Top Ten Ways It's Hard to Be a Member of TheTopTens

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1 Because you need to be careful to not get a warning from admin

What really pisses me off about this site now is you can literally get suspended for adding Corey in the House to the greatest anime. I've only ever received one terms of use violation warning, and it was for something far, far worse than that.

I actually haven't done anything to warrant a warning yet. I'm extremely careful about what I do on here. I am aware this is a bit more lenient than another site I frequent, but I keep caution of what I do all the time.

I just received a warning from the admin a few days ago. That shows you right there you should be careful with what you say!

2 You never know when it's the right time to make a new list

This is very true, when is it the right time to work so hard on a list, and its not even featured despite number of remixes by peers, and or even high quality comments, I guess its all a matter of luck.

3 Because you need to make another episode for your blog post at the right time

When shall I make the last episode of Murder Mystery?

4 Because it's a little hard to take criticism

For most of my life, I have been deathly afraid of criticism, I go to this site to help he stop being afraid of criticism.

It's only hard if you know its true.

5 Because you need to respect almost every opinion

Certain opinions don't deserve respect if not backed up logically.

6 Because you can have a rivalry on this site

There are two types of rivals on TTT. The one who ignores the problem and secretly hates the user and the type who publicly announces it.

That would be the worst thing in the world!

7 Because you have to do the work for making your profile page long enough

Don't try to make your profile page way too long. If you want to tell people what you like, do it in about a few sentences without going too over the top. Posting your top 435 favorite bands on there is probably going to take up a lot of space and be boring, and flooding it with giant pastings will make it much longer to scroll down just to get to the lists and stuff. However, if you make it too short, then people won't even get to know anything about you, and will just want to leave.

Mine's not that long and I really couldn't care less.

8 Because everything needs to be accurate

Yeah, I accidentally wrote that Lou Reed was alive without realizing that he was dead an I pissed off a lot of Metal heads...

Yeah, and a little flaw could end up being catastrophic.

9 Because you have to watch out for grammar mistakes since there are many grammar Nazis here

Not bothered about mistakes on here, But writing sites is where correct grammar and spelling counts.

Looking at iron sabbath priest...

10 Because you can't type in all caps without getting criticism

"You typed in all caps! You must secretly be Frozen All-caps Girl! Let's burn you to the stake! "

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11 Because of Pop vs Metal Elitist Quarrel
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