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1 Mario is just another pathetic series designed for young children with down syndrome to provide their feeble minds with some low level stimulation so they don't just curl up and die.

Mario is one of my favorite series, given what many of my lists are based off of. Luigi is my favorite character to have ever existed in any form of culture, ever.
I understand some people don't like Mario, and some people think it isn't a good series, but saying it's only to prevent kids with mental disorders from committing suicide is just awful.

Whoever said that is wrong, and if they are right, I said if, how is keeping people alive a bad thing?

Mario is not pathetic, Mario can be for everyone, and Mario doesn't make it so you don't die. I'm triggered now.

2 People hate pretty much ANY show! Really! EVERY SHOW has SOME reason to hate it or think it's the worst show ever! I feel like the only way NOT to be a hypocrite about T.V. is to hate EVERY SHOW EVER MADE! That's what they should do: cancel every show sti

The comment was to long to complete. Sorry.

3 I have good gramer

You do. Your spelling is atrocious, but your grammar is correct.

That comment is iconic. How shameful that it is disliked.

4 It makes you stuiped because it is yellow spice and starfish and crabe jelly fish and fish

It is ironic how the person is calling someone "stuiped" when they spelt 'stupid' wrong.
I know it is possibly a troll comment by the way.


Their response to me saying that I don't like the Cleveland Browns.

6 Star Wars is not for kids, it's too violent, kids get killed in those movies by bad guys, it's for teens and up
7 Most mussilms actually are [like ISIS]

Not all Muslims are terrorists. The Muslim terrorists are just disgrace to Muslim. Muslim supposedly to called as Religion of Peace.

First of all, this is super racist, second of all, it's MuslimS, not mussilms.

8 He's impersonating TheMozil10 and made 6 accounts about him, he should die on september 11 at WTCn

Don't you dare wish death on him by saying he should go back in time to that fateful tragedy and die in it.

9 Screw anyone who dislikes this
10 Isn't an ice queen with ice powers cooler than a plain old super hero robot? I think so!
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11 Well if you hate MLP, why do you like her? Don't you even mind that she likes this show?
12 Killing people will only make you go to jail
13 MontyPython`s sister, who seemed to have a great life (or at least one better than mine), died recently. YET I`M STILL ALIVE, even though everyone HATES me, and I hate my life.

Why is this not Number 1? Disney1994 literally takes the death of a TopTenner and tries to get attention from it.

14 They're so cute and cuddly! I could hug a toilet all day!
15 At least children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows

Not another Kids in Africa joke.

16 People need to stop focusing on inappropriate shows, they probably just do it for money.

No South Park is a good show. So is Family Guy. They don't just do it for money... unless it's Breadwinners which shouldn't even be for kids... cause it's Disney.

17 I'm the Best User Ever!

It seems like something Kanye West would say.


Haha imagine thinking it was caps lock. I love TheBanterTens.

19 I want to snuggle UmJammer Lammy and then live in her brain
20 Girls uvulas are hot

It's not the worst thing that people could say are hot, I'm just saying. But making a big deal about this is seriously stupid.

21 "Best fetish. Especially for Princess Daisy farting in tight jeans. God I love that pants pooping princess."
22 *throws up on the cat.*kicks the cat.*puts it up against a pitbull while playing ac.DC that is what a man would do to a cat

So animal abuse makes you a real man? Hmm I suppose I'm pretty happy not being one if that's the case.

23 I hope they suffer good while the russians attacking them, I really hope they will suffer >:)

I'm aware that I'm adding a troll comment, but that's no excuse to support cruelty, this comment is disgusting.

Yeah, this was an extremely mean spirited and disgusting comment towards Ukrainian people.

Thanks for adding it, iamsupreme. This comment is so soulless and mean spirited. Deserves to be here.

24 I specifically state that SAD SONGS are the only eligible items, and what do people do? They add stuff like "The Best Day Ever" and "Sweet Victory". YOU PEOPLE DISGUST ME!
25 this is the only one on the list that is true. Homosexuality is a sin. Next they'll want to legalize pedophilia.

Only crooked Republican lizards such as Matt Gaetz would want to legalize pedophilia.

Sigh do I have to explain this one.

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