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Family Guy is an American adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series centers on the Griffins, a family consisting of parents Peter (Idiotic Dad) and Lois (Nagging Wife), their children Meg (Socially Awkward Daughter) Chris (Idiotic Son), and Stewie more.


While early Family Guy in my opinion is one of the greatest shows on television, the modern episodes are just awful. Sometimes they show is so violent that when you laugh you lose your respect for yourself. These instances include Peter killing a cat, Stewie's brain being exposed from falling down the stairs, and other disgusting and horrible things. Other times the show can in my opinion, too campy. When Quagmire was about to go to jail, his mother, which Quagmire hates, busts him out at they all makeup and live happily ever after. Also a lot of the time the show can be flat out boring. Times when Peter makes 'dad' noises for 60 seconds, and when Brian barfs for a minute and a half. The characters have also become worse. Peter, Lois, and especially Brian have become unlikable, mean spirited, vile jerks. But worst thing that has happened to Family Guy is their spirit. Though early Family Guy did have some jokes about serious subjects, they managed to just not be crossing the line and ...more - GreninjaGuy

I agreed if Family Guy it's the worst cartoon, but I still don't why someone still like it. But... why don't this cartoon it's for kids.. ? It supposed to be Mature in reason Blood, Someone didn't wear his cloth and pants... Blood aren't good to see by kids.. kids supposed to be see a funy cartoon. I agreed to if dog head explode when in microwave and the bloods it's splattered everywhere sound like disgusting.. And it's has violence.. I mean you know the evil owner version did punch out the poor dog.. ? Yeah that guy hit it with baseball stick and blood come out in the body of dog.. ? Hit the poor dog without mercy.. ?! That would be not good for kids and it will have an impact on the nature of children. If you have kid or daughter.. make they didn't watch this.. (if they already teenagers they will not replicate the behavior in this cartoon)

I have watched every possible episode so far and I think it is hilarious! The stupidity of this show is the reason why I love it so much. Everyone is so serious these days; with the tragedies on the news and how the world is getting so complicated, it is good to kick back and watch some reckless humor. I think anyone that gets offended or hates Family Guy has a very restricted sense of humor. Let your hair down once in a while and stop complaining, it makes some people happy.

This show was great the first seven or eight seasons. Peter was the lovable oaf. Lois was the mom that always helped her kids and husband through tough times. Stewie was always the evil sadistic bastard. Brian was always the voice of reason and tried to help anyone he could. Meg was the typical teen but had redeeming qualities. Chris was also a lovable oaf. Now, everyone is so different. They all act like jerks and hate each other. There's no reason for them to act like the worst kind of people. - VicarSlayer23

South Park does this stuff right because they insult people, but there ARE some good morals in that show, like the episode when everyone drove Hybrids and became so full of themselves, and Stan realized the Hybrids weren't making people smug, it was themselves. And they don't rely on cutaway gags every five seconds. In fact, South Park has an anti-Family Guy episode which showed that the writers for Family Guy were manatees. LOL

I hate one episode that frustrates me a lot and I know one of you will disagree with this but the episode that I hate so much in my life in my opinion is Road to Rhode Island. Don't get me wrong I like Brian and Stewie but in this episode they sing terrible, no funny jokes about them but only peter and lois, and most of all the animation is terrible. I want to say about this episode that Seth MacFarlane should edit this and improve the singing and the animation. That's all I can think

I voted for this just so I can comment on how stupid it is that this show is on here. "All of the characters on the show are unlikable." Yeah that's the point! Peter's dumb, Lois is an irritating housewife, Meg is a low self esteem daughter, Brian's a condescending jerk, Stewie is an evil mastermind, and, well, Chris is just Chris. "And stereotypes of sitcom characters." Um... YEAH! Family Guy invented the sitcom family! Seth MacFarlane writes political comedy! He's paid to make fun of Donald Trump, religion, and race!

Follows the story of SpongeBob, it started off well and then was filled with annoying characters (Brian/SpongeBob) unfunny dumb characters (Peter and Chris/Patrick) a bastard (Louis/Mr Krabs) a "villain" (Stewie/Plankton) and a character who we all feel so bad for who is always ganged up on (Meg/Squidward)

New Family Guy shows no caring and support and that what makes shows better. I like the old episodes because of that. Meg sounding like a little girl makes her look extremely nice. Lois is more supportive. There are life lessons. These episodes bring happy memories to me because one example, Stewie reminds me of when I was a baby and everyone acts like a good family. Seth, can you be like the old episodes? Life lessons and support? I love that.

I do not like Family Guy at all. It basically thinks that by being inappropriate, it automatically is funny, but guess what? It isn't. The humor and stories have their moments, but not very much. And don't say I just don't like adult animated sitcoms. I love both The Simpsons and South Park. Both of them are clever and funny, and Family Guy is not.

It used to be good, it was downright hilarious and quotable even if it still wasn't very original.

But after 2005, Seth McFarlane decided to go insane and started shoving his political and anti-religious rhetoric into the show, ruining it. And Brian is the worst cartoon douchebag in the history of animation.

The quality of the comedy, writing, and character development had also gone down the drain. Everything is a direct rip off of something else, and they've gotten to the point where instead of copying a scene from a movie, show etc. Frame by frame, they now simply play the clip with a FG character pasted over it.

If you enjoy getting preached at, lazy writing, copy and paste jokes and having jokes explained to you. Then Family Guy is your choice.

For everyone else, just watch anything else.

I hate Family Guy. In this show seth McFarlane exposes he's hatred against Religon and indirectly he insults People or other things he hates. And its humor it to fare sick and unwholesome. I find it strange that many people like this skilful show. I hope one day this show gets cancel

If you are an aspiring writer or animator, then you should watch Family Guy to learn exactly what you should not do. Family Guy is really so bad its worth studying as some kind of animation disaster that animators can learn from.

So offensive. Seth MacFarlane thinks he's so smart. This show isn't even funny. I mean, random humor can be great, but you have to do it with style. Cut away gags can be funny too, but Seth just uses them excessively and his placement is awful. Seriously, this "comedian" has no finesse whatsoever. And the show is just full of stereotypes. The talking, scheming baby har har har how original. I hate Peter. He's just a stupid, misogynist idiot. Lois is the nagging wife stereotype. Chris is just stupid. Meg is a punching bag. And please - somebody fill me in on what's so funny about "giggity giggity goo? " Oh well, not like it's half as bad as the stupid "joke" where Peter holds his leg and moans in pain for like 47 years.

I used to think it was really funny back in the day when people listened to the white stripes and GW was president, but it just took a nosedive due to the characters changing their personalities, because peter was the idiot, Chris Meg were rebellious teenagers, Stewie was the Rick type character, and Brian was a voice of reason, but now the show just has everyone being totally brain-dead. The only redeeming quality nowadays is the rare occurrence of Quagmire.

I thought Dora was bad, but this is at a whole other level. This show is an insult to pop culture. If they made a reference to Sonic, then Sonic fans would destroy the T.V.. If Seth Macfarlane keeps this up, he's going to get killed, or arrested. In my opinion, all of Family Guy deserves to have their souls burned in hell. Yes, I mean it! I want this show to no longer be remembered, or well known, or popular. This also got people killing themselves because of them being insulted, Seth Macfarlane isn't going to care about how many people he's killing! I want FAMILY GUY TO GO TO HELL! SETH DOESN'T DESERVE TO LIVE OR GOT TO HEAVEN!

The greatest example of a show wearing out its welcome. It should have stayed dead after season 3. At least we would remember the classics instead of praying it returned to its old glory.

Family Guy in itself is ok. The jokes are not that bad but the fact that it is a complete copy off the Simpsons is why it pisses me off. King Of The Hill is an excellent show about morals and life that is hilarious and so true. It is so under rated and I can't believe its not more popular. Some people think that a comedy has to be sexual or contreversial to be good (I'm looking at you South Park and Family Guy fans) but King Of The Hill is excellent.

It isn't funny anymore. It was last good in about 2008. Now the episodes are too serious. They probably think since Family Guy is known as being funny, they can just put stupid stuff out there and think we'll laugh at it. It is now just overrated as being funny because of its popularity.

Correction, MODERN family guy. Classic family guy is just that, classic. At some point, they decided to stop being funny and just intentionally try to piss people off, completely destroy the characters, try to teach some of the worst morals ever and many, many more problems!

Why is all I ask? It's not that I don't get it or I don't find enjoy dark or un-pc humor. It's just a bad show, and it's not funny or intelligent. Kill it now.

"Hey guys remember that time when *insert cutaway that is either a tryhard stereotypical joke or unfunny* Family Guy is the worst, it's basically Simpsons but more dysfunctional. Characters are unlikable (except Meg who is really the only normal one in the whole show), jokes aren't funny, they're trying too hard to be crude and offensive. Simpsons are way better than that trash show. - UberHams

I love family guy, the earlier season's had amazing classics but even though the modern season's can still be really good it has become super offensive and disturbing and I hate what they did with Brian and Peters personalities

What is the point of such a stupid show?!?! People are disguising inappropriate topics and images in a show that is "for kids", this show should be cancelled!

Family guy was great until 2007. It's now a combination of South Park and happy tree friends but lacks the charm of either. The jokes are becoming old, there's more crud humour and a lotta blood and gore now