Top Ten Users of TheTopTens That Have Changed the Most Since They First Joined

Many of us love these users, but always remember how they started.
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1 Puga

From a pug to a witty human being who isn't afraid to state his opinion, Pug and Puga have completely different reputations. I can never compare the two since they're so different!

Does this mean I'll end up changing too? I'm still on puberty, I want to be me not some robotic creep.

He's become too witty to actually fend for himself properly. I find that tragic

Puga > Pug. Any day of the week.

2 Turkeyasylum

I was in the midst of maturing when I got on TheTopTens. Early on, my lists were rather immature and cliched (and I hated Nicki Minaj WAY too much), but as I grew, my content changed quite a bit. I'm not the same as I was fourteen months ago, guys!

3 Danteem

Danteem has changed quite a bit. I remember when he wasn't on very much. He would say a few comments about Nintendo here or there and wasn't that active. He's changed quite a bit since I've joined... he also hated porn more than anyone.

4 SuperHyperdude

He used to be more aggressive, but he changed his ways, probably because he matured quite a bit.

5 MsWiseguy

(S)he started out as a user who wanted people to stop taking about baby shows, but they changed very quickly and everything hit us.

6 gemcloben

Something about him's changed over the years, but I can't exactly pinpoint what it was...

Yeah, I changed for the worse.

7 admin

Their policies have changed quite a bit, their outlook on things have changed quite a bit, and how much they enjoy their job has also changed.

8 heather

I'm not quite sure how much she's changed, but I bet she's changed a lot through the ten years since she's retired.

9 TopTensFan

He's had a few different accounts and each of them acted differently from the previous, that's for sure.

10 htoutlaws2012
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11 PositronWildhawk

He's become more open and more of a leader since we first met (back in 2013), but one thing that will never change is his razor-sharp wit.

12 darthvadern
13 EpicJake
14 Disney1994

So many things are different now from when I first started. When I first started I didn't do much, in fact I did more on other accounts which are now deleted. At first I created accounts to change the Best Disney Movies list for the better but by December 25, 2014 the accounts were no longer working, and I had to delete all their remixes. Eventually, I decided to become more active as a regular user, and I realized that if I could make friends, they would help me reach my goal. And now we have so many improvements to the Best Disney Movies. This site also changed me in other ways, such as making me realize how easy it is to hate pretty much ANY T.V. show, as well as episodes of Modern SpongeBob including ones that I personally didn't think were that bad (such as Dear Vikings and Atlantis SquarePantis).

15 lovefrombadlands

She had lots of accounts and she is making some kinda funny and cringy comments now.

I'm adding myself because I hate December 2017.

16 velitelcabal
17 Therandom

For sure I remember when Therandom was the this shy guy now he's grown into this experienced and one of the greatest users ever

18 WonkeyDude98
19 Lucretia

Lucretia used to be on music lists most of the time but now Lucretia is making up controversial lists like "Why Stalin is better than Trump" but I think she is just trolling.-LitSavage

20 SamuiNeko

I don't know about her

21 2storm
22 AggressiveBlaze
23 906389

I have gotten more courageous about talking to people ever since I joined. Plus, I started listening to metal more.

24 Kevinsidis
25 PeeledBanana
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