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1 Alexander the Great Alexander the Great Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as Alexander the Great, was a King of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty.

Alexander died when he was 32. He had come to the throne at 20. In 12 years he led a Macedonian army to the edge of the known world and conquered all in his path. If he had not died I doubt western Europe or Africa could have stood in his way and we would know look at his empire on par with the roman or British empire each of which took hundreds of years to build with countless generals.

No other general is even thought of let alone referred to as Great. Great because he took armies further, motivated his men from the front of the line and faced the enemy on their terran but always on his terms.

He took an army to the ends of the earth, literally, and from with that he brought hellenic culture, philosophy, and technology to the world.

He is legend.. Period.

He took a greek army to the far Indies there was nothing left to conquer, the world was his - Rome total war Greek intro

World Conqueror

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2 David IV of Georgia David IV of Georgia David IV, also known as David the Builder, of the Bagrationi dynasty, was a king of Georgia from 1089 until his death in 1125.

In 1121 he, with his army of 55.000 men won against seljuks. Their army composed of 600.000 soldiers. The battle of Didgori is often regarded as battle of "miraculous victory". Before the battle David ordered his troops to block their way back addressing soldiers that they would either win or die there. Over 70 percent of seljuks were killed and rest were taken in prisoners.

He was very young when was crowned. He inherited not only political and economical problems, but disastrous results from earthquakes of previous years. But in several years he managed to gain victory on Seljuks, who were hazardous for Europe and thus he saved not only his own country, but Europe too.
His name was widely spread in contemporary world and in Europe he was compared to St. Peter. He was savior also of Armenia and Shirvan (territory of modern Azrebaijan). These countries were quite week by that time, they asked the king David the Builder, to take them under his protection. By the way, the king was the only, who managed to free Ani, former capital of Armenia, and give it back to Armenians. So, his strategic point of view was covering quite a wide territories and what's main - he was not an Emperor, but maintained national state structure in each country, who went under his protection.
He managed to begin the Golden Age of Georgia, which lasted almost 2 centuries. ...more

One of the greatest Military General world have ever seen... King who rebiult from ruins his country and made it strongets in East Europe... He deserves being FIRTS!

He was agmashenebeli

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3 Tran Hung Dao Tran Hung Dao

If the Mongolian Empire had the strongest army in the world during that period of time, then the one that defeated that army three times must be even more fearful. Therefore, 1 vote for Tran Hung Dao.

Under his command, Dai Viet (currently Vietnam) armies defeated 2 major Mongolian Invasions in 1285 and 1287. His victories over the mighty Mongol Yuan Dynasty under Kublai Khan are considerably the greatest military feats in world history with strategies of protracted people's war.

The greatest general ever. One of the famous hero I Vietnamese history

Thanks, I'm proud of my country

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4 Genghis Khan Genghis Khan Genghis Khan c. 1162 – August 18 1227, born Temüjin, was the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.

Genghis Khan ruled the largest contigious empire in the world to date: The Mongol Empire. It pretty much covered almost ALL of Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe. The Mongols pretty much killed anyone who got in their way and nobody could've stopped them. Even the Abbasid Islamic Empire couldn't stop them. Of course they were defeated off by the Mamluks, but remember the only reason they didn't conquer Western Europe was because their king got sick. Otherwise, who knows how the history of the world could've changed considering that Western Europe pretty much took over the entire world.

The story of Genghis, at least from his perspective, is miraculous. Son of a Mongol chieftain, he and his family were kicked out of their clan and left to die on the desolate Mongolian plains when his father died without naming his heir and his bondsman took over and expelled the potential threats to his rule. Why did he not kill them? Because the plains should have been enough to do the job. But they didn't, Genghis' family survived, and over many years, Genghis managed to go from nothing to leader of a few outcasts like himself, to leader of a clan, to leader of his former clan and others, etc etc until he managed to fully unite the entirety of the Mongol steppes. This in itself was an amazing achievement.

Needing to solidify his rule, he invaded the Xi Xia of China. In a completely different terrain and facing stone walls most of his people had never encountered, as well as a professional army, Genghis brought them to heel. In his war against the Chin dynasty, facing the ...more

Really, most of these generals were defeated in battle, (Hannibal), were replaced, (Patton), or his men had very low morale, (Alexander the Great). The only way Genghis was truly defeated was... He died. His men were loyal, he had superior tactics, and he was never replaced as the head of the Mongol army. He should be the best general in history. Also, Scipio Africanus and Suleiman the Magnificent should be on here.

This guy took the world

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5 Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte Napoléon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars.

Simply a titan of military history. His enemies like his allies were all in awe of his boldness and talent. Sure, he lost battles, but a great general is not judged on the battles he lost, but the battles he shouldn't have won. And Napoleon from day one of his military career defied the odds.
Maybe the greatest soldier of all time.

First of all at least spell his first name right... He was a godlike figure whose amazing charisma and military genius brought him victory after victory on the European continent, and in Egypt. He was the Alexander the Great of his time, the modern Caesar, and none could stand against him. His great flaw that ultimately led to his defeat was his belief in his own invincibility, that grew out of previous military victories that he had won.

Napoleon has certainly done much more good for the world than bad. Many people label him a tyrant and military dictator, and in some ways he was. However he was the embodiment of the French Revolution. He was building an empire, but at the same time he was spreading the ideals of liberty, equality, and brotherhood, bred out of the French Revolution. He freed enslaved peoples in Croatia and Poland (so much that his name is mentioned in the Polish national anthem) and wrote a law code that remains with France to this day, and is the base for ...more

This guy would have whipped all of these other generals in about ten minutes the only reason he lost was because he had all of europe and I mean all of Europe against him

The greatest of all time.

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6 Võ Nguyên Giáp Võ Nguyên Giáp

He is one of the most prominent general of all time! Without him, Vietnam couldn't defeat French Colonial and America!

I come from Vietnam, I love my country and I love the World where we are living! Protect it - Make love not War!

Oh yes, the general who haven't ever been defeated. Even he defeated two capitalist empire - France and America.

VO NGUYEN GIAP. - MaiThanhLong

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7 Julius Caesar Julius Caesar Gaius Julius Caesar, known by his cognomen Julius Caesar, was a Roman politician and military general who played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire.

Very few generals can boast having one so many pitched battles at such damning odds. He was a brilliant tactician, able to make effective use of his troops to achieve various and often unorthodox tactical advantages. To add to this, he was able to wage and win a civil war against a powerful general with an army of equal discipline and greater numbers AND the weight of legitimacy against him. He could not have done just anything to win the civil war. The politics of civil war in Rome were extremely tricky, and only a brilliant man could win a war while acting within the socio-political constraints of Rome to preserve his popularity and establish his supremacy.

Most others like to mention Alexander "the Great" as the greatest general. Granted, he did some spectacular things, that should be remembered. However, we should not remember generals purely for the spectacular aspects of their leadership. Regardless, if we did, Caesar would still be near the top of the list, ...more

Military genius who conquered Gaul and defeated the great Pompeii to become dictator of Rome. He was known as the destroyer of tribes, he killed 500,000 Germans who tried to cross the roman border. His siege of Alesia was a great military achievement.

Here is why I think Caesar is the best military commander in history. If the earth would be under attack by alien forces, I would wish to revive Caesar to lead the resistance.

On the most basic level, he was a brilliant leader of men. He knew every centurion of his army by name, and on more than one occasion his personal appearance on the battlefield saved the day. In fact, he was so beloved by his men that they would do literally anything he asked them for. When one of his legions tried a mutiny after the civil war, his sole threat of discharging them from his service stopped it already.

Then, on the battlefield he was a brilliant general of troops. His tactical genius, readiness to take (even personal) risks, quickness and creativity is unmatched in military history. This was best demonstrated in Alesia, likely the most astonishing win of all time. But also his comeback win at the Sabis, and the defeat of the Alexandrines are prime examples of his brilliancy.

He ...more

JULIUS CAESAR is the only military general who could have defeated ALEXANDER THE GREAT.
(He should be 2nd or may be 1st in this list)

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8 Hannibal Barca Hannibal Barca Hannibal, fully Hannibal Barca, was a Punic military commander from Carthage, generally considered one of the greatest military commanders in history.

Hannibal Barka will forever be remembered as the man who brought Rome to its knees. Such a feat has seldom been repeated, and many of my friends would never have even heard of Carthage were it not for him. Every battle he fought, the Romans had every advantage, numbers, terrain, you name it, the Romans had it. But the one thing they didn't have was Hannibal. He was, defeated, it's true. But as I said, Rome still had every advantage. The general who beat him did not beat him purely out of military skill the way Hannibal did.

His strategies and tactics are still studied in most of the modern military academies
He spend 17 years with his army in roman territory, destroying one roman army being their armies outnumbered, worse equipped and tired in almost each occasion.

Traveled through Spain, France, and the Alps to reach Rome then fought outnumbered, without supplies, and with just mercenaries that he kept from killing each other. Winning almost every battle with opposition from his homeland and without naval support. Almost destroying Rome and forcing allies of Rome to defect. If only he could have brought siege weapons across the Alps then history would replace the Romen Empire with the Carthagien Empire.

He was verusing the best troops of the time and decisive beat them 3 times in a row I think he's a artist

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9 Nguyen Hue

Nguyen Hue or King Quang Trung was very talent in war strategies and tactics. He moved fifty thousands soldiers from Hue to Ha Noi (more than 600km apart) on foot in 3 days in the year of late 1780. He defeated Chinese Tang's army in 200, 000 soldier in one day. He defeated Thai's invasive army of fifty thousands soldiers also in few hours in another occasion. He defeated French's navy without a warship. He never lost one battle in his whole life.

Nguyen Hue (1752-1792), also known as Emperor Quang Trung is a military genius. He was known for breaking the 30 armies of China's Manchu (in 1789) and 20 Siamese armies (in 1785).
The people of Vietnam are respected him! Forever...

Because he had never lost to any enemies in his life

Wish he could live for more 10 years and history may change.

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10 George Washington George Washington George Washington was the first President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

I agree George Washington was a great leader however, he was not one of the greatest 100 generals even. General Washington had extreme luck in every series of events that happened throughout the Revolutionary War. Back to even his British military career he was just about average. Same as in the Revolutionary War he never did anything great just good enough to accomplish what needed to be accomplished. He did benefit from being an inspiring leader and that is a list he would be in the top ten he did have the ability to inspire men to follow him this showed in all of the parts of his life.

He lost plenty of battles, I mean he lost the city of New York to the British and was never able to recover it until after the war. It was only through sheer luck he caught the Hessian's sleeping at Trenton and gained the momentum he needed to win the war. The only reason he won is because of a few decisive battles and because the troops absolutely loved him. He was a great general but really given too much credit.

Very underrated. Defeated the most powerful nation on earth at that time. George did what he had to to archive victory, ultimate victory. Maybe he didn't have any great battles that he won but, he did win the war.

The start of a nation!

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11 Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel, popularly known as the Desert Fox, was a German field marshal of World War II.

Excellent leader as well as great human being. His army did not committed any war crimes. Under his command axis army was almost have have won north African campaign. With his small army and badly outnumbered he was able to pull out remarkable victories.

Erwin Rommel - easily the greatest military mind of the 20th century, with day light second, and certainly in the top few for all time. Many do not realise how incredibly close he came to single handedly winning WW2 for the axis, despite far inferior forces and supplies at his disposal.

Rommel should be #1 because the tactics he enforced in battle are what America wins with today. The allies did not break out of Normandy until he was wounded!

He is the best general

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12 Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee Robert Edward Lee was an American and Confederate soldier, best known as a commander of the Confederate States Army. He commanded the Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865.

Lee was a decent defensive general, but poor when on offense. His offensive campaigns basically destroyed the Army of Northern Virginia by bleeding it to death.

How many enemy armies did he destroy? His famous victories are very overrated. Shortly after Chancellorsville the army he defeated was stopping him at Gettysburg with heavy losses.

His great strength was not defeating the Union armies he faced, but in defeating the enemy commander, causing them to retreat after taking a stinging but, non-decisive blow. All the Union armies he defeated were capable of fighting again, very soon after their defeats.

When Lee faced a general he could not intimidate (Grant) he was forced to fight a skillful but ultimately losing campaign. In that campaign he inflicted defeats comparable to his earlier ones, the difference was that the opposing general was not intimidated. Once that happened his army was doomed, since he was never able to inflict a decisive defeat tat destroyed ...more

One fact that is often forgotten about Lee is that he was not the commander of the confederate forces in the Civil War. He commanded one army, and with that single army conducted the total defense of the CSA. He was not allowed any command over the total war strategy used by his country, and had no control over resources, troop movements, and logistics that go into winning a war. The fact that his country mismanaged resources, did not collaborate in a cohesive defense, and offered not means of production for a prolonged war, illustrates how important and effective Lee's tactics really were. While the union were able to focus their whole war strategy in concert against the south, Lee became the south as he won victory after victory against larger, better equipped, better trained, and better fed troops. No other commander on this list had to fight with such handicaps, and no other commander would have seen Lee's success if they had to. It's easy to say that since the confederacy lost, ...more

Lee is overrated, and certainly isn't in the same class as the greatest of world history. Gettysburg was winnable, and likely the war with it due to the spectre of the peace democrats looming over the 1864 election. But due to mistakes by Lee and by his subordinates like Ewell and Hill, whose blunders he is as much responsible for as their triumphs, he was outmaneuvered by George Meade and lost both the battle and war decisively- the only war in which he was ever a major player.

Moreover, Lee's level and frequency of success declined markedly and immediately upon the death of Stonewall Jackson. While there were obviously other factors in play, I believe it's reasonable to give Jackson a healthy share of the credit for Lee's early success, or alternatively to fault Lee for his inability to coach up lesser officers to execute adequately to maintain that success.

"We know who God is... but here is General Lee." He held an army together for four long years that should have been annihilated quickly. It took America three and one half years to defeat the Japanese and Germans but Lee's barefooted soldiers held on for half a year longer. Lee accomplished much not only through his genius but also because of his god-like gualities. His men had confidence in him which was worth half the victory.

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13 Saladin Saladin

humble and not a tyrant, even fed the enemies

Saladin planned his attacks well, only fought with reason and gave his enemies freedom after his enemies killed even his own family.

It's our wits that makes us man.

He should be the 1st one

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14 Georgy Zhukov Georgy Zhukov

He turned the tide of the ever-losing War in Eastern Europe. He is the greatest Soviet (and Russian, for that matter) to come out of the country.

In a Red Army rigidly controlled and even micromanaged by Stalin he was able to tactfully and deftly maneuver Russian troops in ways never before done and win battles where he was doomed from the start. I don't believe he ever lost a single battle as a commander and was easily the greatest military leader in a war that included many of our histories best.

Georgy Marshal zhukov is the most powerful military general of all time this men is highly beyond intelligent in other words he is capable of turning the course of the war if only Adolf Hitler had a general like zhukov he would have won the war

The main general who defeated the most powerful military invasion ever occurred in the human history - temich85

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15 Fredrick the Great Fredrick the Great

This man took the worst of situations and made the very best of them. Prussia had a strong military and that was about it. It had divided territory, a weak economy, a small population, and had a small land area compared to powers such as France and Russia. He proved to the world that Prussia was a force to be reckoned with and could easily contend with the larger European powers of the time.

He pioneered what he called 'The Oblique Attack', was studied and admired by Napoleon, and was able to defend Prussia against three European Empires allied against him with limited resources at his disposal.

When Napoleon entered Berlin on 27 October 1806, he visited the tomb of Frederick the Great and instructed his marshals to remove their hats there, saying, "If he were alive we wouldn't be here today".

Fredrick The Great has to fight off four massive powers: Russia, France, Sweden and Austria. His army was extremely small compared to his enemies but he proved that a smaller army could defeat a much larger force.

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16 George S. Patton George S. Patton George Smith Patton Jr. was a General of the United States Army who commanded the U.S. Seventh Army in the Mediterranean theater of World War II, and the U.S. Third Army in France and Germany following the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944.

Sorry, can't agree with this selection. Great generals defeated foes who outnumbered them, or by employing amazing tactics. Germany was at the verge of defeat at the hands of the Russians even before D-Day. So the western Allies attacked France when much of Germany's armed forces were busy in the East. Patton therefore wasn't taking on a superior foe, but a half defeated and depleted enemy. In France the Allies had complete air superiority and harassed German ground forces incessantly. Patton had little Luftwaffe opposition. And for the most part, he was well supplied, unlike the Germans. Of course he accomplished many things and helped defeat the Nazis. But he doesn't belong on a list with Alexander the Great and Hannibal. Of course, we'll never know if he could have defeated Germany's best troops if they were well supplied, only had to do battle on one front, and had a strong Luftwaffe to support them.

During the War in Africa, which ironically ended today on May 11, 1943 with the signing of the Axis surrender to the allies, was because of Patton's bold moves. Before World War II, he was involved in the tank design for the Americans towards the end of World War I. He was the reason why we had the tank division of World War II. Granted, he slapped soldiers with PTSD, (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), but he was important in defeating the Desert Fox. His use of artillery to batter the Germans was the reason for taking Africa, and he was the cause for the Axis losing so much of their supplies. This has caused many to call Patton's victories "inferior," but in actuality, it was he who caused that shortage in the first place. He also helped quench the Germans in Sicily, by making an extremely bold attack, by coming through the shore, and beating the British General Montgomery to Sicily. He then helped strike quickly and at irregular times, to help prevent the ability for the Germans to ...more

Offensive in planning, attacking, and commitment. Even his logistical methods were far advanced than those he fought with or against. Decision in the heat of battle was something given to only those to whom it was in all human interest to succeed. A vision of the battlefield gained from the vision of the past. Patton used that vision to defeat his enemy. His lust for achieving glory was his only defeating quality. He fought Rommel on even tactics and won at every turn. Hitler was not affraid of Patton but his generals were. He was certain to reach Berlin if not for Allied political positions that held up the war and increased loss of life. Patton for the age and the moment in the world at war was the best leader and the best combat soldier to win.

He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and could have been the first army to reach Berlin if Eisenhower didn’t stop him

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17 Sun Tzu

Defined what it meant to be a general, and taught the greatest how to be great. This man wrote the literal War Bible, of which also every great wartime leader after his time read. The "Art of War" was read all across the world, and influenced many great (and slightly bad) men to create true strength behind their armies, and lead forward with pride. He was such a fine general, that he has transgressed to a sort of myth, as while his book exist, it is unknown whether he truly existed. That, is to be a legend.

Wrote the Art of War which shaped military history forever and predicted the outcomes of many battles.

Never lost a battle, even when outnumbered 10 to 1. Put himself on Deadly Ground (read the book) with his troops, thereby leading by example. And my personal favorite, turned a group of hookers (read: king's concubines) into a fighting force just to pass the interview and get the job!

If you know neither yourself or the enemy, you will succumb in every battle,
If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory you will also suffer a defeat.
If you know your enemy and know thyself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.

"I will win, but never fight-THAT'S THE ART OF WAR! " - Kolobanov

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18 Khalid ibn al-Walid

Khalid bin walid (R. A) is not was the most powerful military general or commander of all time and in the history of mankind.
Every time with very little troops of him he conquered large and monsterous military like persian and romans. I would say one thing about roman military that roman military were the most powerful military at that time and if I ask which nation has got the most powerful military in this generation then every one's mind will have an answer either USA or Russia. If we guage or measure power of Roman military with todays USA OR Russia's military then Roman military was 7 times powerful than USA or Russia military.

And Khalid bin walid defeated Romans and persians...
He has been honoured 'The sword of Allah' and never got defeated even once in his military career.

he is the best undefeated against romans and persians most of his armies were small and he's never lost a battle in 100 against romans and persians

He should be placed at the number one position. He took the responsibility to protech islam at its early age when islam was facing all kinds of hardships and infliction for its existence. He not only protected islam from extinction but also expanded islam accross the globe... He took all the initiative to spread and protect islam simultaneously. His ilamic world is still existing, whereas others' have perished with their depurture. His martial spirit, skill, innovation, great morality, strict discipline and above all sheer dedication to truthfulness are the main aspects of his character... But we don't find all this altogether in others' characer... Nasser imran chowdhury, BD

He should be 1st

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19 Erich Von Manstein Erich Von Manstein

He was not only the most brilliant strategist of all our generals, but he had a good political sense. A man of that quality was too difficult for Hitler to swallow for long. At conferences Manstein often differed from Hitler, in front of others, and would go so far as to declare that some of the ideas which Hitler put forward were nonsense.

The man who defeated the Allies in France deserves to be on this list

A pure military genius, he could have won the Second World War for the Nazi Germany had he been given the freedom of actions that he asked Hitler so many times. His idea for an attack trough Ardennes has led to an almost complete victory over France and her allies in 1940. In East he starting distinguishing himself by conquering the most fortified port in the world at that time (Sevastopol) in a bloody fight. Then he saved the Southern part of the German Eastern front by conducting a masterful retreat in the winter of 1942-43, only for stopping the Soviet offensive in whan it is called the Third Battle of Kharkov. His defeat at Kursk was mostly caused by the inability of Army Group Center to put enough pressure on the Northern part of the Soviet bulge, although he was nearly to achieve a breakthrough into the enemy's rear, being stopped by the stiff Soviet resistance and Hitler's decision to halt the operation "Citadel". In 1943-44 he showed good skills by inflicting huge ...more

The best tactical commander in WW2.

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20 King David of Israel King David of Israel

A patriarch of three western religions, killed giants, conquered his enemies, wrote songs, and the father of some of the greatest minds in the area at the time.

King David the great grand father of the Arab Jews, Jordan and Palestine, not Ashkenazi Russian Jews, had the greatest kingdom that ever existed. God gave him rule over all beings, including Humans, Animals, Plants, the Wind and Demons.

He was a ancestor to Messiah (Jesus Christ) and he foresaw and wrote prophetic about the messiah in the psalms (in Bible) as God's millennial king who will bring peace and prosperity to the world!

Godly wisdom...

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21 Horatio Nelson Horatio Nelson Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronté KB was a British flag officer in the Royal Navy.

Greatest British admiral of all time hence the best naval tactician ever! Nile, trafalgar, when face by two different navy's both with superior numbers. Britain didn't the biggest empire in the world, for no reason. Navy was key for expansion and Nelson was at the fore front of Britain's navy.

The victor at the Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar cemented his great role in world history. The wooden walls of England were often held together by Nelson.

Should be top 15. Doing battle at sea if far greater a task

He’s only got one arm!

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22 Giorgi Saakadze Giorgi Saakadze

He was the person who was fighting for his country! He had sucrifised every important thing what he ever had! And this on that time when Georgian people weren't aware of his huge work!

He was really the Great general and warrior

He captured Afghanistan and India be Persian Commander... for Shah Abas I...

He saved the whole world in the Middle Ages, won the forgotten world war in the East - against India, which was at the peak of it’s military power and their exact number was unknown, they were ready to conquer the world... If not Saakadze. He led the coalition Iranians, Afghans, Iraqis(? ), 10,000 Georgians under his personal command and also 300 Japanese Samurais. He crushed the Indian army which was like an ocean and Iranian Shah was so desperate looking at them, that he told Saakadze he would convert to Christianity if Christ helped him to defeat them.

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23 Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant was an American soldier and statesman who served as Commanding General of the Army and the 18th President of the United States, the highest positions in the military and the government of the United States.

Perhaps one of the most underrated generals in American history. He was brilliant in seeing the large goals of the campaign. Although he may not have inflicted casualties in the Overland and Petersburg campaigns. His victories always served a great strategic purpose. He destroyed 3 armies, fostered great leadership under him, and in many ways won the war for the union.

Before confronting Lee's army, Grant was not known as a butcher. Statistics show that Lee lost a far higher percentage of his troops. The moniker of butcher arrived only as Grant was required to throw his troops against entrenched forces who were hoping that, in time, public opinion in the North would give way, that is, before Grant's army was successful.

Three enemy armies destroyed. Victories when having a larger army, victories when outnumbered. Immediately took the initiative away from Lee and forced Lee to react to him until Lee surrendered. Unlike Lee his victories were decisive. Unlike Lee he nurtured a brilliant group of subordinates and replaced incompetents. Unlike Lee he coordinated armies on all fronts, not just his own. America's best general.

Best general in the union but not much competition in the first place.The union heavily outnumbered the confederacy in men and supplies.Impressive the confederacy lasted as long as they did

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24 Stonewall Jackson

His nickname says it all. He only died because his own man shot him in the arm. Who knows had he not died maybe we would be looking at there being a Confederate States of America.

The true genius behind the greatness many attribute wrongly to Robert E. Lee. Read Jackson's letters, and biography written after the war, he had a concise plan to eliminate the threat of federal invasion and was constantly turned down by the short sighted Aristocrats, Lee and Jefferson, because he wasn't "one of them."

The Shannendowa Valley Campaign is a strategic masterpiece, and is studied thoroughly by modern military schools. Jackson is certainly the greatest American General of all time.

Probably the best battlefield commander in US History. Lee was the best strategist. Marshall the best at operations.

This man led an army of mainly farmers and at best semi-professional soldiers and inspired, lead, and trained them into the most courageous, disciplined, and effective army in the war. They were known as "Foot Calvary" they covered 130 miles in 3 and 1/2 days.

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25 The Duke of Wellington

He had a tactical mind that was wider thinking than just the battle at hand. The Lines of Torres Vedras for example, he knew that he could not defeat the French Peninsular army in open battle, so under state secrecy had 3 defensive fortification lines constructed to protect Lisbon and following a scorched earth policy, forced the French into full retreat with them suffering numerous casualties through starvation and disease. Despite his many victories in Portugal and Spain, Wellington stated that his greatest victory was that at Assaye in India, 1803, where he had roughly 10, 000 men and 17 cannon against 50, 000 men with 100 cannon. A hard fought victory from one of Britain's greatest generals.

As far as I can tell, Wellington is the only General on this list to have defeated any of the others, and yet he is further down the list than his vanquished opponent. 60 battles undefeated over a period of fifteen years, where mostly he was hopelessly outnumbered, is an undeniably impressive record. This fourth son of a wealthy Irish land owner joined the military as it was believed he would never amount to anything - and yet he is the only one of the Wellesley family who has any level of fame. Simply phenomenal general and should definitely be in the top ten.

Wellington defeated Napoleon! He rarely fought if he was going to lose and when he won he won big, when he suffered a defeat it he made sure it was small (that he was undefeated is not true). He possessed self awareness not common in great Generals and absolute clear dispassionate judgement. He managed up to his sceptical parliament and made the best of the meagre resources allowed by them. He may lack the flair of some of the others in this list but his attention to detail, logistical mind and level headedness made sure he was fully successful in his campaigns and that still has its impact on Europe today.

I wonder why he has been rated so low. He has been one of the best Military leaders world has produced. Even Napoleon could not withstand his military knowledge and leadership at Waterloo.

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26 Alexander Suvorov

Soldiers are the lifeblood of the army. Suvorov promoted hygiene and self reliance among his troops. That lead to high moral amongst his men who were healthy and able. He spent much time personally training and teaching his men how to think, without relying on corporal punishment. Hygiene in an 18th century army he died of old age at 70 having lead a successful campaign against revolutionary France the year before.

Since He is not the first one in the list I know that people voting for others don't know history.

Suvorov is one of the few generals in history who never lost a battle, being undefeated in 67 large battles while frequently having numerical disadvantage. He drove Napoleon's French forces out of Italy. Therefore Suvorov is the best general of all time.

People no offense but Suvorov is a general who should at least be next to Napoleon on skill level. In fact he would be able to defeat Napoleon if he met him in the battlefield due to that he has better Cavalry and Infantry + Conditioning/Training than that of Napoloen's forces. Napoleon would only out beat Suvorov in a artillery barrage;however, due to superior cavalry and infantry (which deals most kills) Suvorov would be able to win victory after several hours of tough melee combat (just like Suvorov always did).

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27 Heraclius II of Georgia Heraclius II of Georgia In 1762, Teimuraz II died while on a diplomatic mission to the court of St. Petersburg, and Heraclius succeeded him as King of Kartli, thus uniting eastern Georgia politically for the first time in three centuries. more.

Legendary Georgian King and commander, fearless warrior. There were fights in which with 500 warrior won more than 5000 army of enemy

Heraclius had never had such huge army. 250,000?! from 600,000 populated kingdom? You said that 40 000 Muslims were against him. maybe you mean the battle of Krtsanisi where Heraclius had the battle with only 5,000 man against 40,000 Persian army. however, Georgians lost this battle, they must had won this battle, but unfortunately, some traitors told Persians that geogians didn't have cannoneers. Heraclius was one of the most special military generals in history of Georgia.

I am Georgian and I am proud to have such a man in in my history, by than Georgia was split up so he had to deal with invaders as well as other states of Georgia, he was always fighting in front it is said his sword was huge even though he was a short man "little Kakhi" was his nickname, was kind and humane. Thanks to him Georgians are still Christians and not Muslims!

The Georgians probably have the most amazing generals in history, without a doubt

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28 Mehmed II

His name is Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh. Ruler of Ottoman Empire and conqueror of Byzantine Empire. He siege Constantinople, the most impregnable city in the world, for months. At the end, he ordered a European military engineer to develop a very large cannon, bring it across Bosphorus Straits, and bombard the city wall. He is a very pious muslim ruler.

One of the greatest Generals in the history who conquered Constantinople from the Byzantine Empire which neither any other empire or person could.

Conquered Constantinople at the age of 21 bringing an end to the Byzantine empire.

Yup, but because the Byzantines were already on their last legs after centuries of conflict. The Ottomans were just the last group to attack them, and Mehmed the last Ottoman to. The Byzantines were ready for the plucking. Mehmed just mopped them up.

The man who closed and era and opened a new one.

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29 Joshua (Bible)

Great as it can be, men's strength comes from this world. Joshua's strength comes from domain above. For anyone fancy the real power, this man is whom you should look into.

Although he was awesome, Joshua won because God was with him. Example: the walls of Jericho. So, I suppose that this is more of a vote for God.

He was courageous as a young man and like David trusted God and God fought for him.

The bible is fake this should not be on here - Vsauce

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30 Dwight D. Eisenhower Dwight D. Eisenhower Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower was an American politician and general who served as the 34th President of the United States from 1953 until 1961. He was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War II and served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe.

Had to plan strategy and deal with silly subordinates at the same time

He was a great leader and merciless and the things that made him a great leader in turn made him a good president

Unmatched at organization and supply chains.

Churchill and Eisenhower are close seconds to Patton, if you ask me. - BonJovi17

He help the allies win the ww2

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31 Pyotr Bagration

He was great, but he didn't fight for his country.

The great general who fought against Napoleon and was widely respected both by his soldiers and enemy including Napoleon himself. Heroically died in battle of Borodino.

Best general in army of royal Russia

He was Georgian!

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32 Scipio Africanus

51, really? He is probably the best military commander of all time. He didn't JUST defeat Hannibal, who is arguably the 2nd best general in History. He defeated EVERYTHING and EVERYONE sent against him. Conqueror of Spain, and one of the few undefeated generals in history.

Might he have not win Hannibal Rome would have never existed, without the roman culture Europe, as we know it, would have never been born, without Europe this world would be totally different.

Without him our pilar stone of this world culture would be Carthage.

Because, Hannibal is listed in this website as number seven and Scipio defeated Hannibal. And he is a better general then Stalin who is ranked higher in this list.

A top 10 for sure

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33 Attila the Hun Attila the Hun Attila, frequently called Attila the Hun, was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453.

33? Really? The dude who broke the Roman Empire?

At a time ruled by what some say was the greatest empire ever, Attila was the man who put fear into everyone. Can this be said about anyone else? No, why is he not top 3...

Attila the Hun should be in the top three. This placement is not correct.

Deserves top 10 at least!

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34 George Marshall

George Marshall convinced Congress to increase the size of the US Army 10-fold before we entered WWII, despite strong isolationist sentiment. If he weren't so effective at operating BEHIND THE SCENES, he would be known as the greatest logistical general of all time. Churchill credited him with being the single person most responsible for Allied Victory and with "the most unsordid act in history"--the Marshall Plan, which was only so-named to get Congress to pass it. This act won the peace and prevented much of Europe from falling behind the Iron Curtain. Marshall is the only soldier to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize.

This was the general that led the allied victory from behind and was the mentor to the Supreme Allied commander Dwight Eisenhower.

Was responsible for the strategy that won WWII, more than any other office in our military

This man embodies and is the ultimate example of what it meant to be a soldier. he was known by many other great leaders as the Architect of Victory, and sought no recognition for his efforts.

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35 Cyrus the Great

I don't know why Cyrus isn't the first. Alexander didn't compare his empire crumbled rapidly. Cyrus united people from tribes and empires across the known globe and managed him well. He is the only non-Jew to be considered a messiah in Jewish scripture. Created the very first declaration on human rights. He handled everything with great diplomacy and spread order across the world. And when the diplomacy didn't work, he managed to destroy and consume everything in his path. He dethroned the world, and still respected the people that he conquered. Even the fearsome Spartans were afraid of him.

The first to be titled "the Great". He also completely destroyed 3 empires against all odds. The Spartans themselves threatened Cyrus that if he were to touch any Greek city state that he would be attacked, after one of Cyrus's satraps conquered some more Greek territory, the Spartans did nothing.

He conquered Medes, Babylon, Lydia, Chaldean, Croesus and many greek nation states of his time. The empire he founded was truly the biggest of its time and many nations accepted him as their sovereign without a single shed of blood. What makes him great is not how many cities, nations, empires he defeated but how he governed them. His subjects were free to govern themselves, pray to their own god and have their own beliefs. The empire was stable, safe and economy and wealth flourished for everyone of his subjects. He was the first emancipator and truly the fist great general-king. If only other generals/kings followed his lead.

He is Cyrus god dammit
He founded human right

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36 Ngô Quyền

Wow! I just learned about him a few days ago. I heard that he defeated nearly 900 Chinese ships.

A great military leader. The Chinese navy feared him so much that they never returned until 500 years later

Great and brilliant General of Vietnam with his famous attack in 938 on the Bach Dang river

He made nightmare for China military. With Yet Kieu captain, Nam Han (China solider) will never forget that lesson. Don't ever touch in Vietnam country.

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37 Isaac Brock

One of the greatest generals in Canadian History.

He served under Lord Nelson in the battle of Copenhagen and is known as the protector of Ontairio for defeating the Americans at the battle of Fort Michilimakinak, Fort Detroit and Queenston Heights during the war of 1812 he also made a alliance with Tecumseh and his native followers, in summary without Brock Canada would ruled by the Americans.

38 Robert The Bruce

Deserves to be much higher on this list if victory against all the odds and adapting his strategy to beat a far larger and better equipped opponent are any kind of measure. At one stage he was reduced to a small band of followers whilst still wearing the crown of Scotland, a King in name only, his family were imprisoned or murdered, and yet by cunning, guile and a tremendous self belief he fought a bitter and relentless campaign against a ruthless oppressor, united Scotland and won back her independence. An incredible story.

"A natural born leader disgustingly overshadowed by William Wallace, Bruce curbed his fiery and hot temper to become the leader and King his country so desperately needed and over time freed his country from occupation from the then mightiest nation and army on the planet. From losing the battle of Methven where he was attacked by night he realised the futility of taking on the English Army head on and became one of the greatest guerrilla leaders of all time, whilst recognising the advantages that terrain can bring he won a succession of medium sized battles, Glen Trool, Loudoun Hill, Pass of Brandner, Barra, and was the only Scottish King to advance successfully deep into England smashing the English at the Battle of Byland and forcing Edward to flee for his life. He successfully melded the wild Islemen and Highlanders with Scottish Chivalry that created a magnificent fighting force whose crowning glory came at Bannockburn, and to remember his opponents pretty much ALWAYS outnumbered ...more


39 Sultan l-Ẓāhir Rukn al-Din Baibars al-Bunduqdari

Probably one of the best Turkic commanders of all time after Tamerlane, I mean he stopped the mongols, come on..

Sultan Baibars of Egypt, a red head mighty khazak Nomad, who defeated the biggest Mangolian army lead by holako on the soil of the Holy land, and stopped what would have been the invasion of the mangos to the western world. With a few nomad warriors, he used the mangol style of combat to defeat them. Defeated the Crusaders of Europe in many occusions protecting the holy land from all invaders. Mighty warrior and a great general!

40 Pham Xuan An

He's a great spy. But I don't think he's a general.

41 Miltiades

Athens military commander. Not a favourite in Athens and even exiled once from Athens to Persia. Led athenian army to victory against Persian invasion forces at Marathon with 1 : 2 odds.

In my opinion, the battle of Marathon was much better than Thermopyle, they won the battle for one, he deserves at least 30

He employed a very bold strategy and won.Amazing

42 Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden

If not one of the greatest generals of all time truly he was one of the greatest military minds ever. Called the "Father of Modern Warfare" as he evolved and revolutionized warfare from a very static thing with big blocks of slow to maneuver infantry supported by firearms and cannons, to one that utilized smaller, more flexible units with a much greater percentage of formations comprising firearms. He utilized concentrated fire to stop cavalry charges cold, "cross-trained" the soldiers to be able to fill any role/gap ( in particular with the early "hand-guns" that he placed particular value upon), standardized cannon sizes and incorporated the smaller cannons directly into the infantry units to allow maximum mobility.

He recognized the excellence of the training and equipment of his men while not being blind to its greatest weakness, an overall small amount of manpower to call upon. This meant casualties were magnified in cost within his regiments and they were ill-suited to ...more

While his successes in the Thirty Years' War ended up being fairly short-term, and ended up lengthening a particularly bloody war, rather than decisively ending it, his innovation in the organization of his country and its military proved to advance the military thinking of all of Europe. On top of that, he managed to turned the tide against Tilly, the general at the head of the Habsburg-led faction in the Holy Roman Empire, who at this point in the war, had proved to be more than capable, overpowering more than a few generals in the early to middle stages. Unfortunately for Sweden and its Protestant allies, the "Lion of the North" would die within two years of landing in the Holy Roman Empire, and as such, the Protestant League turned to France to lead them.

Gustav II Adolf, the King of Sweden from 1611 to 1632, credited as the founder of Sweden as a Great Power. He led Sweden to military supremacy during the Thirty Years War, helping to determine the political as well as the religious balance of power in Europe.

"Father of Modern Warfare"
That explains it.

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43 Pham Ngoc Thao

He just colonel. But he is one spy of the best intelligence North Vietnam. His task was different from other spy are promote violence, destabilize the government of South Vietnam, causing distrust between the commander, coup generals. Especially coup President Ngo Dinh Diem's US-backed government in 1963.

After the coup, he was purged and killed. He quietly devoted to the revolution of northern Vietnam. After the liberation of 30-41975, he was awarded the medal "Hero of People's Armed Forces" from the government of Vietnam.

best spy

44 Vakhtang I of Iberia Vakhtang I of Iberia

He was best of best warrior king of all time! He was 2.4 metre. Vakhtang Persians calling "Gorgasal" - wolfhead. He can catch deer, when he running and take away with his sholder! He killed very much warriors in fight!
And he was very good and clever king of Georgia!

A Giant of a man! both physically and as a person! Huge presence on the battlefield

Fearless and brave heart, one of the greatest warrior king in Georgian history "Vakhtang Gorgasali".The king who established Tbilisi city in the 5th century since the capital of Georgia and one of the distinguished city in the world.


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45 Yi Sun-sin

This man was one of few Koreans who wasn't corrupt at the time. He started the war with everything, many ships, resources, etc. But after almost every one of his major victories, Korea would demote him to a foot soldier and destroy all of their boats. At a time late into the war, when things were at their darkest for Korea, which at this point had been reduced to their northern boarder, he scraped together 13 ships and lured the Japanese navy, 330 strong, to a small channel where the current shifted at a certain time. At exactly the time the current changed, he slammed onto the Japanese ships and utterly demolished all of them. During his last fight, in which he had actual boats, he was hit by a stray projectile, died, and his navy didn't know that he had died until after winning the battle. Without this one man, all of Asia would be ready for the taking of Japan. If anyone denies that this man, who never lost a battle, even against the greatest of odds, isn't one of if not the best ...more

From a purely statistical standpoint, this man should be in the number 1 spot. He never lost a battle in his career, and in many of these battle he was at a sore disadvantage. In one battle, he was outnumbered 333 to 13, and he won losing only 10 men and destroying 31 Japanese ships.
On top of all that, he was a self-taught tactician, created a new kind of warship, and was constantly being demoted and politically attacked by corrupt officials. Without a doubt, Yi Sun Shin is one of the greatest commanders of all time.

Yi Sun Sin is the greatest naval commander ever. He battled the Japanese Navy and fought for his country, even if he had 12 ships and the Japanese had 333, and Yi still won the battle and only lost about 10 men. The Japanese lost over 18,000. Yi is extremely underrated, and other Admirals and commanders are often called better than Yi, but Yi Sun Sin won every battle he fought in, and had the best strategies and tactics. GO Korea!

Should be on top of this list. No battles lost, winning battles at 1 to 30 ships with no ships lost and even inventing new ships during the course of the war. He didn't have naval training and learnt it all by himself too. In fact, he is so much of a great general that if you see movies about him, his victories are played down to make them believable. Seriously, go read his wikipedia page, it is absurd how great this man is.

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46 Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was an American statesman who served as the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837 . He was born near the end of the colonial era, somewhere near the then-unmarked border between North and South Carolina, into a recently immigrated Scots-Irish farming family of relatively more.

I am hard pressed to find another man as tough. awesome leadership willed his way to victory Chuck Norris jokes should be replace his with Andrew Jackson he was the toughest SOB in American history.

I think he may be the greatest president ever. He is the only president to bring America out of debt. Every other president has operated completely in debt

Worst president ever, he was racist, a bigot, and is responsible for one of the worst incidents in American history, the trail of tears, and he put bandaids on issues that could have been resolved, but werent until the bloodiest conflict in American history killed nearly a million Americans.

He should be in top 20000

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47 Lian Po

He is the greatest general in Chinese history. he had strength to fight an army by himself. in his time every country feared him

This could also be Li Mu, Bai Qi or Wang Jian. All of these deserve to be recognised as one of the best generals.

48 Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.

In a time when he had every reason to be paranoid, He was, but he was the mastermind behind the Eastern front, He knew his Enemy and that their pride would get the better of them.

In Stalingrad a city He ordered to be built as the strongest city in the world, Indestructible and the perfect place to make a stand, Not a last stand but The Stand of the war. Russia under Stalin defeated 4/5 of the German Army in the Largest war EVER. If Tamerlane is not ruled out for his Tyranny Or Napoleon is not ruled out for not knowing when to stop then Stalin, should in fact be near the top (Hitler was a failure thus should never be on this list, Tyranny being irrelevant on THIS list)

He sought and alliance with France and UK but was turned down on Ideological terms, & Kept an unlikely Union together.

He was a clown silly and simply put! Your missing great Military minds and leaders too! What about Ethan Allen. Just because their war was small and obscure does not mean they were no good...

Stalin was a not General or military mind but a terrorist and bank robber who was able to secure power. As far as his defeat of Germany no way that was going to happen, if the US had not entered with its massive money and industrial might! Russia would have been beaten a second time by Germany!

Stalin is a disgrace to mankind. Actually, I apologize because that statement is very offensive to disgraces of mankind.

He has messed up, a lot, but without him Hitler could have one his Russian campaign and could have one of he hole war, he is very under rated (and a bit evil), he pretty much one WW2 for the allies

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49 Douglas McArthur

Wasn't McArthur the only West Point grad with not one demerit or was it Robert E. Lee? I was always impressed with lives saved in his battles. Every life is important so he was a brilliant strategist. High accomplishment with less men lost. McArthur was so good, he was almost as good as he thought he was and confidence is important in great leaders. Yes, giant ego but could back it up. I'm not saying greatest of all time but surely above number 50.

saved my country (philippines) - icanflyfaraway

If it would not be this man

People see to forget that there was few accomplishments that were denied GA MacArthur. He was a Medal of Honor receipiant. He was the superintendant of West Point and Chief of Staff of the Army. He was a Brigadier General almost thirty years prior to the Korean War. He outranked all of his superiors by date of rank and date of service.

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50 Tamerlane

Destroyed everything that opposed him, whether they were Mongol, Turkic, Arab or Hindu. Skilled diplomat when it was required. Died on the way to conquer the Yuan dynasty.

He should be in top 20. He did not lose any battle, destroy many kingdoms. He has slowed the rising of the Ottoman empire. He care scientist. (He killed lots of people but didn't kill scientist.)

He worth to be the first in this list. If everybody knows about works done by him they would vote him more actively

Becouse he defeated 12.000 soliders in the castle with 243 soliders.And in evere War he found New war cheats and he is invicible and he defeated elephants with fire and he Conquered the İzmir castle that nobody can conquer.

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