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141 Grounded Vindaloop

Butter punching his dad in the nuts, that alone makes this episode awesome.

142 Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery

Great episode. The Scooby Doo kind of feel and the featuring of Falling Away from Me is what sold it for me as one of their best episodes, even if Jonathan Davis and the band aren't cussing like the rest of the show's characters. - Disasterpiece

Yay KoRn. I was looking for this episode. - NuMetalManiak

143 South Park is Gay

Why is this not on the list? - venomouskillingmachine

Kenny looked adorable in his metrosexual outfits. - Popsicles

Crab, people.

144 Death
145 Guitar Queer-o

"He's good, but can he play 'John the Fisherman' - unplugged? " Click-Clack-Click-Clack... "THIS is my favourite Song! " (people stand up and start to clap)... ;) In my opinion "Guitar Queer-o" is as good as the WoW-Episode.

146 Fatbeard

The plot was good and the humor (Along with some Samolion stereotypes) was great. The musical number in this episode is so catchy. The only problem is that the ending sucked if you ask me.

147 Crippled Summer

"Shut up Mimsyy! " "Not the shark again! " Also the intervention parody with towelie was great. One of the more underrated episodes and one of the funniest they ever made.

Love Cripled summa

148 The Last of the Meheecans

Craig taught me a funny joke why do girls wear makeup and perfume because they're ugly and they stink

149 Preschool

I like this episode because trent went to jail

150 Something You Can Do With Your Finger V 1 Comment
151 Stunning and Brave V 2 Comments
152 Pinewood Derby
153 Fantastic Easter Special
154 About Last Night...

Not many people care about politics now we are going to make fun of the tiny population that does - Ihateschool

V 1 Comment
155 World Wide Recorder Concert
156 Handicar
157 Bass to Mouth

Teachers get Cartman run over by the bus! Best moment for me, personally!

Lol I bet Craig's embearrising secret is he's gay

158 How to Eat with Your Butt
159 Britney's New Look

Not my favorite, but I just saw it and its funny - JesusChrist

V 2 Comments
160 A Very Crappy Christmas
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