Ocarina of Time


Everyone knows about the praise OOT gets. It's the highest reviewed game of all time and the best selling Zelda game. With all that already known, let's analyze how well it fares against the latest release, Breath of the Wild. When reviewing a game, I tend to compare it to other games released during and up to that era/gen, otherwise every new game would be better than the last. OOT was the first 3D Zelda, first 3D action adventure game to mold that genre, and succeeded ALTTP just like how ALTTP succeeded the first Zelda. OOT is a somewhat flawed masterpiece. The biggest complaints it gets are that it's too linear, that Hyrule field is empty and that it has the cheap Z targeting gimmick. It's not linear. Uncharted games are linear. OOT is wide linear more on the side of open world by definition. Hyrule field was meant to showcase the grandiose of this game, act as a hub, and utilize Epona. Z targeting has become a standard in this genre thanks to OOT, and is mostly optional. Breath of ...more

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is definitely a game well worth your time, without a doubt. Interesting plot, characters, and does a good job keeping you interested in beating the game. Although I wouldn't call it my favorite Zelda title, I can see why it would be put so high on the list. Ocarina of Time is very good at differentiating itself from most other games in the franchise. It gives you a feeling that you really are in the game, although most Zelda games capture it like this, Ocarina of Time does it very well, and I'd definitely suggest it for any Zelda fan

Best. Game. Ever! One of the only games I consider to be pretty damn perfect. It has some of the best level designs we have ever seen, it was groundbreaking as far as the combat goes; being able to lock on to your opponents makes the combat so enjoyable. The music, Oh my God! The music is so good. Every time I hear one of the songs in the game I almost cry. It has one of the best villains ever to appear in a game, and it has one of the most compelling stories ever told. I can't think of any complaints. This game is perfect.

Every Zelda is amazing. But if anything Ocarina of Time is truly the best Zelda and if not the greatest game that Nintendo or anyone has made. This game beats all my favorite Super Mario games by miles. Link is an a 3 dimensional (not the screen pop 3d but 3 dimensions) for the first time in a Zelda. And it did well. The game was awesome itself and would bring Majora's Mask and almost as great game a thing to look at and for all Zelda's Nintendo wants to surpass this. The game had a good job doing the Triforce of Zelda which is exploration, combat, and puzzle solving and implementped them into gameplay well they also did well with the story. And despite not a bunch of side-quests like Majora's Mask, There are still a lot of good ones like for the Biggoron Sword (which is better than the Master Sword Except in the final battle) but satisfying. Good Temple Design and layout is true. I actually liked the Water Temple as it encouraged you to explore and wasn't hard just tedious and really ...more

I love this game the storyline was so good it was hard for me to put down this game I had sad happy and in between moments of this game it is awesome and I think a lot of the other Zelda games revolve around ocarina this game came out for the 3DS so check it out I am sure you will love it I know some of you might not think it is the best Zelda game and I can understand that because there are a lot of good Zelda games though I think you should at least try doing this game I had so much fun playing this game that I played it again and again so just buy the game bring your brain ( hey that rhymes :) AND PLAY OCARINA

I consider this to be the greatest Nintendo 64 game and extremely high on my all-time list. It's not about just the large world of non-linear game play or the variety of characters but also a surprisingly touching story.

There is something about this game that I just don't get. I played a lot of Zelda games. My favourites were Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, The Minish Cap, A Link to the Past, Majora's Mask, Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Zelda II, The Legend of Zelda, and last but not least, Ocarina of Time. Of all these games, Ocarina of Time had the most impact on me as a Zelda game. I personally like Skyward Sword as my favourite Zelda game and video game, maybe until Breath of the Wild comes out, but I had a deeper but strange connection to Ocarina of Time more than Skyward Sword. I highly recommend this game. If you still have a Nintendo 64 or maybe a Wii or 3DS, GET THIS GAME BECAUSE IT'S SUCH AN AMAZING GAME!

I love every other Zelda game with all my heart, but this one deserves the spot. It gave to me the same feeling of immersion in the game Pokemon gives off, only being a much better game. It's... just... great. I once found myself thinking if I'd spend my whole life with my beloved girl OR in this game's Hyrule. I'd choose the latter, I think.

There's not much to really say. Best story line of all the Legend of Zelda games and it really just has it all. Best Gameplay mechanics (besides twilight princess which is a close second). This is probably the best N-64 game ever made. Nintendo, you did well!

Best game of all time the graphics combined with the epic story line and amazing music make this game by far

honestly, Twilight Princess is bile compared to Ocarina of Time. The only thing I'm wondering is where the heck are oracle of ages and seasons? Those were definitely some close contestants. - Oreanta

Pretty awesome and unforgettable game, been playing since I was only a kid. Awesome story line and characters, what makes a game awesome is its difficulty. The water temple was the most challenging one of all, it took me forever to beat it! :P - Globox

I have so many nostalgic feelings for this. This is a great Zelda game. While I do admit that Skyward Sword was probably the one Zelda game I had more fun playing through, this game was the one I played as a kid, and I have nostalgic feelings for this game.

Saria is amazing and I've played this game for ages, since I was a kid. It is my childhood and it is better than those stupid games out their like 'Halo 3' or whatever they play these days *rolls eyes*

My dad bought it for me in 2011, when I was 5, and I hated it. I thought it was boring, but as the story line went further, it got better. Soon out my 6 or 7 games, this became my favourite. Also, I don't see my dad anymore so this game is special to me.

This isn't the best zelda game it's the best n64 and possibly even better for some people this game is great especially the remake for 3ds let's every new generation play this game and ths game is remade over and over again

Ocarina of time is my favorite Zelda game. Its 3d world really spoke to me and being able to go kid to teen when ever you needed a job done. Pulse all the side quests really helped keep the story alive. I personally liked the fire and the desert temple the most one you fight a dragon two you fight three people in huge armored suits and two witches. I am sure that I will never get bored of Zelda.

Everything about ocarina of time is epic. Traveling through time the epic music. You go through forest desert fore ice water. I believe this is the first game to ever get a 10 out of 10. Of course the horse and the ocarina make the game awesome.

The greatest by far. Surprisingly good graphics combined with unique game-play and a f2p world makes this game the best Zelda game by far. - NoobPwner

Great game, great music, great storyline, and with the 3DS version the graphics are GREAT. In my opinion the best Zelda game of all time. Deserves number one forever.

I spent so many hours of gameplay on this... every second was worth it! I named my children after some of the characters, baby ganondorf became a fan of the game himself! I'm so proud! :D sadly my 3 wives have all left me for my addiction to completing the game over and over, but its was worth the time! I thank you Nintendo (for making my life complete) Thankyou..

I think Majora's Mask is very underrated and was going to vote because of it... But couldn't. Ocarina of Time is the best video game ever, in my opinion.

When you play this game you just get lost in the magical world of hyrule, you get a special feeling that you to are the hero of time. This game truly captures the adventure and the emotion thathat makes zelda games, ZELDA GAMES this game will always be my favorite zelda game and video game. Thank you Nintendo.

The only game that is considered not good because it seems like a cliche when someone says it's good. That means a lot of people must've loved it. I Gotta agree

OoT is the best game ever, you can even see at gamespot that it's 10 by all and I think just 4 games did 10/10. Not even CoD made that!