Phi Omega Sigma


PREAMBLE - We, the Phi Omega Sigma Members, vigilant at all times with the inspiring of our Almighty God, in to restored solid organization of men and women that shall incamate our ideals, virtues, motivate and disclosed the spirit of charitableness, eliven the actions which are instrument in securing for us the rightful place in society, to have peace, high morals, quality principles and visionary leadership for community service, to consider a righful learning as a contributory factor to national development in future, and to mean us to offer not only to ourselves but to others in the best services we are capable of rendering, Do Ordain and Promulgate the Constitution and By-laws.

To all members of phi omega sigma please vote now and support our organization Remember that we are not aiming for popularity of our group but we are aiming to promote our Good goals, opinion, ideas, a good member, and a good citizen. LONG LIVE PHI OMEGA SIGMA! God bless to all...!


The most Intelligent Fraternity and Sorority ever. Long Live WISDOM SEEKERS

"Will Clemens"

From students, becomes Professional... We are the Phi Omega Sigma Fraternity & Sorority...

Phi Omega Sigma the true meaning -" Philippine Organization for Students" for we all know we started at our young age during freshmen collage days.
These organizations focused on how the young students were being mold as a person. The true guidance with these organization truly feels the Brotherhood and Sisterhood.
We united as one and long live Posans...

The group should definitely be included in the top 50. one of the most disciplined groups ever. No reported hazing or frat wars. God bless Phi Omega Sigma.

We are wisdom seekers not trouble makers unlike any other organization/frat/sorority

God bless PHI OMEGA SIGMA.. The true blooded brotherhood & sisterhood

Phi omega sigma is d best fraternity for me... Long live POSANS...

Long live brothers and sisters... May god will bless us always...

LONG LIVE PHI OMEGA SIGMA... Mga brod/sis please vote...

Helo Long Live Wisdom Seeker... My life Belong to this Family...

To all members of phi omega sigma please vote T. Y long live

We seek only wisdom
We do not go where the path may lead us, We go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. EL_WrAy

We are wisdom seekers not troublemakers

To understand all is to forgive all! Long live Wisdom Seekers!

The most organize leadership and member by its own chapter and by a whole frat and sor...

Posans, the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!

Great fraternity, professional.. We don't recruit a high school or elementary.. We are the professional frat &sor...

I'm so very proud. That I'm that I'm a part of phi omega sigma... Long live posans

Number 1 Fraternity in the world. Quality not quantity. Long live POSANS.

Phi Omega Sigma fraternity and Sorority - Having a numbered of professionals and Quality members. "A Wisdom Seeker".

Brod. Jerry Q. Mariscotes
-Davao Chapter-

Bein a part of this fraternity we & my family embrace the wisdom seeker long live posans

Long live posans... I love phi omega sigma... Sana mgng top 10 tau.. God bless