Top Ten MySpace Pet Peeves

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21 Add me messages

ok...if i didnt add you...dont send me a message asking why...because obviously i dont want to be your friend..

22 One word messages

OMG, I hate when they just type and say, "Hey. " WTF? How about saying something longer than that like, "Hi, how are you? " Stupid messages like that I either end up deleting, ignoring, or in the deletion of the sender.

23 People that say that they're in a bad mood and post bulletins about it

i hate it when people post a bulletin telling people that they're in a bad mood and not to talk to them.

24 Unnecessary X's in your name

unless either you have an "x" in your name or you are a proud straight-edger (and most of these people are not), just leave out the x's, its not cool and it pisses of the people who are straight-edge. and by the way, "sXe" is not a mispelling of "sex"

25 Dumb Bulletins
26 Entire conversation on comments page

There's inboxes and IMs. Why have long conversations on your comments page

27 People who steal your whole about me
28 12 year old girls trying to add you as friends

This is rediculous girl come on act your age. or just stick with your age

29 People who comment you demanding you comment their pictures

I hate when people ask for pc4pc or ask me will I comment there pictures well if I want to I will - hiilacey

30 Bogus bulletins

The people who get hacked, that post about 39239485203945 bulletins in an hour.

31 Emo Girl Bulletins

omg its so anoyying about the girls posting: the mean breakups and not being pretty enough. omfg those are so stupid and annoying

32 Posers

300 of the same pictures from top veiw

33 People with the same name as you

I have the same name with dj ron luna - ronluna

34 Trains/groups

the most annoying thing in myspace - ronluna

35 Deleting your account

Just try it. I still haven't received my confirmation email and it's been TWO WEEKS! - Darrell

36 Proof

I hate when people ask for proof pictures
why waste your time talking to me if you don't belive its me? "i bet you get called fake a lot right" no I don't thanks for your concern ^_^ - hiilacey

37 People who spam you until you get irritated and block them
38 Profiles filled with surveys
39 Not being yourself

i hate when i see someones profile and it says I love grape slushies. and in real life they hate grape slushies. don't lie about yourself. people don't even view your proifile that much to care!

40 E-Mail Tag

The lost art of calling someone by telephone, thus creating a two way dialog seems lost.

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