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21 Zora's Flippers
22 Fierce Deity's Mask

No doubt about it, most OP item in the zelda series ever. It should at least be placed in the top 10 because of how fun it is to use!

This should be much higher on the list you kill bosses IN 5 SECONDS

One of the most powerful items Links ever layed his hands on.

Best item out there, especially when using the FD Mask Anywhere glitch!

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23 The Flute

transports you places (different from the Ocarina) - CaptainComedy17

24 Whip

Gotta love ripping peoples hearts out with this thing

Castlevania had this weapon

25 Pegasus Boots
26 Biggoron's Sword
27 Gust Bellows

I don't know why I'm voting for this but here is my great reason (only the skyward sword one) It looks like GHOST BUSTERS but besides just blowing stuff away and being some ghost buster guy this is stupid

28 Hookshot

Classic item that has cool uses definitely memorable.

Gets you to high ledges easily. - Skullkid755

29 Bombchu
30 Cane of Somaria
31 Scattershot
32 Ravio's Bracelet

I love the ability to wall merge. - Skullkid755

33 Big-Bug Net
34 Fishing Pole

Use this to bother Ganon at the end of Twilight Princess

35 Power Bracelet

This thing helps you lift up stuff

36 Bug-Catching Net
37 Magnetic Gloves
38 Water Bomb
39 Bombling
40 Fairy Bottles

When I was fighting the Lord Jabu Jabu's Belly boss I almost lost but I was revived and managed to win. - Skullkid755

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