George S. Patton

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Because no bastard has won a war by dying for his country. He has won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

War is meant to be fought by warriors, not timid politically correct paper pushers like Eisenhower and Bradley. Patton was correct about the Nazi/democratic party analogy as well as the looming Russian threat. Eisenhower compromised the end of the war by constantly appeasing the british, trying without success to hold him back in Sicily, halting Pattons army when he could have pushed straight thru to Berlin and promoting Bradley over Patton. Patton was constantly held in check even though his strategies were far better than anything Ike and Bradley could pull off. Eisenhower was a politician who never experienced combat and Bradley was never respected by the troops like Patton. My grandfather was part of Pattons third army and had nothing but respect for him. Also the troops loved the profane speeches where as Bradley was kind of an unknown element. That "GI General" nickname Bradley was given is nonsense and was pure baloney created by Ernie Pyle.

The guy below me is a complete dumbass. The Germans nearly won the Battle of the Bulge and would have had Patton not acted swiftly. In Italy, Patton conquered terrain that was thought unconquerable and against Hitler's most fierce soldiers. In conclusion, of all military commanders in the history of mankind, Patton holds the title of conquering the most territory in the shortest amount of time.

Some people forget his rise, in the Mexican War he invented the Machine Gun jeep and took on the great Erwin Rommel and won, not to mention lead American forces in North Africa and Sicily in which he managed to destroy German forces and Defeat his rival Montgomery to Messina. Then tear through German forces so fast in France he ran out of fuel because he went so far

Excellent Combat Commander and innovator in the interwar years. Spokesman for Armor. In spite of what is usually said, was very conservative with soldiers lives. His great blunders were not keeping his mouth shut and sacrificing a combat unit to liberate his son in law from a POW camp. The war in the ETO would have been lost without him Definitely Not a diplomat!

First of all how could Rommel be ahead of Patton if Patton defeated his army at el guettar. Patton went 100 miles in two days. Took more prisoners in a shorter time than any other general. Took sicily in 38 days. Could have ended the war sooner. Nazi general said that he was our best. And Hitler said Patton was the only allied gen. He was afraid of.

The Germans already got their hand full with enemies attacks from every corner... The German will eventually defeated if the war continue especially in their Eastern front against the Russian... The intervention from US only accelerate the defeat of the German, not reversing the tide of war... Patton won, each time, with his army outnumbered the enemies... Not that magnificent


George Patton was the greatest tactical commander during WW II. He defeated Rommel in North Africa before Rommel was ordered back to Europe. He humiliated Montgomery in Sicily and if Eisenhower had excuted his plan at the invation of Europe, the resulting loss of manpower would have been prevented. He had the amazing gift of understanding terrain and utilizing it to achieve maximum results. His 90 degree turn and resulting flanking attack on German forces during the relief of Bastonge ended the threat of the German counterattack because he realized that they couldn't maintain their logistical stream and needed to capture key allied logistic bases. He is tactically on even par with Napolean or Alexander. The fact that he fought as a liberator is why he didn't achieve empire building. He was in an offensive state and everyone knows that at a minimum you need a 6 to 1 troop advantage to defeat an entrenched enemy force. He did so well that their restricted his logistics to slow him down.

Patton served in both World Wars with great success, and was a master of vehicle warfare. His efforts in the European theater may not have been against overwhelming foes, but were well executed regardless. It should be noted that the US lost less in the invasion compared to many others in the war.

Definitely the single best tactician among the allies, and perhaps the best among all of their foes as well. Never lost a major battle, and had the lowest casualty rate among American major generals. His brilliant tactical and strategic mind unquestionably place him among the best ever.

Though his methods were very questionable, he did not fail to get results (which is probably why he didn't get fired). In short, Patton was one of the greatest generals of the modern era, and certainly the best when it came to commanding tanks.

Took Sicily in 38 days... Bull there was a Canadian Division there as part of a British corp which by the way went through the mountains to help with the the taking of Sicily read the history Patton had some of the highest casualty rates in any army

Very daring and brave general, even for a four star general he was still really active on the battlefield. And he was also quite funny and cheerful, as he knew on how to cheer the soldiers up.

George S. Patton is a great general. He beat General Montgomery to Sicily When he had to go twice the distance. Also he improved tank communications and invented the coaxial mount for tanks. He was the leader of the Tank Corps. He won the first major tank battle too. He captured 81,552 square miles of territory with the third army.He also commanded the seventh army and the tank corps. I would say he was a better general then any other allied general in WW2. Also for the commenter below me he had to face a force that was dug in and outnumbered him after marching through snow for over a week to save a small army. So he does deserve to be on here

In my eyes he was one of the greatest generals of all time and should at least earn himself the top 5 list. He was a great motivational speaker and a great tactician. Obviously the greatest General of World War 2

He was ready to take on the Russians at the end of World War II. The man knew there was unfinished business at hand. This was the only Allied warrior the Germans were frightened of. - mgenet

Patton is the greatest general of the modern era. I have an uncle who faught in WWII under Patton. He said Patton was always in the frontline with the Mexicans. While all other solders were belly down. Patton was standing tall, always with his revolvers. The man led by example. Guts.

If not restrained, he could have ended the war with Germany months earlier. He was feared by the "leaders" of all sides. He was truly, the "warrior's warrior."

General George Patton just like any great General got the job done... General George Patton is the greatest general during his time

By far the greatest American general. He killed more enemy soldiers than any modern general and captured more territory than Julius Caesar.

Would be interesting to know how the war would have progressed if Patton had been given command of 12th Army Group instead of Omar Bradley.

A good and violent plan of attack today is better than a perfect plan of attack next week! Attack, attack, attack, then attack some more!

The greatest man ever to command an armoured force. He never stopped until he got to the gates of Berlin. Far ahead of any other allied force all the time. he would of taken Berlin for sure if the Americans decided to take the glory and not hand it to the USSR

Great general people should have more respect