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201 Shaka Zulu

Shaka made a tribe to the most dominate empire in Africa. - ArdaUlay

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202 Isoroku Yamamoto

The only member of Imperial Japanese leadership with the foresight to see a losing war ahead and still know how to win it.

Overall, extremely forward thinking, even seeing the impracticality of building the popular super-battleships and focusing on range of attacks with bombers and the all important aircraft carrier.

Recognized the importance of taking the money islands of Southeast Asia to fuel the underproduction Japanese war machine.

Only due to a logistic mishap and the timidity of Nagumo, was the Attack on Pearl Harbor not a death blow to the US Navy.

Helped modernize the IJN to become the first great Eastern military power of the industrial age.

Despite being a political opponent of the leadership of Japan, he stayed in a powerful office due the admiration of the Japanese fleet.

His death was one of the nails on the coffin for Japan in the Pacific War.

203 Erich Ludendorff

Defeated two armies that both vastly outnumbered his. Wrote books after his service in WWI that described "total war" and heavily influenced future warfare. A master of logistics, knocked Russia out of the war while fighting France and England on a separate front. He was probably the first commander during WWI to abandon Napoleonic ideals and adapt modern tactics. Should at least be to 50.

204 Chajja Singh Dhillon
205 Jean Lannes V 1 Comment
206 Ching Shih
207 Ayub Khan

For what loosing 4 battles to India and loosing Bangladesh, coward.

Great comonder 1965 war


He iść Real bloody...

208 Amru al-As

Another muslim military commander who produce many military feats is Amru al-As. He is one of the commander during Islam-Byzantine War. His greaest achievement is when he conquered Egypt and soon became he governor of Egypt. He is also one of the supporter of Muawiyah Abu Sufyan, first caliph of Ummayyah Caliphate. Amru al-As also involved in civil war between Caliph Ali and Governor Muawiyah Abu Sufyan of Syria (before he became caliph of Umayyah Dynasty), Siffin War and Camel War.

209 Hassan-i Sabbah

Founder of the Assassins. This was a new way of conflict, Persia were occupied by the Arabs and Turks and the only force representing Persia was the Assassins sector which instead of deploying thousands of men in battles they sent a highly trained assassin (s
) to kill a high ranking politial enemy, or force them to submit. They were deployed whenever their oppressers ill treated the people or reasons similiar. They lived in monastaries in Northern Persia- Syria on mountain tops and were terribly feared as well as reputed from the Arabs, Turks and Crusaders. The 'Assassins Creed' game itself is a fictionalised story of the reality in which Hassan formed.

210 Hazi Aslanov

Once before a great General before infamously stars in three adult film movie that cast Alette Oceon & Danny D

211 Lucullus

One of the most under appreciated generals of all time. Not only did he defeat Pontic and allied armies 3x the size of his own on 2 separate occasions (in one campaign), but earned a reputation as being one of the few Roman aristocrats to stand up to the corrupt tax collectors sucking the life out of the Roman controlled East. Politics ruined what would have been one of the greatest military and civil careers in history.

Not appreciated in his own time because he made victory seem to come too easily, Lucullus was the best strategist and tactician Rome ever produced. It was Lucullus who did most of the work of conquering Mithridates, with Pompey earning the title of "The Great" by mopping up after him.

212 Colin Powell

Arm Chair General. Good thing he had Gen Swartzkoff

Managed the war with Iraq to a successful end.

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213 Quintus Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus

A brilliant General who put an end to the third Macedonian war and secured Macedon for the Roman Empire.

214 Arminius

Arminius' success in destroying three entire legions and driving the Romans out of Germany at the battle of teutoburg forest was one of the most devastating defeats Rome suffered in its history, and a high point of Germanic power for centuries.

215 Toussaint Louverture

Defeated The French. Made Haiti the first country in the North America to free it's slaves.

Are you guys crazy! With the resources he had he is in the top three!

Pretty underrated, he lead the only successful slave rebbelion ever and managed to defeat Napoleon

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216 Quintus Sertorius

Brilliant Roman general. Was considered the military successor to Gaius Marius, but opposition from Sulla led him into what was essentially exile. While nominally a Roman proconsul, he conquered the Roman provinces of Nearer and Farther Spain and held them for over 6 years, handing out repeated defeats to Pompey the Great and Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius. He was only brought down via treachery by one of his own generals, Vento, who assassinated him at a banquet.

217 Louis Nicolas Davout

The best of napoleon's generals. Many victories came because of him and his decisive moves. You should all look him up

218 Gen. Ataul Goni Osmani
219 Gaston of Foix, Duke of Nemours

Died at the Battle of Ravenna (1515) at age 23, yet achieved so many brilliant victories in a very short time, figthing against the best armies at the time.

220 Rajendra Chola

Exceptional leader known for his victory over palas and southeast Asia

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