Top 10 Biggest Rivalries Between Users On TheTopTens

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1 Puga vs. SevenLizards

I'm going to be honest and state that the definition of rivalries in this site and list is misunderstood.

Almost none of what is submitted on this list is a rivalry, its instead an enmity. While yes, two people hating on each other can be considered a rivalry, though in those cases, there can at least be some degree of respect and praise given to one another in regards to different qualities. Plus, most rivalries don't really have two sides hating each other, its basically just opposition.

If this list was called, "Biggest Arch-Enemies between Users in TheTopTens", it'd actually make a lot more sense considering most of these go past rivalries and instead is an enemy relationship.

This was happening around the time I joined. I had no idea.

I hear about this all the time, but I don't understand it.

Imagine not being first. Changed this website.

2 Danteem vs. Therandom

Ok, how is the AB vs Bobby rivalry higher than this?

That's a really strong rivalry.

The strongest one ever

This is one of the best!

3 Bobbythebrony vs AggressiveBlaze

It was huge during it's time, but eventually died out as BobbyTheBrony got suspended and abandoned the site and Blaze started fighting with other users.

Should be in the top 3. Main rivalry that destroyed TheTopTens wikias permanently.

4 PositronWildhawk vs SelfDestruct

Yeah that was big

5 Element119 vs jack2244

My and jack's rivalry has been going on for a while now and has turned into quite a fight between the two of us. But things probably won't change between the two of us in the near future, and I don't plan to be on good terms with him anytime soon considering his actions.

I was involved too on this war and was on jack2244's side. Gee, this was huge. This was probably the first time I've ever been in a conflict on the site...

6 Puga vs ModernSpongebobSucks

My rivalry towards him could be described in the 3 H's: Harsh, Hostile, and Hellish.

7 TwilightKitsune vs ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's not over Sword Art Online. If I write the real, authentic honest reason over here admin will accuse me of "bullying" and suspend my account, despite the fact he was the one who started it

I'm not sure who's side I'm on to be honest. MSBS did overreact but at the same time I'm not sure if I should pick a side.

Oh, this petty crap. Yeah, this one is not one to go down in history.

I don't like picking sides but I agree with Kitsune on this.

8 PositronWildhawk vs. Britgirl

Pos is right, we ARE good friends. Which is why he know I'll let him beat me in most things :P

Rivals? We're very good friends!

9 SomePersonYouHate, and MindCrime Vs ProPanda

This one is shaping up to be quite interesting, and simultaneously annoying, since ProPanda is clearly in the wrong about this particular situation

This is over plagiarism apparently.

This is gonna be good.

This is finally over.

10 ModernSpongeBobSucks vs. Therandom

Um, we're not really rivals. Sure, we may have differing opinions on certain things, but overall, we're pretty much okay with each other. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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11 Disney1994 vs. ModernSpongeBobSucks

My rivalry towards him could be described in the 3 H's: Harsh, Hostile, and Hellish.

This was a rivalry?

12 Therandom vs M4j0r45

Thank God this is over, it was so dumb. At least they're friends now

13 Velitelcabal vs. BlueTopazIceVanilla

Sometimes I'm thinking if I'm actually feeding a troll.

14 Puga vs. Linnea
15 Birdechosplash vs Velitelcabal
16 SwagFlicks vs. NikBrusk, BoredJeff02, christangrant, and Lucretia

I don't like fighting with him to be honest all I do is just make a list he doesn't like then he attacks it. It gets annoying after a while.

Don't hate all of these guys, but we butt heads frequently.

17 BoredJeff02 vs. WonkeyDude98

We're no longer rivals I apologized to him and it's all water over the bridge now.

18 Camaro6 vs henry_danger_is_great

My rivalry towards her could be described in the 3 H's: Harsh, Hostile, and Hellish.

It happened for a bad reason. She hates me for nothing.

I wish this would stop. It's really unfair to Camaro6.

She pissed me off in so many ways.

19 Darthvadern vs. Iliekpiez

I'm not going to deny if Darth has seen Shawshank (I don't really care if he has), but it's clear he's heard the same crap for some time now.

I saw the comments about how this rivalry started and it's so stupid to start a war over.

And it all happened over whether or not Darth watched Shawshank redemption.

I simply think vadern has not seen Shawshank. He has overreacted completely.

20 Charismatickat, Darthvadern, Camaro6, and Userguy44 vs iliekpiez

This is gonna be a tough rivalry. I'm not standing back and not afraid of a rustler.

One of the worst things I have done in my life was involving this rivalry.

I stop with being anti rustler.

Wait, this is happening!?

21 CrimsonShark vs. ModernSpongeBobSucks

Like with christangrant, one that is actually friendly and competitive. I also need to add that I consider Kitsada as one of my favorite users and one that I normally talk to. We are of different generation, but to be honest, I care more about making Kitsada better in some areas and vice versa. In the end, though, we're still friends and that's all I want from him.

22 Darthvadern vs. Puga

This is over now.

23 CaptainMowzker Vs. Kevinsidis

Update: Just when I thought it was over... he keeps wanting to add fuel to the fire. Jesus Christ, this might drag on longer than I anticipated...

I'd rather forget the whole damn rivalry...

Both sides are annoying. One is an overreactor and one is hypersensitive

Really dumb rivalry

24 CaptainMowzker, NightmareCinema, and AnimeDrawer Vs. saturatedsunrise

I'm saying it here: Both sides are in the wrong.

25 SirSkeletorThe3rd vs. BlueTopazIceVanilla
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