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161 Alpha Phi Upsilon

In unity there strength

Long live alpha phi upsilon APSINIAN =)

Long Live Apsinian

Long live Apsinian... From cebu

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162 Nu-Alpha Gamma Rho 1963

One of the finest fraternities!

#I always be a members of the NU Alpha Gamma Rho 1963

We love our fraterty.. Because we help each other.. I LOVE NU ALPHA GAMMA RHO


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163 ASPO (Anak Sa Pobring Oten)

We leave serving its its other...we proud to be "asponians...long live ASPO..SINCE 1960..

To leave and to die with dignity is an honor to asponians...unity from beginning till end...I Love ASPO untill the last of my breath...long live ASPO...forever and ever...

Don't walk behide me to become follower,don't walk front of me to be my leader,but walk beside me to become my brother&sister...long live asponians

To leave and die with dignity is an honor to asponians,i proud to the member of asponians...i will love aspo untill the last of my breath...long live asponians...forever...

164 Delta Sigma Fraternity (I975) V 2 Comments
165 IronClad Stallions (EQUUS) Fraternity and Sorority

" we train, produce, and take care of our own " - EQUUS

Long live stallions


166 Kyklos Tri Order

Kyklos Triad is the best Fraternity in Metro Manila... Founded 1964...

It's a true circle of unity

Kyklos triad is the best fraternity in the Philippines... long live kyklos triad!

Long live triad

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167 Alpha Kapal Muks

This is one of the best fraternity/sorority ever.. To become one you must posses a quality that alpha kapal muks looks for. All you need to have is a kapal na mukha..

168 Dako Kog Itlog Fraternity

We the dakoglogian's, the supreme fraternity in the whole universe...

169 Sigma Lambda Nu

Long live Sigma Lambda Nu.. Lets make the society great brodex and sistryx

170 Betarho Upsilon Fraternity

Once a BetaRhoans, Always a BetaRhoans

I Believe the principles of Betaroan.
For the betterment of our country.

171 19CapazCepa74 V 2 Comments
172 Lambda Eta

Lambda tae pure!

173 Tau Rho Lambda

Thanks for the helping our community productive and the organization always concern about the environment protection. God bless TAU RHO LAMBDA.

Cebu Province - mountain area

The Fraterntiy/Sorority great men and women with a big heart thank you so much helping our fellow cebuanos, boholanos and leyte├▒os in northern area in Cebu, Bohol and Tacloban City, Philippines for Yolanda Victims and Earthquake Victims.

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174 Alpha Phi Chupappies
175 Tau Gamma UY V 1 Comment
176 Xi Alpha Brotherhood and Sisterhood

By flesh and blood we are binded together brothers and sisters we will make
The difference

177 Gamma Rho Phi 1991 Von

All member you who we are... We make big break to lead among the best... Long live black orchid

178 Delta Phi Omega
179 Kappa Psi Sigma

I will die as a kappa psi sigma member

180 Guardians Brotherhood Incorporated

The "GBI Mainstream", the first and the original Guardians organisation, incorporated in the Philippines Dec. 10 1984, with SEC Reg. 123899.

What began in 1976, as a group of AFP soldiers, the "Dirty Dozen", striving for higher ideals in the jungles of Mindanao, became the "Diablo Squad", then "Diablo Squad, the Crime Busters" and finally in 1984, the Guardians Brotherhood Inc.

From the time the name "Guardians" was first adopted in 1984 - the mission has been clear. We loyally serve our Country and Creed, our Race and Flag, with our Six Guiding Principles of Brotherhood, Justice, Peace, Discipline, Service and Equality.

Originally, our Membership was mainly from the military and security forces. Shortly after EDSA in 1986, almost 50% of the entire AFP / INP were Members.

Most of our Members today are from civilian life. Our military origins however, explain some of the traditions we continue. We serve with pride, knowing our history, and especially of the ...more

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