Most Disturbing South Park Moments

We all know South Park is hilarious, however there are several episodes that had moments that were just down right disturbing.
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1 Tenorman Chili - Scott Tenorman Must Die

I will admit as a lover of this show BUT Cartman went way to far

Don't offend Cartman, or he'll make you eat your parents.

This is my favorite moment in the entire series

Cartman completely went too far on this one.

2 Sex Change Operation - Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina

Horrifying live action footage of a castration. Just a sickening episode general. How is this not #1?

The live action part was unnecessary and only in there to gross us out.

But that was the best part

Yeah that was weird

3 Woodland Critters - Woodland Critter Christmas

This is a good episode how? First off, the animals are satanic and have a blood orgy and then Kyle gets an Antichrist in him and the animals give him an abortion out their ass, then, Santa comes and "Saves the day" He blows off all the animals heads.. seriously dude.. not an okay pick..

The most disturbing part of the episode was the blood orgy scene where all the woodland critters were having sex with each other all covered in blood.

You're just a squeamish christian "This is a good episode how? ". This episode is great.

South Park just comes up with the most crazy ideas ever. Animals who workship the devil?

4 Nelson's Death - Stanley's Cup

I hate seeing everyone upset about this episode, it was funny but they should have wine because cancer isn't funny.

It was really sad no lies

But Stan Was Nice To Nelson.

5 Crazy Kenny in Mrs. Crabtree's Uterus - Fat Camp

I love south park, but this was too much for me.

6 Lemmiwinks' Journey - Death Camp of Tolerance

I'm not a very squeamish person, but I have a sensitivity to seeing images of the inside of the human body (especially those attributed to the digestive system). So, this scene made me VERY uncomfortable. The thing is though, if the way they had drawn Mr. Slave's insides weren't so graphic and uncanny, this scene probably would've worked for me. I mean, yes, it's still VERY disturbing, but that's kind of what shock humor is supposed to do. As is, this scene is too disturbing to be funny, at least for me.

Whoa. I thought I was the only one with a weird irrational fear of ending up in someone's organism without being able to escape. Plus the way Lemmiwinx was drawn - I never was afraid of gerbils, yet there's something disturbing in how furry animals are usually drawn in South Park, something like Uncanny Valley I suppose - they look sorta realistic, but at the same time obviously cartoony. Even though the parody itself is great and is in the best SP traditions, there's still something slightly disturbing in it for me to this day.

7 Richard Dawkins and Mrs. Garrison - Go God Go
8 Whore Off - Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset
9 Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik - Proper Condom Use
10 HumancentiPad

This is so gross for me. The Cartman iPad subplot is funny, but what happens to Kyle and the two other people is just too disturbing for me to watch. One of my least favourite episodes

Awkwardly enough, in the deleted scenes for this episode stan said that his friend might die.

They shouldn't have made this to weird and gross but it was an ok episode

The human centipede bit of this episode was plain gross!

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11 Horse F****** - South Park: The Stick of Truth

"You walk into random house and see guy f-ing a horse"

You go to house and you see men f-ing horse

All The Horrific Moments in South Park Are Horrifying

12 The Ending - Stanley's Cup
13 Butters' Creamy Goo - Sarcastaball

Go and chug a bottle of Butters creamy goo!

Good God, Where Do I Begin!
This Episode Made Me Throw Up TWICE!

14 Kenny's Death - South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

By far the MOST graphic Kenny death. I honestly had to cover my eyes whenever this scene plays out. God I feel so bad for him... ;-;

This part isn’t even bad.. glad Kenny went to heaven in the end

15 Chef's Death (The Return of Chef)

Most vocally disgusting language ever in a South park ep " I wanna stick my my ball inside your rectum Kyle! "

That was gruesome

16 Oprah's Minge - A Million Little Fibers
17 Blood Orgy Scene - Woodland Critters Christmas

Not As Disturbing As A Drawn Together Episode

18 Kyle's Nightmare - Passion of the Jew
19 Crack Babies - Crack Baby Athletic Association
20 Eric Cartman's Mind - Helen Keller! The Musical
21 People puking out their intestines - It Hits the Fan

It Hits the Fan is a concept only South Park could come up with, and it is golden

22 Cartman Craps Out His Mouth - South Park
23 Boogers and C** - Yelp Reviewers
24 Good Times with Weapons - South Park

I honestly feel bad for butters in this one.. lol

25 Cartman's Mutation - Trapper Keeper
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