Best Places to Visit In Texas

There are many nice places to visit in Texas... Pick your favorite!
The Top Ten
1 The Alamo

A great place to go to if you like history.

2 Houston Space Center

I love anything to do with space...

3 Palo Duro Canyon

The 2nd largest canyon in the U. S!

4 The Inner Space Caverns

Amazing caves with beautiful formations.

5 Schlitterbahn

I love this waterpark.

6 SeaWorld
7 Big Bend National Park

It's a very unique and nice national park to visit.

8 Six Flags Over Texas

I live near there!

9 Texas State Capitol
10 Lakewood Church
The Contenders
11 AT&T Stadium
12 South Padre Island

A beautiful place to visit.

13 San Antonio River Walk
14 Johnson Space Center
15 Cadillac Ranch

It's nice to write graffiti on it.

16 Caddo Lake

One of the very few natural lakes in Texas.

17 Texas School Book Depository
18 Franklin Mountains State Park
19 Galveston
20 Prada Marfa
21 Rockport
22 Kemah Boardwalk
23 The Galleria
24 Houston Astrodome
25 Fort Worth Stockyards
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