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201 Subutai

This guy should may be the best field commander of all time. Usually outnumbered, fighting in foreign territory, and, due to the scope of the Mongol campaigns, was on his own in terms of battle tactics. He fought against two of the most powerful empires of his day, and even though most lacked the leadership of the Mongols, they were always equipped enemies. This guy was also smart enough to either outmaneuver his enemies, deceive them, incorporate skilled men, and earn the trust of one of the most influential people ever, Genghis Khan.

I'm not sure how this guy isn't in the top 3. He was probably the greatest ever in my opinion. He swept through Europe and Asia against overwhelming odds, and used artillery to his advantage in normal battles.

Subutai, under the Khans of the Mongol Empire, had more successful campaigns and conquered more land than any one man in history. Genghis Khan and the successor Khans get a lot of credit for the huge expansion of the Mongol Empire, and they did play a pretty major part, but people tend to forget that Subutai was largely responsible for that.

The Man you would want to lead your army.

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202 Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt was an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909. As a leader of the Republican Party during this time, he became a driving force for the Progressive Era in the United States in the more.

Just completely badass, rode horses for miles with asthma when his men were complaining, won the Spanish war. Just completely amazing.

Was not a general, colonel of volunteers. Had a yard of guts, but was not a strategic thinker. His son Theodore Roosevelt Jr, KIA at Normandy was a fine example of a general, who lead from the front and inspired his troops.

Good leader but wasn't a general

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203 Vladimir Vazov

An outstanding general whose victories are still studied in all major military academies in the world. He was victorious in many pitched battles, leading a small and ill-equipped Bulgarian army against the combined forces of Great Britain, France, Greece and Serbian soldiers in exile. In all battles he fought he was severely outnumbered (almost 10:1) and the enemy had a technological advantage. During the course of his victories he was promoted from colonel straight to liutenant general.

A Bulgarian military genius and one of the greatest Bulgarian military leaders of all time. In one of the Entente assaults of the Doiran positions, the Allies have shelled the Bulgarians with over 150000 shells. We gave only 3 wounded soldiers, and in the next hours some enemy detachments had lost over 90% of their staff, and this was all thanks to Gen. Vazov's abilities and the great courage and determination of the Bulgarian soldier.

Amazing general wit brilliant tactical mind who stop and defeats the British,French army's! That's speak enough I think!

The best

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204 Yi Sun-sin

This man was one of few Koreans who wasn't corrupt at the time. He started the war with everything, many ships, resources, etc. But after almost every one of his major victories, Korea would demote him to a foot soldier and destroy all of their boats. At a time late into the war, when things were at their darkest for Korea, which at this point had been reduced to their northern boarder, he scraped together 13 ships and lured the Japanese navy, 330 strong, to a small channel where the current shifted at a certain time. At exactly the time the current changed, he slammed onto the Japanese ships and utterly demolished all of them. During his last fight, in which he had actual boats, he was hit by a stray projectile, died, and his navy didn't know that he had died until after winning the battle. Without this one man, all of Asia would be ready for the taking of Japan. If anyone denies that this man, who never lost a battle, even against the greatest of odds, isn't one of if not the best ...more

Yi Sun Sin is the greatest naval commander ever. He battled the Japanese Navy and fought for his country, even if he had 12 ships and the Japanese had 333, and Yi still won the battle and only lost about 10 men. The Japanese lost over 18,000. Yi is extremely underrated, and other Admirals and commanders are often called better than Yi, but Yi Sun Sin won every battle he fought in, and had the best strategies and tactics. GO Korea!

He commanded one of the most successful naval maneuvers ever

He is the Best! Good tactician not only naval warfare but on land as well.

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205 Jan Žižka

Learned his trade in Poland. Then defeated several crusades into central Europe. As a blind man! With an army of farmers standing against knights. Should be in top 100.

How is Adolf Hitler above him? 198 should be top 10 never lost and saved millions.

One of my ancestors, so proud to be within his blood line!

258? Kidding me? One of sever leaders of armies which have never been defeated.

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206 Ayub Khan

For what loosing 4 battles to India and loosing Bangladesh, coward.

Great comonder 1965 war


He iść Real bloody...

207 Hari Singh Nalwa

Who was the most successful military general
In the world. Some names which were much talked about
Then were Napoleon, Marshal Handenberg, Lord Kitchner,
General Carbuiser or Duke of Wellington. After mention of
The generals from European sub continent, Halaku Khan,
Changez Khan, Alaudin of Asia were also counted in. But
When the mention of S. Hari Singh Nalwa came, the British
Writer bowed his head in reverence to the most successful
Army General of the world. For his ability to triumph over
Afghanistan where the British rulers had failed despite
Unlimited resources of manpower and money available to
Them. If S. Hari Singh had so much resources, he could
Have conquered Europe and middle east. He was not only
A capable General but an administrator of high caliber, a
Man of very high and noble character, a scholar, a
Farsighted person endowed with unique quality of self
In 1798 captured the Khyber Pass. Hari Singh Nalwa, who ...more

Hari singh nalwa is definitely the best general of all times as he was able to rule and control the raiders who looted the wealth of India. He was terror to those whom the three supreme powers of today US, Russiaand britain with their resources poured together are not able to control.
One more thing other rulers disrespected other religions or color or poor. But he believed in Sikhism which make him good by heart and love gor humanity. As earlier quoted by someone he use to spare children, women and elderly people.

Did not harm women, children or elderly after victories.

Great warrior

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208 Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah

People acknowledge Khalid al-Walid as the most brilliant military commander in world history and muslim world. But, during expansion campaign to spread Islam by Caliph Umar al-Khattab, many muslim generals worth to mention. One of them is Abu Ubaidah al-Jarrah. After Khalid was sacked by the caliph, Abu Ubaidah al-Jarrah became the commander in chief and led muslim army to many victories such as Syrian Campaign and Islam-Byzantine War. (Khalid al-Walid also serve an important role)

Abu Ubaidah was a one of the great commander of Muslim Nation so far.

Known as the trustworthy of this ummah. Abu ubaidah ibn al-jarrah ra also known as most brilliant military commander like khalid ibn walid ra. He as commander in chief led the Muslim army to conquer almost area in syam as he managed to defeat byzantine empire.

The best commander

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209 Amru al-As

Another muslim military commander who produce many military feats is Amru al-As. He is one of the commander during Islam-Byzantine War. His greaest achievement is when he conquered Egypt and soon became he governor of Egypt. He is also one of the supporter of Muawiyah Abu Sufyan, first caliph of Ummayyah Caliphate. Amru al-As also involved in civil war between Caliph Ali and Governor Muawiyah Abu Sufyan of Syria (before he became caliph of Umayyah Dynasty), Siffin War and Camel War.

210 Vlad the Impaler Vlad the Impaler Vlad III (Known as "Vlad the Impaler" or "Vlad Dracula", born 1431) was the ruler of Wallachia a total of three times before his death in 1476/7. He is most famous for his reputation as a dictator and his gruesome torture methods and executions, in which he has served as an inspiration for Count Dracula more.

He is terrifying if you don't vote for him he will find the way he can fly

What does dracula have to do with this?

He gave fear to the Ottoman empire by impaling the captured enemies. What caused the retreat of the Ottoman army from his land.

211 Hassan-i Sabbah

Founder of the Assassins. This was a new way of conflict, Persia were occupied by the Arabs and Turks and the only force representing Persia was the Assassins sector which instead of deploying thousands of men in battles they sent a highly trained assassin (s
) to kill a high ranking politial enemy, or force them to submit. They were deployed whenever their oppressers ill treated the people or reasons similiar. They lived in monastaries in Northern Persia- Syria on mountain tops and were terribly feared as well as reputed from the Arabs, Turks and Crusaders. The 'Assassins Creed' game itself is a fictionalised story of the reality in which Hassan formed.

212 Hernan Cortes

Better placement for this guy, good Lord! NOT your typical genius general; read 'The Conquest of New Spain' by Bernal Diaz and you'll understand why this guy was something on the level of Caesar or Hannibal... Super genius this Cortes.

I think that Hernan Cortes knew what he was doing, and had a ton of charisma, but this guy was a psychopath and he only had one goal, and that was to find gold even if it meant killing his own men. Don't get me wrong, this man accomplished a lot for Spain, but he was no genius he had the weapons and equipment, and with the Totonaca and Tlaxcala tribes supporting him the tables were equal against the 1 million strong Aztec army. Also you must keep in mind that the Aztecs did not understand gunpowder, steel, or how to counteract cavalry etc. At the battle of Tenochtitlan for instance, Herman Cortes had cavalry, plus the support of two tribes along with gunpowder, and steel weapons and armor. The Aztecs chose to engage him in an open field making them easy targets for the awesome power of the Spanish cavalry. Even so without the support of the two tribes he would have lost. The sheer numbers of the Aztec army would have lowered the morale of his men, even with the two tribes, the men had ...more

300, yes... 300 spaniards against a million warrior army (not all of them at the same time, of course) The cleverness of Cortes, his understanding of the field of battle and politics, his boldness... Tempered by amazing good sense. The result: 500 million people speak Spanish and feel in some way descendant of the conquerors... as they are... All the soldiers stayed with lands at Mexico and are the ancestors of actual Mexicans.
Cortes should be in top 5!

Created Aztec slot

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213 Hazi Aslanov

Once before a great General before infamously stars in three adult film movie that cast Alette Oceon & Danny D

214 Oliver Cromwell

Took away the sole power of the crown and turned England into a democratic country as it is today

215 Gustav II Adolf

The only Swedish king to be granted the title of great, Gustav II Adolf inherited 3 wars from his father when he came to the throne at the age of 16. He transformed the Swedish army into one of the greatest armies at that time, and saved the Protestant cause of the Thirty Years War. Without him, Sweden would never have been a great power. His army was one of the few at that time that was still able to win the battle that their king had been killed in. This is itself is the mark of a great general, as his commanders still knew what they had to do, and were able to do it. I believe Gustav II Adolf is one of the most underrated military strategists of history.

65, rather disappointing for the father of modern warfare. To start off, the manner in which he trained his troops was in such a way that the cavalry, infantry, and artillery could all do one another's jobs. This was relevant at the battle of Breitenfeld when his cavalry captured the Austrian cannons and effectively turned it against them. Another important innovation was his early use of combined arms where the pike/matchlock infantry fought in shallow formations leaving room for the cavalry to be protected whilst his lighter and more mobile cannons pounded the enemy easily and largely without threat. On top of his innovations, it's hard to not recognize the fact that the three wars he inherited from his father were all being lost and at the age of 16 (4 years younger than Alexander) he turned them all around with either reaching a truce or winning. It's a shame that he's not better known, after all Napoleon and Carl Von Clauzewitz (two more of the greats) held and studied Gustavus ...more

In civilization V, he is simply just referred to as the "lion of the north", one of the greatest most prominent generals of all time. He was a soldiers' general who reformed, and modernised his army, all from a position of neglect and deterioration. Had at his point of death in 1632 at the battle of Lützen, built one of the greatest empires in Europe at the time, and secured for all future the protestant/reformist Christian church in Europe. His legacy still lives, unlike so many other so called "great generals'"

Really he destroyed the army of count tily in the battle of breintfield and made Sweden an empire

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216 Lucullus

One of the most under appreciated generals of all time. Not only did he defeat Pontic and allied armies 3x the size of his own on 2 separate occasions (in one campaign), but earned a reputation as being one of the few Roman aristocrats to stand up to the corrupt tax collectors sucking the life out of the Roman controlled East. Politics ruined what would have been one of the greatest military and civil careers in history.

Not appreciated in his own time because he made victory seem to come too easily, Lucullus was the best strategist and tactician Rome ever produced. It was Lucullus who did most of the work of conquering Mithridates, with Pompey earning the title of "The Great" by mopping up after him.

217 Colin Powell

Arm Chair General. Good thing he had Gen Swartzkoff

Managed the war with Iraq to a successful end.

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218 Quintus Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus

A brilliant General who put an end to the third Macedonian war and secured Macedon for the Roman Empire.

219 Toussaint Louverture

Defeated The French. Made Haiti the first country in the North America to free it's slaves.

Are you guys crazy! With the resources he had he is in the top three!

Pretty underrated, he lead the only successful slave rebbelion ever and managed to defeat Napoleon

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220 Quintus Sertorius

Brilliant Roman general. Was considered the military successor to Gaius Marius, but opposition from Sulla led him into what was essentially exile. While nominally a Roman proconsul, he conquered the Roman provinces of Nearer and Farther Spain and held them for over 6 years, handing out repeated defeats to Pompey the Great and Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius. He was only brought down via treachery by one of his own generals, Vento, who assassinated him at a banquet.

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