South Park

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South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network. The show is about four boys, who are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, and their adventures in South Park, Colorado.


South Park is great!
Here are arguments about the show...

"The show's animation is stupid! "
That's the whole point! The show's art is crap, so you end up laughing. Also, I bet no one here can draw better than that.
"The show uses toilet humor! It's gross."
I guess if anybody says "Crap! " in a context like "Crap, I messed up," then you get pissed. Also, toilet humor is funny, no matter what you say.
"It made fun of my religion! WAH! "
Well, geez, we're sorry the South Park JOKED about religion and you're mad. But hey, you're mad, so we HAVE to be mad, too. We just HAVE to.
"There's bad words in this show! It's rude! "
And THAT is why parents pry their kids away from it! And you're basically calling someone terrible or satanic for saying a word. How ' clever.
"It's violent! "
It's not THAT violent. Besides, even if it was, FAKE people are getting hurt.
"They killed Kenny! Homicide isn't funny! "
<Sigh> yes it is. Shut up.
"Cartman is ...more

I have Clinical depression, and sometimes my pills just don't work, and at this point, nothing cheers me up except south park

When I'm depressed I loose interest in every joel stream, jacksepticeye video, video game, and etc, I loose interest in everything I love, my life is replaced with incurable boredom, it gets so bad...

My first suicide attempt was when I was about 7, and I haven't gone a year without a suicidal thought since. I have a few scars from minor self mutilation that starting around age 10, I wouldn't cause any fatal injuries, but I'd slice my legs and carve a bit flesh off my fingers as punishment for purely existing.

But what has cured every episode, every waking moment of emotional agony was when I watched south park for the first time.

South Park literally saved my life.

You can't hate so much on this one show! Sure, it's graphic and is filled with profanity, but you'll never know its true brilliance until you watch it. - VivianTheMew

Why does everyone like this show? It's just the same in every episode: the writers pick some demographic to make fun of for eleven minutes while cracking unfunny and immature jokes. Plus there's tons of stupid and unnecessary swearing, sex jokes, and toilet humor. All the characters are extremely annoying, repulsive, and unlikable. Especially Cartman who has the most annoying voice of any cartoon character. And that one episode where that kid eats chili made out of his own parents is the worst, sick, most twisted thing to happen on television ever. Plus, some people are trying to defend it as "witty social commentary on American commercialism and foreign relations". I've never heard something so untrue in my life. And it'd been going on for almost twenty years! HOW? It's just the same boring crap every episode with no variety. But I guess it's easier to make the same six repulsive jokes every episode than come up with new material. It honestly boggles my mind how this ...more

Easily the worst show to ever disgrace existence. Tries way too hard with shock value along with dry, immature, unfunny humor abound (That's Canadian humor for you though), not to mention bland, boring, and annoying characters with no real personalities to speak of, as well as uninteresting plots and story. Of course, the "animation" is absolutely atrocious, but that goes without saying. The show tries to play it all off by teaching some kind of "lesson" at the end of each episode, but it's so poorly executed that it ends up doing more harm than good, effectively only appealing to stoners and teenage children (which also doesn't take half a brain to figure out something is wrong with our community)... Of which are all morons and seem to worship this show, and seriously can choke slowly on the contents of my septic tank and piss. Horrible show, horrible influences... You're better off watching something higher on this list than this gutter trash.

Sigh. Why did you put this on the list? South Park is a wonderful cartoon comedy classic. It's humor is great. It's characters are funny and thought-provoking. Some of the concepts the show can go into are very deep and contemplative. There are so many memorable, heartwarming, funny episodes to watch. Please just remove this from the list. Heck, a big reason a lot of people voted for this show was to complain about why it shouldn't be on the list. I'm no different. I love South Park, and I think many other people should watch it. People think South Park is just another adult cartoon with gross-out humor, toilet humor, and sex jokes, but that is bull crap. For anyone who's reading this and hasn't watched South Park, watch it right now. You'll probably love it.

I don't understand why this is higher than The Simpsons and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this show is far better and more creative than those two combined.

While I can agree that the show has gone slightly stale from Season 15 and onward, I will always appreciate South Park whether it be a bad or a good episode. I always laugh at Kenny's many deaths (except Season 5...), Cartman's jokes and insults, Randy's crazy antics, and any other sorts of humor that the creators can come up with.

South Park will always be better than The Simpsons and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, go ahead and cry like a baby if you don't appreciate my opinion. - KennyRulz244444

All you idiots out there who think south park isn't funny because it's all toilet humor, get over yourself. Bottom line is this show will never be taken off the air. Its brilliant comedy and if you don't think it's very funny well, I guess you're just not smart enough to get it.

Lol. I definitely just replied against your comment and then gave it a thumbs up by accident. Stupid phone and everything being so close together. Oh well, you're welcome I guess.

I personally can't stand this show. It's crude, disturbing, and revolting at times. It doesn't have much charm. It handles certain issues with little care. While some may see it as pushing the boundaries, experimenting, and speaking truths, it comes off as insensitive and lacking human decency. If you can stomach this show, then go for it, because I really can't.

Dude, no, how is this worse than Family Guy? Although they did have their bad moments, this show is amazing. It gives really great life lessons that actually help us in our collapsing society. It also has some really surprising meanings. If you don't think this show has great humor, than you must be soulless.

I like this show. I like it a lot and I know that its racism is in good humour but because of the things the show is saying about the Jews, people at my school have begun to be racist to me. An example of what they said is " if you say anything ill roast you, just like the Nazis did" Its just wrong. And I know south park don't mean it, but every joke has its day. And they need to lay off the racism for a bit

Honestly, in my opinion, South Park isn't that good of a show. I'm not straight up saying that this show is bad but I am going to say that it is overrated. This show's humor has not aged well or at least the way they present their jokes has not aged well.

All you idiots out there who think south park sucks because its all toilet humor, get over yourself. Bottom line is that this show is never going to be taken off the air. It's brilliant comedy and if you don't like it well, I guess you're just not smart enough to get it

This show is awesome and kenny is, like my idle. He's so bad-ass and he's one of those people who would do any thing for a doller and cartmen is funny as hell. Whoever doesn't like this can screw themselves

Why does everybody hate this show? My parents don't let me watch it, but I secretly do. They just think that its just stupid and it should be taken down. But I think this shows funny as hell. I'm 12.

Really. It's one of my favorite shows, will you guys just shut up about the animation? The characters are memorable, the story is creative and HILARIOUS, you haters of the show just have no taste in comedy. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Just a terrible, crude show. Cartman is a narrow minded idiot, they killed off Chef, the only good character, the 'Oh my god, they killed Kenny! ' "joke" is not funny, and the episode where we find out that cartman's mother is also his father made me want to reach into my T.V. , brush aside the awful animation and strangle Matt and Trey to death with their own intestines. Family guy is a way, way better show, always has been, and if you disagree with this, all I can say is: LET ME HAVE MY OWN OPINION.

The they killed Kenny joke died off ages ago, Chef quit because they made fun of Scientology. Cartman is meant to portray people like you (narrow minded idiots) and your opinion is retarded.

How is this bad? South Park is amazing. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are AWESOME, and they've been doing this for 16 years. Get this off the list.

It used to be my favourite show until everything going wrong since that 19th season. I hated every moment in this season. I also watched some season 20 episode and it's still suck. South Park is jumping into the shark, enough said.

Everyone's parents these days are so uptight about shows like this and I'm just dad watches it with me. He was literally the one who introduced me to South Park.

I use to like this show. Nowadays everything has become too cruel. The whole Kenny death is too old. No more Cartman being a jerk to people. I'm done with South Park forever.

Come on, even at its worst South Park is still better than a lot of the bad cartoons on this list. Especially Family Guy.

South Park is the best show OF ALL TIME! The only problem is that it had explosive diarrhea... and by that I mean EVERY SHOW on comedy central that is not south park WANTS TO BE SOUTH PARK

I barely watch it but from the one or two episodes I've seen it's pretty great.

Honestly, this show is hilarious. I mean I can see why some people wouldn't like it but for the majority of America, it's really hilarious

This show is the lamest show ever. The way it portrays young kids is just horrible and wrong and none of the episodes are funny at all. Whoever came up with this show is stupid, as well as the people who like it.