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21 Horatio Nelson Horatio Nelson Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronté KB was a British flag officer in the Royal Navy.

Greatest British admiral of all time hence the best naval tactician ever! Nile, trafalgar, when face by two different navy's both with superior numbers. Britain didn't the biggest empire in the world, for no reason. Navy was key for expansion and Nelson was at the fore front of Britain's navy.

The victor at the Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar cemented his great role in world history. The wooden walls of England were often held together by Nelson.

Should be top 15. Doing battle at sea if far greater a task

Best Admiral in history, and our greatest hero!

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22 Giorgi Saakadze Giorgi Saakadze

He was the person who was fighting for his country! He had sucrifised every important thing what he ever had! And this on that time when Georgian people weren't aware of his huge work!

He was really the Great general and warrior

He captured Afghanistan and India be Persian Commander... for Shah Abas I...

I am so suprised he is not in the top 5

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23 Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant

Perhaps one of the most underrated generals in American history. He was brilliant in seeing the large goals of the campaign. Although he may not have inflicted casualties in the Overland and Petersburg campaigns. His victories always served a great strategic purpose. He destroyed 3 armies, fostered great leadership under him, and in many ways won the war for the union.

Before confronting Lee's army, Grant was not known as a butcher. Statistics show that Lee lost a far higher percentage of his troops. The moniker of butcher arrived only as Grant was required to throw his troops against entrenched forces who were hoping that, in time, public opinion in the North would give way, that is, before Grant's army was successful.

Three enemy armies destroyed. Victories when having a larger army, victories when outnumbered. Immediately took the initiative away from Lee and forced Lee to react to him until Lee surrendered. Unlike Lee his victories were decisive. Unlike Lee he nurtured a brilliant group of subordinates and replaced incompetents. Unlike Lee he coordinated armies on all fronts, not just his own. America's best general.

Should be higher on the list

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24 The Duke of Wellington

He had a tactical mind that was wider thinking than just the battle at hand. The Lines of Torres Vedras for example, he knew that he could not defeat the French Peninsular army in open battle, so under state secrecy had 3 defensive fortification lines constructed to protect Lisbon and following a scorched earth policy, forced the French into full retreat with them suffering numerous casualties through starvation and disease. Despite his many victories in Portugal and Spain, Wellington stated that his greatest victory was that at Assaye in India, 1803, where he had roughly 10, 000 men and 17 cannon against 50, 000 men with 100 cannon. A hard fought victory from one of Britain's greatest generals.

Wellington defeated Napoleon! He rarely fought if he was going to lose and when he won he won big, when he suffered a defeat it he made sure it was small (that he was undefeated is not true). He possessed self awareness not common in great Generals and absolute clear dispassionate judgement. He managed up to his sceptical parliament and made the best of the meagre resources allowed by them. He may lack the flair of some of the others in this list but his attention to detail, logistical mind and level headedness made sure he was fully successful in his campaigns and that still has its impact on Europe today.

As far as I can tell, Wellington is the only General on this list to have defeated any of the others, and yet he is further down the list than his vanquished opponent. 60 battles undefeated over a period of fifteen years, where mostly he was hopelessly outnumbered, is an undeniably impressive record. This fourth son of a wealthy Irish land owner joined the military as it was believed he would never amount to anything - and yet he is the only one of the Wellesley family who has any level of fame. Simply phenomenal general and should definitely be in the top ten.

Beat Napoleon and the rest of his Marshals, re-invented the British Army structure, discipline, logistics, frequently outnumbered, unreliable Allies, admired by his troops, despite reputation varied his tactics depending upon the situation. Only Alexander clearly better, peers include Napoleon, Marlborough, Eugene and Julius Caesar. Almost none of the other common candidates had such talented opponents and had the political and organisational issues.

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25 Alexander Suvorov

Soldiers are the lifeblood of the army. Suvorov promoted hygiene and self reliance among his troops. That lead to high moral amongst his men who were healthy and able. He spent much time personally training and teaching his men how to think, without relying on corporal punishment. Hygiene in an 18th century army he died of old age at 70 having lead a successful campaign against revolutionary France the year before.

Since He is not the first one in the list I know that people voting for others don't know history.

Suvorov is one of the few generals in history who never lost a battle, being undefeated in 67 large battles while frequently having numerical disadvantage. He drove Napoleon's French forces out of Italy. Therefore Suvorov is the best general of all time.

Number one is Suvorov what he is way better than like Robert E Lee

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26 Heraclius II of Georgia Heraclius II of Georgia In 1762, Teimuraz II died while on a diplomatic mission to the court of St. Petersburg, and Heraclius succeeded him as King of Kartli, thus uniting eastern Georgia politically for the first time in three centuries. more.

Legendary Georgian King and commander, fearless warrior. There were fights in which with 500 warrior won more than 5000 army of enemy

Heraclius had never had such huge army. 250,000?! from 600,000 populated kingdom? You said that 40 000 Muslims were against him. maybe you mean the battle of Krtsanisi where Heraclius had the battle with only 5,000 man against 40,000 Persian army. however, Georgians lost this battle, they must had won this battle, but unfortunately, some traitors told Persians that geogians didn't have cannoneers. Heraclius was one of the most special military generals in history of Georgia.

I am Georgian and I am proud to have such a man in in my history, by than Georgia was split up so he had to deal with invaders as well as other states of Georgia, he was always fighting in front it is said his sword was huge even though he was a short man "little Kakhi" was his nickname, was kind and humane. Thanks to him Georgians are still Christians and not Muslims!

The Georgians probably have the most amazing generals in history, without a doubt

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27 Stonewall Jackson

His nickname says it all. He only died because his own man shot him in the arm. Who knows had he not died maybe we would be looking at there being a Confederate States of America.

The true genius behind the greatness many attribute wrongly to Robert E. Lee. Read Jackson's letters, and biography written after the war, he had a concise plan to eliminate the threat of federal invasion and was constantly turned down by the short sighted Aristocrats, Lee and Jefferson, because he wasn't "one of them."

The Shannendowa Valley Campaign is a strategic masterpiece, and is studied thoroughly by modern military schools. Jackson is certainly the greatest American General of all time.

Probably the best battlefield commander in US History. Lee was the best strategist. Marshall the best at operations.

Crazy son of a bitch, amazing General

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28 Attila the Hun Attila the Hun

33? Really? The dude who broke the Roman Empire?

At a time ruled by what some say was the greatest empire ever, Attila was the man who put fear into everyone. Can this be said about anyone else? No, why is he not top 3...

Attila the Hun should be in the top three. This placement is not correct.

He destroyed the ROMAN EMPIRE!

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29 Mehmed II

His name is Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh. Ruler of Ottoman Empire and conqueror of Byzantine Empire. He siege Constantinople, the most impregnable city in the world, for months. At the end, he ordered a European military engineer to develop a very large cannon, bring it across Bosphorus Straits, and bombard the city wall. He is a very pious muslim ruler.

Conquered Constantinople at the age of 21 bringing an end to the Byzantine empire.

Yup, but because the Byzantines were already on their last legs after centuries of conflict. The Ottomans were just the last group to attack them, and Mehmed the last Ottoman to. The Byzantines were ready for the plucking. Mehmed just mopped them up.

One of the greatest Generals in the history who conquered Constantinople from the Byzantine Empire which neither any other empire or person could.

Ultimate kebab defender, conquerer of Byzantium and Otronto

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30 Dwight D. Eisenhower Dwight D. Eisenhower Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower was an American politician and general who served as the 34th President of the United States from 1953 until 1961. He was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War II and served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe.

He was a great leader and merciless and the things that made him a great leader in turn made him a good president

Unmatched at organization and supply chains.

He was a good organizer at the western front, but it was Red Army who defeated the Nazis.

He help the allies win the ww2

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31 Pyotr Bagration

He was great, but he didn't fight for his country.

The great general who fought against Napoleon and was widely respected both by his soldiers and enemy including Napoleon himself. Heroically died in battle of Borodino.

Best general in army of royal Russia

He was Georgian!

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32 Scipio Africanus

51, really? He is probably the best military commander of all time. He didn't JUST defeat Hannibal, who is arguably the 2nd best general in History. He defeated EVERYTHING and EVERYONE sent against him. Conqueror of Spain, and one of the few undefeated generals in history.

Might he have not win Hannibal Rome would have never existed, without the roman culture Europe, as we know it, would have never been born, without Europe this world would be totally different.

Without him our pilar stone of this world culture would be Carthage.

Because, Hannibal is listed in this website as number seven and Scipio defeated Hannibal. And he is a better general then Stalin who is ranked higher in this list.

One of the greatest generals of all time, never lost a battle, stopped Barca and also helped his brother in asia.

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33 George Marshall

George Marshall convinced Congress to increase the size of the US Army 10-fold before we entered WWII, despite strong isolationist sentiment. If he weren't so effective at operating BEHIND THE SCENES, he would be known as the greatest logistical general of all time. Churchill credited him with being the single person most responsible for Allied Victory and with "the most unsordid act in history"--the Marshall Plan, which was only so-named to get Congress to pass it. This act won the peace and prevented much of Europe from falling behind the Iron Curtain. Marshall is the only soldier to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize.

This was the general that led the allied victory from behind and was the mentor to the Supreme Allied commander Dwight Eisenhower.

Was responsible for the strategy that won WWII, more than any other office in our military

The man behind MacArthur, humble, and brilliant need I say more?

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34 Cyrus the Great

I don't know why Cyrus isn't the first. Alexander didn't compare his empire crumbled rapidly. Cyrus united people from tribes and empires across the known globe and managed him well. He is the only non-Jew to be considered a messiah in Jewish scripture. Created the very first declaration on human rights. He handled everything with great diplomacy and spread order across the world. And when the diplomacy didn't work, he managed to destroy and consume everything in his path. He dethroned the world, and still respected the people that he conquered. Even the fearsome Spartans were afraid of him.

The first to be titled "the Great". He also completely destroyed 3 empires against all odds. The Spartans themselves threatened Cyrus that if he were to touch any Greek city state that he would be attacked, after one of Cyrus's satraps conquered some more Greek territory, the Spartans did nothing.

He conquered Medes, Babylon, Lydia, Chaldean, Croesus and many greek nation states of his time. The empire he founded was truly the biggest of its time and many nations accepted him as their sovereign without a single shed of blood. What makes him great is not how many cities, nations, empires he defeated but how he governed them. His subjects were free to govern themselves, pray to their own god and have their own beliefs. The empire was stable, safe and economy and wealth flourished for everyone of his subjects. He was the first emancipator and truly the fist great general-king. If only other generals/kings followed his lead.

I'm not voting for Cyrus just because I'm Persian. He wasn't just a great commander, he was also a great man. a man of honor who valued people more than anything, a man who did not seek war unless it was absolutely necessary.

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35 Isaac Brock

One of the greatest generals in Canadian History.

He served under Lord Nelson in the battle of Copenhagen and is known as the protector of Ontairio for defeating the Americans at the battle of Fort Michilimakinak, Fort Detroit and Queenston Heights during the war of 1812 he also made a alliance with Tecumseh and his native followers, in summary without Brock Canada would ruled by the Americans.

36 Pham Ngoc Thao

He just colonel. But he is one spy of the best intelligence North Vietnam. His task was different from other spy are promote violence, destabilize the government of South Vietnam, causing distrust between the commander, coup generals. Especially coup President Ngo Dinh Diem's US-backed government in 1963.

After the coup, he was purged and killed. He quietly devoted to the revolution of northern Vietnam. After the liberation of 30-41975, he was awarded the medal "Hero of People's Armed Forces" from the government of Vietnam.

best spy

37 Robert The Bruce

"A natural born leader disgustingly overshadowed by William Wallace, Bruce curbed his fiery and hot temper to become the leader and King his country so desperately needed and over time freed his country from occupation from the then mightiest nation and army on the planet. From losing the battle of Methven where he was attacked by night he realised the futility of taking on the English Army head on and became one of the greatest guerrilla leaders of all time, whilst recognising the advantages that terrain can bring he won a succession of medium sized battles, Glen Trool, Loudoun Hill, Pass of Brandner, Barra, and was the only Scottish King to advance successfully deep into England smashing the English at the Battle of Byland and forcing Edward to flee for his life. He successfully melded the wild Islemen and Highlanders with Scottish Chivalry that created a magnificent fighting force whose crowning glory came at Bannockburn, and to remember his opponents pretty much ALWAYS outnumbered ...more


38 Sultan l-Ẓāhir Rukn al-Din Baibars al-Bunduqdari

Probably one of the best Turkic commanders of all time after Tamerlane, I mean he stopped the mongols, come on..

Sultan Baibars of Egypt, a red head mighty khazak Nomad, who defeated the biggest Mangolian army lead by holako on the soil of the Holy land, and stopped what would have been the invasion of the mangos to the western world. With a few nomad warriors, he used the mangol style of combat to defeat them. Defeated the Crusaders of Europe in many occusions protecting the holy land from all invaders. Mighty warrior and a great general!

39 Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.

In a time when he had every reason to be paranoid, He was, but he was the mastermind behind the Eastern front, He knew his Enemy and that their pride would get the better of them.

In Stalingrad a city He ordered to be built as the strongest city in the world, Indestructible and the perfect place to make a stand, Not a last stand but The Stand of the war. Russia under Stalin defeated 4/5 of the German Army in the Largest war EVER. If Tamerlane is not ruled out for his Tyranny Or Napoleon is not ruled out for not knowing when to stop then Stalin, should in fact be near the top (Hitler was a failure thus should never be on this list, Tyranny being irrelevant on THIS list)

He sought and alliance with France and UK but was turned down on Ideological terms, & Kept an unlikely Union together.

He was a clown silly and simply put! Your missing great Military minds and leaders too! What about Ethan Allen. Just because their war was small and obscure does not mean they were no good...

Stalin was a not General or military mind but a terrorist and bank robber who was able to secure power. As far as his defeat of Germany no way that was going to happen, if the US had not entered with its massive money and industrial might! Russia would have been beaten a second time by Germany!

Stalin is a disgrace to mankind. Actually, I apologize because that statement is very offensive to disgraces of mankind.

He won world 2. he was best.

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40 Vakhtang I of Iberia Vakhtang I of Iberia

He was best of best warrior king of all time! He was 2.4 metre. Vakhtang Persians calling "Gorgasal" - wolfhead. He can catch deer, when he running and take away with his sholder! He killed very much warriors in fight!
And he was very good and clever king of Georgia!

A Giant of a man! both physically and as a person! Huge presence on the battlefield

Fearless and brave heart, one of the greatest warrior king in Georgian history "Vakhtang Gorgasali".The king who established Tbilisi city in the 5th century since the capital of Georgia and one of the distinguished city in the world.


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