Best Attractions In New Mexico

There are lots of things to do in New Mexico. The main reason why I created this list is to show you all the best places in the state that you might love. I also recommend making a video of these places so the whole world would know.
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1 Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns is fun. There are lots of bats there (no vampire ones if you are wondering) that fly out of the cave every summer. It is amazing! If you went over there, you would probably have so much fun that you would want to make a video of it and get at least 250,000 views with 750 likes! There is even a campground there! If you wanted to go shopping too, you could go to nearby Carlsbad, NM to get a few things if you sleep at the campground. But anyway Carlsbad Caverns is fun.

2 Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a neat culturally city. So many restaurants, stores, museums, concerts, and lots of other great places. If you moved here, you would probably love it a lot! There is even the Sangre de Cristo's towards the east if you want to take a hike there. I heard there are even Opera's there that my grandparents love. Were planning on moving here or Las Cruces, which ever one that my Mom gets a job from. But anyway, Santa Fe has so many fun things to do! Just like Albuquerque and Las Cruces.

3 Roswell UFO Museum

The UFO crash. The museum is so fun. You can walk around, view the alien that crash landed there, and get a glimpse of what happened in the 1947 UFO crash. You guys would probably like it, and when you record a video of it on YouTube, you could probably get about 100,000 views with 200 likes. Great for the whole family. If you came over here, what would YOU think of it? You could find out more about the UFO and what caused it to crash and just basically enjoy it.

4 Chaco Canyon National Monument

This canyon is big, awesome, and has great hiking trails. If you came here, you would probably want to hike around it again. You can see all the orange dirt and green grass and mountains by your side. Might be a little tricky to get to, but I'm sure you would be able to find it. Great for the whole family to walk on. There are some animals here, but they are very friendly. If you brought your camera with you, you could record a video of it on YouTube and could get about 200,000 views with 400 likes.

5 Bottomless State Park
6 Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

The cliff dwellings, a beautiful glimpse of the rocks, and might enjoy it a lot. This is one of the best attractions in New Mexico, and that's because it shows some marks from the people that were there about 500 years ago. The marks are so cool, you could just touch them with one finger, but please don't draw on it, otherwise you could get into a little trouble. I recommend making a video of it on YouTube, so you could get about 300,000-500,000 views with 1,000-5,000 likes. You would probably enjoy it too. The marks and paintings on the rocks are beautiful.

7 White Sands National Monument

White sands is FUN. You get to go sliding down a big hill of white sand and you can go sliding down the hill. I recommend making a video at White Sands Monument so you can post it on YouTube and might even make 1,000,000 views with 80,000 likes! When I went over there a few years ago, it was a blast, we went sliding down the dunes and got covered in sand and just LOVED it. There is the white sand with the Sacramento Mountains in the east and the San Andreas Mountains along with the Organ Mountains in the west. So beautiful. Like I said, I recommend making a video of White Sands National Monument on YouTube to show everyone else in the U.S. the beauty. If you are wondering where White Sands National Monument is, its located near Alamogordo, NM. Look it up on Google Maps!

8 Hot Springs Hotel and Springs
9 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

This is usually an awesome sight when you are in Albuquerque in October. You could view lots of awesome hot air balloons fly over the city of Albuquerque and get a good view of New Mexico. If you come here, you should always bring your camera with you and and record a video of it so you might get about 500,000 views on YouTube with 10,000 likes. This is an awesome sight, unfortunately, it only happens in October every year. So if it is October, you should go visit Albuquerque and go see the hot air balloons take off.

10 Sandia Peak Tramway

Another awesome sight! If you go there, you could ride in the Tramway and get an AMAZING view of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque and when you get to the top, you get an AWESOME view of Albuquerque, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the northeast. Record a video of this on YouTube, and you might eventually get 350,000 views with 1,000 likes! I went there with my 4th Grade class last year and it was so fun that I wanted to go back there with my family. We got an awesome view of the Sandias. There was even an airplane that crash landed there a long time ago.

The Contenders
11 Elephant Butte Lake
12 Catwalk Near Gila National Forest

I went here with my 3rd Grade class 2 years ago and it was fun! WE hiked on a trail and walked over about 5 bridges and we just had a blast. It was fun, there was also hot springs there and also where the Gila Cliff Dwellings are. There is also a campground there. But we went over there in May, so it was pretty warm. But it was so cool! Like I said about 5 times already, you should make a video of this on YouTube so the whole U.S. would know. I think you would get about 175,000 views with 400 likes. The mountains are also pretty too! There is a river down on the bottom and makes a cool sound when your walking next to it.

13 Shiprock
14 Capulin Volcano National Monument
15 Very Large Array (VLA)
16 4 Corners National Monument

New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Standing right at the border. Doesn't THAT sound nice? You just basically walk around the 4 corners of the states and stand where you would like to stand. Probably your mom on Arizona, your dad on Colorado, your sibling on Utah, and yourself on New Mexico. If you recorded a video of it on YouTube, you could probably get about 150,000 views with 200 likes. Lots of people like to go there, and it is also pretty cool how there are basically 4 corners with New Mexico at the bottom right, Arizona at the bottom left, Colorado at the top right, and Utah at the top left.

17 Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
18 New Mexico State University
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