Top Ten Characters from Riverclanrocks' Scarlet Ivy: a Villain Without a Plan Series

This is a list of characters from my blog post series Scarlet Ivy: The Villain Without A Plan which is about Scarlet Ivy who is a member of Team Rocket. The list does contain spoilers for future episodes so read at your own risk.
The Top Ten
1 Scarlet Ivy

The main character of the series (of course). She is 17 years old and and she still doesn't have an evil plan to take over the world. She is also from the Unova region and has a Liepard as her main Pokemon.

2 Trip

A character from the Black and White T.V. show. In the show he is one of Ash's rivals and in the blog series he is Scarlet's sidekick. He is 13 and is from the same city as Scarlet which is Nuvema Town.

3 Chili

One of the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Black and White as well as the T.V. show and the sequel to Black and White. He works at the restaurant/Gym in Siraton (I dunno how to spell that) City with his 2 brothers Cilan and Cress. In the blog series he is one of Scarlet's best friends and while he has a short temper he was understanding when Scarlet wanted to join Team Rocket even though he himself was on the good side. They remained best friends ever since.

4 Clemont

The Gym Leader of Lumiose City and one of the main protagonists in the X and Y T.V. show. In the show he looks up to the main character Ash Ketchum. He is a famous inventor at the age of 13 which is probably why he is considered a genius. Unlike his show personality he is outgoing, entergetic, and his inventions hardly ever blow up. His younger sister is Bonnie.

5 Jessie

One of the main Team Rocket members in the Pokemon T.V. show alongside James. She and James are very popular among the various Team Rocket members and while they always fail they just keep trying to beat Ash. Her and James' main Pokemon is a Meowth.

6 James

The other main Team Rocket member in the Pokemon T.V. show. He is slightly more popular than Jessie which is probably because his appearance attracts a lot of TR fangirls but Jessie is still popular.

7 Star

Scarlet's best friend in Kalos. She and Scarlet first met in Lumiose City and is a member of Team Flare. While she and Scarlet come from different teams they are still friends which is not against the codes that the various teams have because you are allowed to have friends from different teams. Her starter Pokemon was Froakie which has since evolved into a Greninja.

8 Ethisa

An ordinary Pokemon Trainer from Kalos. She and her brother Iex are not part of any team but are just average Trainers. Her starter is Fennekin and she is 14 years old.

9 Iex

Ethisa's older brother at the age of 15. He chose Chespin as his starter and while he is still relatively new to Pokemon training he is a bright learner and idolizes the Gym Leader Clemont.

10 Bonnie

Clemont's 7 year old sister. In the X and Y show she has a habit of asking women a lot older than he is to marry Clemont which is a little odd. (That isn't in the post series though) She has a close relationship with her older brother in both the show and the series. She also has an interest in hair styling and fashion (possibly blog series only).

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