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161 Dzhokhar Dudayev V 1 Comment
162 Thutmose III

Maybe not the greatest of all time but he should definitely be higher than this. There are some people ahead of him who werent even in any major battles (teddy Roosevelt what? ) And some who are only famous for one thing (william the conquer ). This guys never lost a battle over 16 campaigns and conquered a large portion of the known world.

'Napoleon of Egypt' is the title given to him by modern egyptologists. He created the largest empire Egypt had ever see, ; no fewer than seventeen campaigns were conducted, and he conquered from Niya in North Syria to the fourth waterfall of the Nile in Nubia and never lost a single battle.

163 Baldwin I of Jerusalem
164 Alfred the Great

Although he suffered early setbacks he was able to rally his men, learn from his mistakes and saved his people from being destroyed, all against an entrenched, experienced and larger force. He also pushed out the vikings and forced them to surrender constantly

165 Smbat IV Bagratuni

Smbat are geogrian

An Armenian general who eventually sided with the Sassanids because he was exiled from the Eastern Romans, he served as the leading general of the Second Perso- Turkic War with a force of 2000 elites to go up against what some believe, 300, 000 Turks and Hephthalites and ulimately won in 2 years with casualties in Smbat's side being under 100 deep in barbarian territory while most of the Turks were annihilated. It is reported that Smbat killed their leader in hand to hand combat and the Turks were even known for their hand to hand combating skills.
This war is by far underrated, considering the odds.

166 Chesty Puller

A god to the Marine Corps. Great combat leader, not long on brains.

We are surrounded "now we have them just were we want them"!

167 Jannie Geldenhuys

Military general who won the war in Angola yet simultaneously negotiated peace in that same country.

168 Ahmad Shah Massoud

Brilliant man who repelled the Red Army, who's loss in Afghanistan led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Had little resources given to him yet inflicted most of the damage to the communists in the Soviet-Afghan War.

The reason of all fights in Afghanistan A controlled man by america

The most intelligent commander of the whole history who defeated soviet union with bear hands and few soldiers. and resisted against Taleban which after him US army couldn't over come on this terrorist group for more than 15 years.

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169 Bohdan Khmelnytsky
170 Sima Yi

Strategist of Wei and later founder of the Jin Dinasty. He was no doubt one the masterminds of his era, serving Cao Cao and later Cao Pi. Both in administration and field strategist, he surpassed every expectations. Better than Zhuge Liang for shure.

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171 Cesare Borgia
172 Umar I

He conquered 85% of the known world. Police systems and modern spy systems were used by him for the first time in history. He defeated 4000 year old roman and Persian empires by leading his viligant and brave army

Amir ul momineen

173 Pompey

He never lost the battle and his 50-year military career, except to Caesar when he was nearly 80 years old and had dementia.

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174 Honda Tadakatsu

A Japanese general during Sengoku Era under Tokugawa Ieyasu who is known to be his greatest general and had won countless battle during 16th century. He is said to be the only Samurai who didn't suffer severe wou during the warring

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175 Tun Perak

Tun Perak was a great Silat Guru. Defeated Bruce Lee in one on one combat.

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176 Hazi Aslanov
177 Sargon the Great

He established the first standing army ever known to human SARGON of Akkad ( assyrian)

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178 Guan Yu

An extraordinary person filled with valour, courage and loyalty. A general with superior blade skills and bravery who fears nothing.

179 Tom of Finland

He fought heroically as an officer against the invading Russian hordes.

180 Muammar Gaddafi

His masterful maneuvers in Tshad are still studied in military schools. He thought out of the box and re-wrote the manuals.

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