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Breadwinners is a 2014 animated comedy television series produced by Nickelodeon. It is about the adventures of SwaySway and Buhdeuce, two ducks who drive in a rocket van delivering bread to their customers.


The list of things that defines Breadwinners:
1. Stupid Plot
2. Annoying Intro
3. Ear Piercing Voice Acting
6. Lazy Animation
7. Seizure Enducing
8. Most likely to make the viewer scream in agony in the first minute
9. Stupid Characters
10. Can become so stupidly popular of nick it makes them make more episodes of this embarrassment to animation than the brilliantly crafted Harvey Beaks
11. Makes absolutely NO SENSE
12. So much of a joke the original creator of Breadwinners thought nick was joking when they wanted to make this a show
13. Will most likely make you go to the nearest duck pond to shoot ducks
14.ANNOYING Voice acting
15. The name itself
16. And worst of all, makes kids stupider


I remember seeing the add for this show on Nickelodeon and my first thought was: "Oh no! The kids are gonna be Raving about this for the next month! ". And I was right... The kids were coming into school with shirts with the 2 "Ducks" on them, They were referencing it. Then after a certain amount of time the kids got bored with it and it was "a show for toddlers". The show is stupid, the characters are stupid, the plot is stupid. Need I say more?

This is my rant:

Breadwinners? More like Bread Losers! OH DEAR GOD! This. Show. Is. The. WORST.

Speaking of bad shows, time for a mini rant! >:O-!
I read a comment about a lady who banned Breadwinners from her T.V. because her son VOMITED after he watched it!

Word of the day: Breadwinneritis
A rare disease where you go crazy from watching too much Breadwinners.
Itchy throat
Achy neck
The urge to watch ANYTHING
The urge to shake your rear end where it doesn't belong! (I am not trying to be inappropriate.)

Anyway, back to the rant.

Ya know who likes this show? GO DIEGO GO! He wishes he could meet those dumb ducks!
And who hates this show? Sylvie from Madeline! She is too cool for a show like that.

So, in three words, THIS SHOW SUCKS.

End of rant.

When I first watched this thing. I wasn't even sure what I looking at. I thought they were frogs or aliens because of the bad animation. The names of the characters sound like a drunk one year old made them. Sway Sway and Badzoose are insanely annoying. This is the most annoying thing Nickelodeon ever produced since Fred: The Show. Just like The High Fructose Adventures Of The Annoying Orange, it was imported from YouTube. The original creator thought it was a joke that asked to aire it. Breadwinners is more annoying than Dora and Fanboy And Chum Chum combined.

I can't begin to tell how bad this cartoon is, first off this cartoon is not funny at all, the jokes are a bunch of immature poorly written fart jokes, not only that but the number one worst thing is the animation and plots of each episode, the animation is God awful, for a animation studio like nickelodeon this really let me down that they would let this piece of eye torture get past it's pilot

Fantastic animation, great humor, and an original premise?


Breadwinners is an AWFUL show. Don't ask me what these writers are thinking making this, because I can't figure it out. On the subject, the plot makes no sense at all. Why do ducks need bread? Where IS this duck world? Do these ducks even get paid? If so, in WHAT currency?

Damn, this show is weird...

The worst KIDS cartoon of the 21st century. The show revolves around two ducks that sell bread for a living, which is ironic because ducks die from eating bread. Speaking of the ducks, they aren't funny. They're actually jerks a lot of the time, kinda like Sanjay and Craig. The art style is lazy, the background music is also lazy, as it makes fun of 80's arcase music, none of the episodes that I've seen are good. Nick is the worst kids network still running nowadays, with TMNT 2013 and Harvey Beaks being the only things on the channel that are worth your time watching.

"Fun fact: Breadwinner died in September 2016 after an unknown accident after the viewers criticize in the building. It's fate was unknown for a reason.

Another fact:Sanjay and Craig died in July 2016 from execution for it's crimes on Nickelodeon.

The two died (cancelled) for their crimes that they need to deserve.

The deaths of the two will no longer hold it's power for their master name Fanboy and ChumChum (the show). They will deserve for their crimes and Spongebob has his "health" back to normal after Stephen Hillenburg returns after the second movie. Another good news that the old shows of mine will be here someday but don't worry. I'll watch my back for the bad ones"

-Nick 2017

Breadwinners is basically butt porn for ducks disguised as a children's show.

This show is absolutely awful! Nickelodeon figured that everyone likes ducks so they made those the Main characters. Then Nicks like "Hey let's give these Ducks 'cool slang' language to have the teens be interested. Oh and let's have them sell bread because... Sliced bread."

This came from a stupid YouTube video that didn't even have a million views. For whatever reason Nick thought it was gold (it's actually trash) and wanted to make an even more dumb show about it.

This... this... this monstrosity of a cartoon is an absolute spit in the face to the already downgrading reputation of Nickelodeon. I can't stand even looking at this horrendous cartoon! Nick has put out some bad shows over the years, but this, this animated gross-out fest, continues to be the absolute worst. - NoEntranceHere

This show is really stupid. Last night, my sister made me watch it with her and she's older than me. I'm not too deeply in hate of this show, but watching this was a waste of time. - JHLover321

(The Nickelodeon head calls Breadwinner's creator to his office.)

Boss: Young man, due to your show's ratings, I've made a decision that will save the whole company from bankruptcy.

Creator: WOW! Is my show going to have more gross out humour and twerking?

Boss: No, you're fired and your show is cancelled.

(The next day, the world goes out for ice cream.)

Nickelodeon has gone from a channel of PURE AWESOME to a channel of CRAP! Breadwinners, along with Sanjay and Craig and Alvin and the chipmunks, are the GENERALS of this CRAP! (The supreme overload of crap would be those DARN sitcoms! )

Number 29? Seriously? This is Nickelodeon's worst in years. Should be in the top ten. - CommentandList

Two ducks delivering bread in a flying van while having butt sex. - ToptenPizza

I once flipped to the channel this show was running on and the three seconds I watched consisted of some stupid idiot pulling their boogers out of their nose and strumming them like a guitar; how unfortunate.

To be honest, all you need to see to put how bad this is into perspective is to watch TheMysteriousMrEnter's review of the episode Love Loaf. That should be more than enough.

This show came in from YouTube. Consists of flash animation that isn't done well and a bunch of butt shaking.

ANOTHER REGULAR SHOW RIPOFF, except its about two guys delivering bread instead of being park worker

In case you don't know what Breadwinners is. It's a cartoon staring two annoying butt obsessed frog ducks that deliver bread to ducks in their rocket van and play " Qaziay cuzs we can". They shake their butts and in one episode, they drug a female duck. The animation is horrible. In the first episode, I didn't even know what they were. Maybe they were frogs, or aliens from outer space. The voice acting really annoys me. Is this a attempt to ressirect Fanboy And Chum Chum, and get this joke. One frog duck falls in love with a female duck so he drugs a piece of bread and gives it to the female duck so it can "fall in love with him". Thank god the show was banned.

If I had a DVD of this garbage, I would throw it away.

But who would buy it on Ebay. This show is probably one of the most universally hated shows right now. - Anonymousxcxc

Real ducks are way more smarter that creators of this so called cartoon

Seriously. The head of Nickelodeon must have been drugged by the show's creator to accept this insult to ducks.