Top NCAA Football Conferences

The Top Ten


LSU, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Auburn, Kentucky, South Carolina, powerhouses

5 of 12 BCS Championships & 3 in a row - catt

SEC is the King for good reason though lacking the better colleges such as FSU, they still have earned the crown dominating all other divisions.

2 Big 10

Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin

Though Ohio state seems to do well in the Big10 they still are dominated by SEC and ACC teams simply because there better. Now with Florida's coach Urban Meyers they are a finer tuned team but still struggle in there own division at times. Easy divisions make for easy wins until the inevitable bowl games where the true level of Big10 champions are put to task. Steering clear of better divisions seem to be the formula of Big10 teams especially OSU with there continuous easy season line ups.

3 Big 12

Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma

Year after year the Big 12 beats SEC in bowl games, yet SEC makes the excuse they were not up for the game because it was not the championship game. Lets have a real playoff with every conf. champ. not who biased people pick.


The ACC has a long history of national championships and Every year there seems to be at least 2-3 ACC teams in the top 10. The ACC does not have the biggest list of flashy teams, but the ACC can beat any conference on any day.

ACC has always dominated the conferences second at times to only SEC. The Big10 is considered one of the weaker conferences with its football. Far from 3rd place and even Ohio State though dominating the Big10 some years struggles and loses to the ACC and SEC in bowl games having won only against Miami in 2004.

ACC is number 2 ranked in NCAA conferences given there. More difficult season lineups against better teams than Big10/Pac12

Clemson, Maryland, NC State, and Wake Forest can cause serious headaches at times too. - asphaltpilot

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5 Pac-10

USC, California, Oregon, UCLA

6 Big East

West Virginia, Cincinnati, Connecticut, South Florida, Rutgers, Louisville

7 Conference USA

I love marshall

10 Mountain West

Bosie sate pac 12

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11 Ivy league
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