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Well, here it is. This marks my 500th list! I really hope I'm not being too vain by making a list about myself but I wanted to do something a little special. I've compiled together the lists that I'm the most proud to call my own. And, of course, I've taken into account which lists have received the most votes. I want to dedicate this list to all of the users (especially friends and followers) that make this site so much fun to be on. I love this site and it's because it's filled with so many awesome, inspiring, creative people that I keep coming back for more. Together, you all act as my inspiration, my fuel, and my fire. Thanks, everyone
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1 Top Ten Things You Should Never Hide from Anyone

I consider this to be my #1 list since all kids, teens, and adults need to know that they deserve to live safe, happy, and long lives. Not telling anybody certain things can be seriously harmful to them and those around them. Not only is getting the truth out important, but knowing and trusting that the most important people in your life are there to hold you and guide you through the rough patches matters so much. I had rough patches as a kid. I went through hard times (like so many kids do) and because I felt comfortable letting my parents and friends help me through it I feel I am a better person today.

Of course! I love this list -though its impossible to choose! Your lists are consistent and high-quality. Congratulations on this milestone =)

I really liked this list, BK. And of course, Congrats for your 500th list!

2 Top Ten Best Movies of 2012

It was such an unexpected surprise to receive so much attention for this list. I didn't know what to do with myself. Of course, the excitement passed and the votes stopped pouring in but I'll always remember how amazing it was to feel the buzz of my first big success on this site.

3 Top Ten Best Computer Companies

This list started out as a simple one that I didn't think would make much of a stir. Boy, did it prove me wrong. It's my second-most voted-on list, overall, and it is definitely the list that has done the best job of enduring the test of time since it consistently remains near the top of my daily votes chart. If it's not number one it's almost always in the top three.

4 Top Ten Canadian Stereotypes

This was a fun list to make. I love being a Canadian and being the one who got to make this list was a pretty cool thing, eh.

Not my favourite of yours, but the most signature. Wow, 500 and not 1 bad. Nice job!

This list did make me laugh a lot, and I'm not even Canadian. Great job on 500, BK. All of them are notable.

5 Top Ten Things Public School Doesn’t Prepare You For

This one is important, I think, because I had a very difficult time making the transition from both public school to high school and from high school to university. It really shifts you around in every way. Of course, I realize that I probably had a more difficult time than most people do but I still felt it was important to potentially help some people prepare for what's coming in their lives. In most cases, you're life is built upon the education you receive so making the big step from public school to post-secondary education needs a little prepping, sometimes.

6 Top Ten Most Notable Filming Techniques of Steven Spielberg

This list is a bit more recent so it hasn't had the time to really get absorbed into the minds of a lot of site users yet. Still, it took me a good length of time to make and I'm hopeful that it will end up being a little hidden gem, of sorts, to the many film buffs we've got floating around on the site. I don't think many lists like this one have been made yet so, who knows, maybe it will start a chain reaction. I have to add, also, that I am a huge Spielberg fan, so having this list (and my other Spielberg-related lists) under my name is sort of my tribute to him.

7 Best Characters in The Avengers (2012)
8 Top Ten Marvel Superhero Movies
9 Top Ten Best Things About Having a Beard

I actually had a pretty decent beard going on when I made this list and while I made a list on the "Worst Things About Having a Beard" first, I much prefer having the claim on this one since its more fun and lighthearted. Plus, beards are more awesome than not (if you're a man, of course). I can't wait for November.

10 Top Ten Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 Episodes
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11 Top Ten Most Annoying Forms of Advertising

Advertising techniques are getting more and more annoying these days so I put a lot of effort into making this list as credible and accurate as possible. It's not among my more positive-minded lists but, boy, is it an appropriate commentary on how over-the-top companies are when it comes to them trying to make more money.

12 Top Ten Reasons Why The Simpsons is Better than Family Guy

This list was another unexpected success. I've always been a Simpsons kind of guy and I remember thinking (especially when it first took off) how Family Guy looked and felt like such a rip-off. I like Seth MacFarlane. I think he has pretty decent comedy chops, but there are times when he needs to think a bit harder and stick to conjuring up original ideas (like Ted).

13 Top Ten DC Superhero Movies
14 Top Ten Things That Only Happen In the Movies

This list is a few months old, I believe, and I was pretty happy with myself for making it since there are, in reality, a lot of unrealistic things that movies do that we don't stop and think about. I mean, is the idea of people barging in during weddings to proclaim their love to the bride/groom REALLY something that you could imagine ever happening? It's an interesting thing to think about.

15 Best Songs From The Beatles' Abbey Road

I consider myself lucky for being able to call this list my own. I mean, it's Abbey Road, people! I don't know how nobody got around to making this list before me.

16 Top Ten Best Features In Windows 10

I meant for this list to give out a helping hand to anyone with questions regarding the merits of Windows 10. While I am glad people noticed it, I wish it could have spread further throughout the site. I really tried to give this one a lot of effort.

17 Best Horror Movie Actors
18 Best Songs From Green Day's Nimrod
19 Most Underrated Beatles Songs
20 Top Ten Most Beautiful Planets, Moons, and Dwarf Planets In Our Solar System
21 Top Ten Inventions That Need Re-Inventing
22 Top Ten Canadian Landmarks
23 Top Ten Movies That Predicted the Future
24 Top Ten Things Americans Have That Canadians Want
25 Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2015
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