Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoléon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars.


Ah! Welligton ought to light a fine candle to old Blucher. Without him, I don't know where his Grace as they call him would be; but as for me, I certainly wouldn't be here.

This man was simply the greatest of all time, hands down. He was constantly outnumbered in his battles and many he still demolished his foe in (like the Battle of Austerlitz). He fought in 60 total battles, and only lost eight of them. Only eight. And he only lost 2 Decisive battles. Although he may not have conquered the most land ever or built the strongest empire ever, he was 100% the best on the military. Many generals may have one or even 2 miracles where they defeat their foe while they were outnumber (if they were lucky). Napoleon did it as constantly as picking a piece of hay out of a hay stack with only one needle. Over and over he did it. It got to the point where he was so confident that he purposely make himself outnumbered in invading a major city... and still win. Leipzig and Waterloo were miracles for the Sixth and Seventh Coalition. Hell, he won five wars... in a row against a bunch of nations banded together. There is no doubting that he is the best general that has ...more

Napoleon's remarkable personality was one key to his influence. Above all he inspired his men, for he inspired confidence from privates to field marshals. His opponents learned from Napoleon's innovations. Napoleon was responsible for spreading the values of the French Revolution to other countries, especially in legal reform and the abolition of serfdom. Napoleon was imprisoned Saint Helena in exile by the British, a tropical island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean and One of the most isolated islands in the world.

Wellington himself said Napoleon's presence on the battlefield was worth 40,000 men. Two big mistakes in invading Russia and failing to heed the advice from his subordinates who'd fought Wellington before. I don't think there is anyone who has done as much for France as this man. I just hope the decimalization of time and the calendar wasn't his idea.

People call Napoleon a tyrant but if you know your history it's clear the wars he fought against the coalitions were mostly defensive wars. The European monarchies did not take kindly to the ideas of liberty and meritocracy and that's why Austria, Russia and the rest, bankrolled by Great Britain, continued attacking France until Napoleon was deposed. It is unfair to compare Napoleon to Hitler.

Defeated only by his own hubris and ageing body, Bonaparte changed the face of Europe and was one of the greatest military strategists of all time. Had he invaded Russia 5 or 10 years before he would have won for sure, the closest thing the modern world will see to an Alexander the Great or a Julius Caesar. A true leader through and through and personified what it is to be a perfect general.

I'm surprised Arthur Wellesley isn't on this list. While I do believe that there are a few Generals in history (Wellesley being one) who could defeat Napoleon given many tries and the right conditions, I cannot think that there is even one out there who could stand against his sheer might. He brought every King in Europe to their knees, they were all just "babies in the fists of a giant." People say he was a tyrant, but he fought against the idea of a King, and this scared European rulers, for France was the first modern European republic and they had to kill him for his ideals. In all the ages, there isn't likely to be a man who will be able to stand toe to toe with Napoleon and beat him consistently.

Having won more battles than Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Hannibal combined he is surely the greatest military leader the world has ever known.

Considered by most to be the greatest General specifically regarding use of Artillery, he was no slouch with infantry or cavalry either. He moved his forces with great speed, and had a knack for knowing just the right place to strike.

The first man to conquer Europe other than hitler who dissolved countries and renamed empires in Europe such as the once great Holy Roman Empire before falling because of the Russian winter very much like hitler napoleon was the first great general of modern warfare

Napoleon was a general that was simply, magnificent. His tactics were unmatched and his forces won many battles when even outmatched. He was stopped by being unprepared for the Russian Winter. He was, in my opinion, the greatest general of all time.

Think big. Not only a great military mind but look at all the other things he did for economics, education, politics, and on and on. He knew how to think about the big picture. Not just war but ruler-ship, expansion, and resources.

By far the greatest military commander in all of History, and that's coming from a Brit. His influence in war changed warfare almost as rapidly as the machine gun did, and his ideals in politics changed the world forever

HE is the greatest general of all times. Alexander had a well trained professional army and fought mainly against slaves with stupid military leader. Most other generals of this list won few battle. Napoleon won 57 battles including MANY against opponent with competent leaders, similar equipment and more soldiers. He won those battle ONLY because of he's awesome decisition.

Napoleon needs to be higher. He knew what how he was going to win before you even entered the battlefield. He the second best military leader of All-time besides Julius Caesar. The only reason he ever lost was, because of the stupidity of his generals. - 2storm

French pride. He begins with nothing but disadvantages: lowborn, small, ugly, on an isle claimed by France few years ago.

No need to repeat his military and political achievements. Impressive destiny, impressive soldier.

The horse rider, the spirit on the horse, what ever you would like to call him, this guy conquered Prussia, Egypt, etc, and almost conquered Russia. If you view him as a cruel world conqueror or helped liberalized France, this guy is a true conqueror.

Simply the greatest-Napoleon defeated armies even when outnumbered 1:10. Simply the best military strategist in history. We know this- because even his greatest enemies the British had nothing but the greatest esteem for Bonaparte.

The man got huge notoriety from the king of France at the age of just 26. In the coup de 'Etta he transformed France and brought it into the modern world. He also created many laws that every first- world countries use. Seriously smart

Caesar had the finest military machine in the world at the tine at his disposal as did most of the other generals mentioned here. Napoleon did what he did with the French! Now if that isn't an accomplishment I don't know what is!

I got genghis at 5. Who in the hell votes for this stuff? Genghis is 5 because he developed calvary on the highest level it can be seen.. Not until the Nazi blitzkrieg would an army move so fast as the mongols did. Genghis was willing to do what was necessary to achieve victory. The feined retreat, was the perfect strategy in the have of chivalry.. I do believe that he'd have been stopped in France
Germany, or Italy by the armies of the holy roman emperor, due to the inability to keep supply lines open and armour..

All other Generals after would see war very different.

He introduced the Code Napoleon, it literally made everyone equal. That is a great skill to just civilize everyone. Vote for the Little Corporal!

He is the only man to walk amongst those who once exiled him, and in showing humility was brought to be the god emperor of his lands, and the most loved man in not only France, but most feared man in the world.

Napoleon was far ahead of his time. He was at the top of his game when the game was constantly changing. He was an innovator and second to none tactician. He should undoubtedly be #1.