Top 10 Strongest College Football Conferences

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SEC (Southeastern Conference)

Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Arkansas, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Missouri. All these programs are dominant. The only bad team in this conference is Kentucky and even they hang in games with good teams. The SEC is by far the best right now. 7 National titles in a row! BOOM! Roll Tide roll!

I am a bama fan and I have a few things to say. First, you can't argue with a conference that has a team with 15 national championships (the most in college football). Second, SEC recently had an eight year national championship winning streak. And third, anyone willing to go against Alabama or in that case any SEC team then they better prepare to get their butts kicked.

SEC for the win. Easily the best conference. All teams are good except for Kentucky and even they can hang in there with the competition. Big 10 is okay but then you have teams like Rutgers(who I forgot was in the conference) and Illinois and other teams that are just meh like Nebraska and Wisconsin. ACC is just so terrible. Only good teams are Clemson, FSU, UNC, Miami. These teams always win because there is no one to challenge. Big 12 only has Texas,TCU,Baylor, and OU who are good. Pac 12 only has Oregon, Stanford and USC but still. SEC dominates

2015 is the first year that I can remember an SEC team not making it to the championship game. I am from Arkansas, and nothing personal, but I was born and raised to hate Crimson Tide, but I was rooting for them to beat the Buckeyes. It's just tradition for an SEC team to go all the way.

Big Ten

Generally throughout history the big ten has been the toughest. True. Just not the most recent history. Especially Michigan. Nobody is a more winningnes team than them as far as total wins and percentage. I mean, them and notre dame fight for percentage but their no conference having asses have used that to line up some powderpuff a in their schedules. It works to their advantage.

Are you seriously downing the SEC? They have consistently dominated the the Big 10 every year almost even in bowl games! OSU is a choke artist team! Its easy to go undefeated when you are playing against high school talent! When over half of your conference is ranked you deserve to be the best! SEC IS the GREATEST Conference! Hands Down!

Hasn't been very good this year, but it's better football to watch then the joke that is the big 12 with their basketball scores for football games. If your looking for a defensive struggle, the big 10 is the way to go. Also big 10 basketball is very underrated, lots of good teams this year

The Big 10 has the defending national champ, OSU, and they have MSU going to the Playoffs this year. The SEC is everyone's favorite so they always send a team to the national title games. The problem is when they have to win a game to get into the top 2, Bama lost to a big 10 team. The big 10 is way underrated. SEC has no defense or toughness.

Big 12

Big 12 is extremely underrated, but I think this is mostly do to being under advertised and reported. They are sweeping the bowl scene right now, save west virginia's slip up. The Big 12 always has top tier qb's and record setting offenses. The Defensive stats are skewed because of this. When high powered offenses hit, the defensive numbers get squished in turn. It isn't because of poor D, just really active and explosive offenses that keep you guessing. You blink and you could lose, no matter the score. Games really need to be watched to fully appreciate what the conference is doing on both sides, it is very different from what some of the stat lines show. My opinion, Sec - due to Alabama's recent dominance, then a close second big 12 followed by Big 10

This Should be ranked number 2. There's multiple power houses in this conference. Even on its lowest day, Texas is still a very good team. I give them three years till they are back at national championship status. As for the other teams in this conference, watch out. They're on fire right now. PAC 10 is overrated. All the teams are sort of just mediocre.

The top 3 in the big 12 can go head to head with any team in the nation with Baylor, TCU and the Oklahoma Sooners leading the way. Missouri and Texas A&M were mediocre programs in the Big 12 but when those teams moved to the SEC they were magically SEC powerhouses in their first year.

Year after year the Big 12 beats SEC in bowl games, yet SEC makes the excuse they were not up for the game because it was not the championship game. Lets have a real playoff with every conf. champ. not who biased people pick.

Pac 12 (Pacific-12 Conference)

I think the top 3 in the big10 is stronger than the PAC12 but top to bottom the PAC12 might be just as good as the SEC. 10 bowl eligible teams last year in a 12 team conference is amazing

SEC blows they play only 8 conference games a year unlike other conferences. So while UCLA is grinding it out against Oregon, LSU is playing Florida Atlantic in week 10

More of a balance conference. USC, Oregon, stanford, and Washington are the dominant and ucla, California, Utah, and Oregon state are honorable mentions too

Pac-8 then Pac-10 now the Pac-12 just keeps getting better.. The new format this year of playoffs should shed more light on all conferences

ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference)

ACC has always dominated the conferences second at times to only SEC. The Big10 is considered one of the weaker conferences with its football. Far from 3rd place and even Ohio State though dominating the Big10 some years struggles and loses to the ACC and SEC in bowl games having won only against Miami in 2004.

The ACC has a long history of national championships and Every year there seems to be at least 2-3 ACC teams in the top 10. The ACC does not have the biggest list of flashy teams, but the ACC can beat any conference on any day.

Half of this conference is good and half of it isn't. the southern part is good with Florida st, miami, Georgia tech, clemson, and Virginia tech ( not really southern but the style fans are like southern schools)

Weak teams. Only good teams are Clemson, Florida State, and GT and these teams are only dominant because there are no other teams to challenge them

Mountain West

Boise st and tcu make this conference period

Should replace the ACC in the power 5

Bosie sate pac 12

Big East

West Virginia is the only consistant school here. USF, pitsburgh, cincinnati, and syracuse have occasional good seasons

Uconn West Virginia Syracuse USF Cincinnati Pitt and Rutgers are good teams in the conference

They're dead now

Big East is AAC now

WAC (Western Athletic Conference)

Hawii, fresno st, Nevada, and New Mexico st are decent schools

This doesn't exist anymore

MAC (Mid-American Conference)

The MAC is so much better than the C-USA because they have nobody and the MAC has the awesome NIU HUSKIES plus the WAC only has a few good teams otherwise their conference SUCKS!

C-USA (Conference USA)

Every team in this comference is balanced. it's a mini version of the SEC consisting smaller schools instead

I love marshall

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Sun Belt
Ivy League

Ivy League should just stick to school

AAC (American Athletic Conference)

This conference consists of Louisville, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Houston, (that's the good ones), Temple, etc. (PS. In the 2014 season Louisville goes to the ACC and Rutgers goes to the Big 10)

They're full of themselves if they think they'll be able to compete with the SEC and Big 10. #Americanwillneverbepower6

Number 6

6th best conference rn. Temple, Memphis, Houston and Navy are at least top 35.

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