Top Ten Military Generals of All Time


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261 Hermann Balck
262 Ngo Minh Hieu
263 Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly
264 Andries Pretorius
265 Cleopatra the Seventh
266 Stephen III of Moldavia

Defeated decisively with a small army (of 10k professional soldiers and 20k popular force) the four main powers of his time, the Ottoman Empire (force led by Mohamed the Conqueror), the Golden Horde (led by the son of the Han), the Hungarian Kingdom (force led by the King himself), the Polish Kingdom (force led by the polish King himself).

Stephen the Third of Moldavia had 25 known victories (the legend claims even 47) on the battlefield against larger military forces in 47 years of his reign. He defeated among others Mohamed the Conqueror who failed twice to take his capital while using a large force. He had a complex military style and had been a master of tactics and strategy as well as brave commander always at the core of the battle. This is based on undisputed sources and may be found on wikipedia too.

His capital was Suceava, now part of Romania.

267 Giorgi Mazniashvili Giorgi Mazniashvili Giorgi Mazniashvili was a Georgian general and one of the most prominent military figures in the Democratic Republic of Georgia . more.

He was greatest person in Georgian history

He managed to defeat Russian Empire 3 times, Armenia - 3 times, ottoman empire 2 times. Never lost a battle!

He took part in several wars, but never lost

The best general!

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268 Kakutsa Cholokashvili Kakutsa Cholokashvili Kaikhosro "Kakutsa" Cholokashvili was a Georgian military officer and a commander of an anti-Soviet guerrilla movement in Georgia.

He was fighting for Georgian independence against Soviet Union (Russia). Kakutsa Cholokashvili is national hero of Georgia and he deserves it

Georgian general

Great person

He was the greatest military general of all time!

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269 Erekle II of Georgia

Did miracles in battlefield maybe even best military general in the world, but lacked political talants

The Best soldier of all time in the whole world!

The best general!


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270 Winfield Scott V 1 Comment
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