one it is not that popular but it's the best

Phantom Hourglass Phantom Hourglass Product Image

This was my first LOZ game I played AND completed the story. It has some cool concepts like for example how one puzzle has you close the system without turning it off and open to make a mark on the map. I didn’t like that it was controlled pretty much by stylus the whole time, it led to link sometimes doing things that were not intended which can be frustrating. No matter how much people say the Temple of the Ocean King is terrible there are areas that allow you to fast travel to them, in exchange for time taken of course, but it isn't that bad. It isn’t as terrible as it is made out to be but can be frustrating.

This game is seriously under rated. I don't know why it doesn't make top 5? Awesome game, really works on hand held, Linkbeck is awesome, the freedom sailing around on the boat. Side missions, fishing, salvaging treasure it has it all. Only inprovements I can thing. A shield upgrade would of been better and maybe to get a mask like from wind waker? Also another big island that has some hustle and bustle like mercury with some more shops?

Phantom Hourglass is, in my opinion, the most underrated Zelda game. Overall, I thought it was a great game! Not my favorite in the series, although it's definitely in my top 10. The only thing I hated about it was the Temple of the Ocean King, which was fine at first, but progressively became more tedious to return to.

Very, VERY underrated game that is overshadowed by both its predecessor AND its descendant. It is super fun in almost every area that isn't the ocean king temple plus you only need to visit the OKT four times. I guess people just like to exaggerate.

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Why didn't this beat OOC? It's the same game plus more content, Better graphics, and beautiful 3D effects. I didn't play the original so maybe I m missing the nostalgia, but to me this is number 1 hands down.

I have Ocarina of time 3D and the versions way better than the one in Nintendo 64! 3 things to say about ocarina of time 3D

1) It has 3D
2) The version in ocarina of time is COOLER
3) It's not that violent in Nintendo 64

This is way better than the original. It still gives you that nostalgic feeling and those hard dungeons. But it also gives you the master quest.
(the originals good too)

Just as awesome as Ocarina of Time except it is in 3 flipping D with way better graphics and master quest fused into it. This should obviously be number one.

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Why? Why are the remakes below the originals? The shouldn't even be considered a different game in the first place? I'm voting for this because the sneaky creepiness of this game makes it WAY more interesting than others. ( TP had creepiness, but the creepiness wasnt sneaky, it was straight in front of your eyes, which made it less interesting )

Other than SS, it was the fastest selling Zelda. Unlike SS, it wasn't released on a dead console, so I expect it to sell a lot. It might even become the best selling Zelda of all time. Who knows?

The addition of a proper quest logue, plus a better time warping system really improved this experience for me.

I don't know why but I personally love the original version better

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Though Hyrule Warriors wasn't a canon Zelda game, it was still pretty solid. I was hyped when Nintendo stated that characters from the series were now on the same era, especially the Twilight Princess, Midna. The gameplay itself is so repetitive yet so fun, you won't even know you have been clicking the same buttons. Also, the story was novel and unique. I mean, (SPOILER) who would have guessed Lana was more than a playable character, eh? She is the Guardian of Time��"well, the alternate light form. All in all, this game is amazing and I totally recommend it. I can't wait for Hyrule Warriors a Legends, staring Linkle!

When I first played this at the Nintendo store in New York, I totally loved the game! It was so much fun, lots of action, graphics are alright, sound is phenomenal and I loved it so much, I got the game and it's a blast! Not he best Zelda game, but it's awesome!

I have no idea why this is way down here sure it's not as adventurous as the others but is still an awesome game you can be Gannondawrf and impa. It is such a great game there are people from sky ward sword it truly is an awesome game.

This was dreadful. Graphics look like last-gen. Gameplay is mindless. Multiplayer sucks. No online.

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Throughout the years, one of Nintendo’s best-selling games of all time was the GameCube and Wii classic, Twilight Princess. After ten years of its release, a remaster of the timeless tale was made for the Wii U (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD) with, though many think otherwise, improved textures and graphics that will make you stand still just starting at your surroundings for the next thirty minutes. And for those who thought the original was to easy, there is a Hero Mode (2x as much damage; no hearts will appear) and a Ganondorf amiibo (2x as much damage) which will surely make this game a true challenge. Not to mention, since of the complaints fans had were either fixed or removed! The new Wolf Link amiibo unlocks a unique maze under the name "Cave of Shadows" which, if you pass it, gives you a reward...

Overall, the HD version of Twilight Princess is truly amazing. If you haven't played the original, here's your chance! If you have played the orignal, have ...more

It is as good if not better than the original and I totally agree with this list and I love the fact that the underrated TP is Finally shown as what it truly is. The second best Zelda EVER

This is the exact same as #2, but with Hero Mode, less Tears of Light (YAY! ), Miiverse, and improved graphics!

How is this worst than the original at two

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Product Image

Ok, why is this below Phantom Hourglass? Zelda 2: The Adventure of LInk is a good game. It's probably one of the most underrated games I have ever played. If your a fan of hard games, this game is for you! Whenever you defeat an enemy in this one, it feels like a reward. You feel like you achieved something. The only real problem I have with this game is that you have to go back to the place you started if you die three times.

As much as I love Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, neither of them can surely beat this classic. The first and only sidescrolling Zelda game, introduced on the NES. This game is so incredibly fun and challenging, and the music is just awesome!

A request to please change the Avatar from GBA to NES cover please!

Surely this game is underrated but Zelda isn't a platform game and it shouldn't be. However, it should be placed a bit higher. I spent countless FUN hours playing this game. Just remember, it can be fun if you treat it that way.

It was exactly what a sequel to the original Legend of Zelda needed to be. It was adventure and action at its finest and not the same old rehash all future Zelda games have become.

A Link to the Past & Four Swords

Four Swords on DSi is the perfect example of linear Zelda done right! I liked skipping past the exposition and just going straight from dungeon to dungeon, and would love to see that style of gameplay done again for future Zelda titles; not even a Four Swords sequel, just a linear Mystery Dungeon crawler that plays like this underrated masterpiece!

A remake of a link to the past for the super Nintendo. It also has a multiplayer game called four swords!

Link to the past gets no love? Shame..

Hyrule Warriors: Legends Hyrule Warriors: Legends Product Image

Hyrule warriors legend is better than hyrule warriors which is my favor zedla.

Why are there all ready 2 hurdle warriors

Puts in fairys has a better storyline

How is this T?

Four Swords Four Swords Product Image

The picture they chose for this is the Four Swords Adventure cover. Granted, there probably isn't really a well-known cover for Four Swords, but it's just a heads up. If you vote for this, you are voting for the ORIGINAL Four Swords. Four Swords Adventures for Gamecube is above this, so look up a little if you want to vote for that (at least at the time this is being written)!

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