The Windwaker


Wind Waker was awesome! The map was huge, and the boat travelling was fantastic. It had some really fun dungeons as well, and the art style was unique. - JoshUK

How isn't this game at the top of the list?!?! It's the best one ever! It's got epic music, graphics were awesome, especially the art style which in my opinion just rocks. I think its unfair though that it get criticised for looking too "cartoonish" when instead it should get positive feedback since it just makes things feel more of an adventure. Plus it's the only Zelda game that actually has good humour in it and it's no longer just meant for older players like the other Zelda games which are rated "m". The storyline is creative and somewhat emotional and the game is just great. The only problem I have with it, is the constant sailing which does get a bit boring after a while and your just wishing to get from place to place instantly. But like I said before- it's a great game!

An all around good game. It uses cel-shaded graphics, which was updated in the WiiU version, but even the Gamecube version holds up well today. Combat is simple, with enemies having different ways to kill, but what really makes a Zelda game is one thing. The dungeons. And Wind Waker does this very well. Dungeons are varied, and each has something unique. the forsaken fortress requires stealth, as you lose your sword as you enter (the first time), The 2nd temple has you in a volcano to visit a dragon, the Wind temple is very clever and to its credit, the music for it is mostly wind instruments. The Wind Waker (item, not game) is used frequently, and works well, not requiring perfect timing. The game is very goofy, and with the graphics style, this works great, even poking fun at itself at times. But, it is not perfect. It has one problem. The time it takes to sail to other islands. This has a but of a solution in HD, but the gamecube version is much too slow. It is just plain time ...more

The Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda game for many reasons. I love the cute characters, the charming soundtrack, the emotional story, and the gameplay is great! But I guess the main reason I love this game is that I relate to it. A lot. I am very attached to my older brothers, and when Aryll gets kidnapped and Link insists of saving her, I get all happy in the inside, because I know my brothers would do that too, they would give everything for me. Seriously, this game reflects exactly who I am, and the graphics help because I love them, they're adorable. The game also has a very innocent feeling compared to other games in the series and I like that. And also, I loved the ending. It's depressing but... I adore it! And last, but definitely not least... Toon Link! I'm a huge fan of him, and I'm holding a plushie of him right now.

This was hard to choose. Magoras mask was definitely the hardest but I loved that one too. In oot I kept falling for the same tricks where the treasure chests were invisible, and that seemed very frustrating. I liked twilight princess because of the graphics, but this game somehow had a way of getting me hooked

This game is just so charming. Some people think it's childish because of its graphics, but it is actually dark sometimes. The music is wonderful, the characters are memorable and lovable, and the story, oh my god, at first you just want to save your sister and then, boom! You become the hero of the winds. I just love this game so much, it was also the first Zelda game I finished so it's even more special for me.

The Legend of Zelda is a franchise about exploration and growing up. And I think that WindWaker did that perfectly. You start off as a little boy on a small island but then your sister gets kidnapped and on your journey to save her you group up into a man(kinda). I do think Ocarina of Time did the growing up very well with the whole time traveling stuff but what Ocarina lacked in exploration WindWaker excelled in it. With the humongous Great Sea and many islands with many secrets it's just so fun. Like you feel like a pirate sailing around climbing up on those things with the Bokoblins and killing them and taking there treasure and jumping off back into your boat and continuing your journey it's just the best.

With an engrossing story, timeless graphics, and lovable characters, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a highly engrossing game that easily stands on it's own. Unlike Twilight Princess, this game did not need to reference and rely on the success of Ocarina of Time, and like Majora's Mask this game differentiates from the Zelda Formula, though the way this game does it allows the game to feel like a Zelda game other than the fact that you're on an ocean.

Overall, this is easily the best 3D Zelda game, and possibly the best Zelda Game of all time.

When I was a kid I played Wind Waker all the time and it's easy to see why it was game of the year 2003. Amazing graphics, story, dungeons and it just blends into one amazing Zelda game worthy of owning.

This Zelda game was definitive in that it has the greatest sense of exploration of any Zelda game ever. Its graphics, combined with its amazing music, give it a visibly childish, fun, lighthearted, fantastical sort of feeling and overall the unique-ness and innovative-ness of this game is what makes playing it such an adventure. This is the best Zelda game ever created

My second favourite game of all time and my favourite Zelda. When it was revealed, people hated on this game because the art style was 'kiddy.' That could not be farther from the truth. If you think it's kiddy, you have not played this game. It may have some dark moments, but overall it's just beautiful and cute. It's just so much fun to play. A masterpiece in gaming. - MKFlame7

With the rising popularity of new Zelda games like Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, people seem to be forgetting about Wind Waker. In 2003, Wind Waker burst onto the scene with colorful graphics, a great storyline, and fantastic gameplay. It is a game that still holds up today and gives the player a feeling of adventure unlike in any Zelda game before.

People say that this is the worst Zelda game because of its cartoony graphics. Well if you agree with that you clearly don't know the definition of adventure. The Wind Waker had so much stuff to do like sailing, going threw dungeons, or just explore the great overworld of this amazing game. This is one of the greatest if not THE greatest game of all time.

I love it. The wind weaker was the first game I ever played. All the music and graphic. With those huge maps you could fine treasure and everything. The best part was the going wherever you want in the sea. The boss battles were so fun. The puzzles great. I wouldn't choose any other the legend of Zelda game. I mean the legend of Zelda wind waker was a blast

I love all of the Legend of Zelda games dearly, and keep them in my heart, but I would have to say that Windwaker is the best. It was one of the first games I ever played, and the graphics were amazing for that time period. The game is just so much fun, and you have to admit: chibi Link is adorable!

This game got me into the series too! The cel-shaded made play it and was it amazing! The sailing was so awesome and always made me wonder "What's that over there? " This game is truly amazing especially since I played Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past! This game is truly amazing! - sdgeek2003

Not sure how this game is above Majora's Mask. Don't get me wrong, this is a great game, but it isn't top 3 material. The world was empty, and it was kind of tedious (especially towards the end). Combat, story, and graphics are top shelf, but the world was meh. Majora's Mask has unique gameplay mechanics, a FLAWLESS story, and a quest and secret filled map, great dungeons and bosses, among other things. I do love wind waker though. - Cadetickle

The game that made me a huge fan of Zelda. The graphics are incredible, gameplay that is incredible and even though people hate the sailing, I enjoy it because you can explore it. The music is the best in the franchise and is one of my all time favorite games.

The wind waker is the best looking legend of zelda game as Nintendo used cel-shaded graphics, which made the game look beautiful. It may have come out in 2002 but the unique twist on the game worked well and it is still fun to play today.

My first Zelda game, and it's truly marvellous. Beautiful, fun, epic, and overall a fantastic game by any standards. The dungeons, items, music, sailing and graphic were all amazing. Wonderful, Nintendo.

Ocarina of time is kinda overrated. Wind Waker is amazing. When this game was released, everyone was like "Bring back realistic zelda games, nintendo! Not that crappy cartoon thing! Now, it's the opposite. Thank you, Nintendo.

The wind waker had a cartoon style everyone hated, but I LOVED it. It was my best Zelda experience, though it wasn't the first I played I actually made decent progress. This game is so much better than OoT and it's so underrated. I vote this to be #1

This game is much better than the worst Gamecube game ever (which is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, NOT Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis). Ah, yes. You get Toon Linky & Toon Zelda, but what about Toon Samus?!

It's funny, because even though Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are easily the best, the Windwaker is the one that brought me into the series. It's just so different from the others! - MaxPap

I've only played the Wii you remake, and even then, it was only for a little bit at a friend's house, but I can still tell just how awesome this game is! The self-shaded cartoony art style looks fantastic, the entire world is just filled to the brim dungeons, minigames, and fun places to explore!