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Genghis Khan c. 1162 – August 18 1227, born Temüjin, was the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.


Any Guy who wins battles in conditions as different as Russian Steppes, Middle Eastern Arid landscapes and dense Urban settings is a genius. Add to that, that Genghis Khan's army was not the technologically most advanced even at that time; for example their armor was much inferior than the still plated armors or chain-mail armors used by his adversaries. And more often than not, they fought without any huge numerical superiority. Therefore Generalship becomes all the more important.

The greatest military leader to ever live. Unlike leaders like Alexander the Great and others who inherited the throne, Genghis Khan came from nothing to rule what would become the largest empire in history.

The Mongolian army was at one point invading Japan and Europe at the same time with success, something not to be accomplished before or since. Even after the death of Genghis Khan who was an active participant in battle, his empire continued to thrive under the tactics and strategies he utilized.

Started as a son of a tribal lord of a handful of troops father dies has nothing left but his immediate family an a few loyal friends. Captured became a slave. Escaped slowly built up a tribe breaking tribal traditions. Conquered rival an blood brother an eventually all the tribes. Fought in the desert snow forest steppes. Was able to form tribal bands into one of the most formidable empires of all time. Was able to recognize an promote skilled warriors an trust them with major campaigns in far away lands subdued much of Asia demolished the khwarezm empire. Started with a army with no idea of siegecraft but when he was done no city was safe. His empire survived him an died in old age. A ridiculous summary of a truly great general/leader. How is he not in top 5?

Wiped out up to 40 to 60 million people (equal to or most likely more than died in ww1 and ww2 combined! ). To put that in perspective for the world's population today that would be equal to around 700 million. He wiped the kwarzarm empire right off the map, defeated the Chinese empire, took Middle Eastern territories, large chunks of Eastern Europe, and much of India. Nearly undefeated in his lifetime (only loss being to the mammaluke army of Egypt). While usually being less advanced technologically and nearly always outnumbered. He used superior battle tactics, a more selective hardcore group of warriors, amazing organizational skills among his army, and the use of multiple horses to move at an amazing pace with each soldier having at least 3 horses. Of course his habit of slaughtering entire populations that resisted ( including children, livestock and even pets) created much fear which also helped his army's advance.

He did all this in 25 years and rose from nearly nothing. ...more

We need a general like him today on our side. He was simply the best of all time, winning all of his battles even though usually outnumbered;using speed, spies, flexibility, and cunning tactics like the fake retreat to outwit and confound his enemies. He was also a master of organization, logistics and discipline. Had he lived another 10 years, all of Europe might have been conquered.

Master of organization and discipline. Contrary to common misperception, his army was not an unruly mob. They were usually outnumbered. Yet they never lost a battle until 33 years after his death (Goliath's Well, 1260AD). He turned a bunch of nomads into a well organized army. The best light cavalry the world had ever seen.

He Understood now best to exploit the superior mobility his force usually enjoyed. Also, showed a flair for psychological warfare.

There are others on this list who have a good case, but Genghis Khan (born Temujin) is my personal favorite.

He conquered way more land than anyone in history and built the largest contiguous empire in humanity's history. He built the strongest and largest country of the Middle Ages from scratch and went from a fugitive in a tribal backwater to the strongest person on the planet in only a couple of decades. He was very effective, never lost as far as I remember and killed 5 % of Earth's population in 20 years

He by far was greater than any other general. He conquered 3 times that of alexander. Alexander started with his professional army, and control of greece. He simply had good luck. Genghis used his genius to unite the mongols then continue on the conquer anyone who stood in his path. He conquered civilizations that were for more advanced than his.

Started out as nothing. Became everything. His scouting armies decimated practically every army, village, fort, castle, and city they came up against, and that was the scouting armies. When he was in charge the Mongol army was utterly unstoppable. For good or for worse, no one in history can compete with what Genghis Khan accomplished.

Why is he so low, he conquered more than anyone in history and was completely undefeated outside of Mongolia. The only real choice on this list is between him and Alexander but Alexander still didn't conquer as much, although Genghis Khan lived into his sixties while Alexander lived to his thirties.

He took down the greatest civilization ever seen in China. All while fighting the Persians on the other side of his empire. The only force that could defeat The great Khan was Mother Nature. There is no doubt that this man should be number one. He came from nothing and at the end had everything. All this while constantly being outnumbered in battle. Listen to Dan Carlins Hardcore History: Wrath of the Khans series and you'll be convinced as well.

Genghis stands out. Not only was he a great military tactician but also an excellent leader. His charisma made his people stay loyal to him. His greatest achievement was eliminating all internal threat before engaging his non-Mongolian enemies.

He made the biggest empire the world has ever seen from scratch. He didn't even have control of his tribe at first. He started with nothing and made an empire bigger than anyone else ever created. Every other general always started with some resources. He had none.

Genghis khan is the best general/ Ruler that ever lived. Even though he used many dirty techniques, and tyrannical rules to rule over people, he led a foundation to an empire that controlled 22% of the entire world.

First. No one conquered more land. No one conquered more people. No one surpassed him in battlefield strategy. This man is #1. A horrible psychopath but a brilliant strategist.

Unparalleled tactics and military genius that baffle even the most advanced military men of today.

Who else started off with a couple of separate nomadic tribes and ended up unifying the world?

Just for owning the largest empire to date, he should be top 3. Then, kudos for the use of chemical, biological, and psychological warfare.

He should be first on this list. He dominated world half

This man is the most feared man on Earth till now because you knew if you were caught by this man then you should expect no mercy!

I say genghis khan because united all the tribes into a empire which no one else could but Attila the Hun. He may even have the strongest army ever with 200 million cavalry archers and being undefeated

I highly suggest people listen to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Wrath of Khan. Unbelievable.

To over come the adversity he faced as a child and end up with an empire we still marvel at today takes a great general.

His ability as a military leader is in unmatched. He was highly intelligent and extremely brutal. That's how he ruled.

Conqueror of all of Asia the only thing he loved more than killing his enemies was making love to there women