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Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.


I will admit that the earlier stuff was great. The episodes were charming, and each one followed it own specific "plot." But as it went on, it got worse, way worse.

For one, Ash's voice is just plain annoying (it always has been, but earlier on it felt more tolerable.)

The cast feels old and dry, Misty and Brock were amazing characters. But they had to be replaced by Clement, whose inventions never work, a joke far worse than Brock's tagline "falling head over heels in love with every girl he sees." Bonnie, who's just plain annoying. And Serena, the bane of my very existence, they decided to give the fans what they wanted and have Serena have a crush on Ash, but they did that WAY too late!

The episodes, like the characters, are old and dry, in the earlier days, Ash and friends would have to scale a mountain or find their way through a confusing forest, but now, they just help some random kid with his Pokemon dance routine of something, and they mostly stay at ...more

The show was good until the TPCI started dubbing it.

Before, Pokemon was great. Good quality, awesome music, and top-notch voice acting. But after 4kids lost the contract and TPCI took over, Pokemon started to get kinda crappy. Battle Frontier was pretty good, so was Diamond and Pearl. But after, that it became awful. It became one of those typical shows that were only meant for earning money. When 4kids dubbed the show they tried to make it enjoyable for kids and adults of all ages, and it wasn't predictable. TPCI changed that.

I watch this anime until Ash enters Johto region. There are too many filler episodes which takes too long for him to get to one gym to another. Also this is different from game series. Ash never wins a single Pokemon league tournament. Some of his pokemon don't evolve at all because of writers decisions. They keep Team Rocket Jessie and James just to maintain the ratings. These guys are way too old. I'm sicking of talking Meowth. I don't care about Ash's companions because what's consistent about them is one is female protogonist and other is gym leader (i.e. Brock). A lot of things that gotten too old like Brock being skirt chaser, Team Rocket being sent flying into the sky, Team Rocket's motto, anime exclusive locations, characters that appear only once, and list goes on. Pokemon can use more than 4 moves. During battles, judge say "unable to battle" over fainted. Ash's Pokemon, like Charizard, rebels despite earning all 8 badges. I stop watching Pokemon because of all of above ...more

This show used to be a great success, but they took out one of my favorite characters which is Brock. The stupid thing is that Ash hasn't even become a "Pokemon Master". How long has it been? It's been like 12 years already. He gave up some of his good Pokemon like Charizard.. How can Ash be so dumb.

Ash will never become a Pokemon champion. It's been like 18 seasons so far and he's still making rookie mistakes. His pikachu (who should be like level 100+) got beaten by a level 5 snivy who's owner was having their first battle. Team Rocket also still think they can succeed in their goals, despite the fact they've had their asses kicked a million times so far from a damn child.

Pokemon Adventures ( the manga) is so much better because it shows how Pokemon actually is supposed to be. The characters actually grow up and characters catch a lot of Pokemon. The series is based off of the games. The manga is actually darker than the anime because Pokemon do get hurt along with their trainers and some fights can lead to death. Team Rocket is taken seriously, Pokemon follow their entries in pokedexes and a lot more. But I do have to say, the storyline quality of the anime is going down. The original, older series was funny and fun to watch. They are running out of ideas for new Pokemon.

It was funny to see in my childhood that only the retards watched this and collected it's even stupider merchandise. And now that I'm an adult and this show is still going, the same trend persists, just that the show has gone from horrible to the complete and utter abyss of crappy shows.

You saw the animated trailer for Black and White 2, right? Why can't they make the anime more like that? Seriously, the current anime is getting really stale after 17 years...

Just cancel it please. The only reason it's still here is to make money. It's also giving the video games a bad name.

If you have seen one episode, you have seen all of the episodes that were created. They go by a mathematical formula:

Team Rocket + Ash + Pikachu+ Ash saving Pikachu= $$$$$$

Boring and too complicated for anyone who wasn't immediately drawn in to the series as a small child (when I was a small child I still thought it was boring). After living for over 2 decades there is no chance I will ever understand why this show, or the franchise in total, was so popular. - BKAllmighty

From the kid whose brother likes johnny test, he's really gotten into this show, too. Lousy animation, lousy acting, pretty much lousy everything. Also, it's not even canon with the games. Kind of ironic since the only point of the show is to sell the games.

I love Pokemon and all, but lately the show has been going downhill. I liked the old version and how pikachu looked better than the show. I'm not saying they should end the series. I just think they should make the show a lot better like it was in 2007-2008

The most overrated retarded manga for total imbeciles

I HATE THIS Pokemon SHOW SO MUCH... I FEEL LIKE MURDERING THE CHARACTERS... Its just so boring and what with all the Pokemons and all... It doesn't have any emotions... And its not even funny... The plot is worthless... There are no sad moments... Not much happy moments... Although they're always happy... I just don't get it that why the hell are they happy? It is not thriller... Its stupid and what with the idiotic Team Rocket and all... I would say... Producers of shows like this Should be SHOOTED... ! - archiesweirdmysteries

I'll be honest: I hate most of the episodes of the show. The games are amazing, however, with more "juice" in it than the series. Also, if they made a movie for every game there is, nobody would be able to watch them all.

Digimon anime is BETTER than pokemon anime in my opinion. Pokemon anime used to be good but got bad. Digimon anime had better character development and this is surprising because I'm a pokemon fan - Lunala

It is animal abuse. I hate the episode where Iris's dragonite won't do what she wants. It is an animal it doesn't have to do what you say! Not only that but it is a smart animal that knows how to battle another Pokemon and win, so why is Iris even mad! - SammySpore

It started out as an OK show. It wasn't that great, but it was hell of a lot better than, say, Dora. But the new episodes... Are BORDERLINE idiotic. I know, I know, I shouldn't say this stuff when I can write anything better, and neither should you, if you can't.


I seriously think this should be changed. The Pokemon and trainers should be like, adults now. And that should probably mean a new series anyway. I'm getting really disappointed with it now.

It was good... From the beginning. The first few seasons were ok until the end of Johto. And it doesn't even make any sense. How old is Ash? Isn't Pikachu level 100? And do any characters other than May and Max have a father?

Many decades and not even a single proof of being near to become a Pokemon Master, many fans during the years thought that the end was coming, only to find out that today they have sons.

Ok, I'll admit, I loved the Kanto episodes, and the Sinnoh episodes somewhat. But seriously, every time Ash goes to a new region, he forgets EVERYTHING about the previous region! And why is he still 10? And also, what happened to his eyes? They used to be and now they're brown! The black eyes were what made Ash who he is!

Maybe if they weren't recycling the same thing for decades, this show wouldn't have gotten tired.

The video games are epic but the show is so lame this show needs to stop