Top Ten Most Troubling Technologies for Human Civilization

The Human Civilization on Blue Planet Earth has developed technologies over the last four centuries. In recent times, this has accelerated at great pace. Nuclear Technology, Chemical Technology, Biological Warfare Technology, Space Warfare Technologies etc etc are dual use technologies which can affect Human Civilization Adversely.

The Top Ten

1 Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Technology can be used for power generation or weapon - Neptune68

2 Satellite Brain Interface

Known to only thousands in this world, this covert technology can control humans from satellite. But this can also entertain humans and increase their happiness. - Neptune68

3 Bio Technology

Bio Technology is necessary to keep us healthy and solve problems in our body but biological virus can also be made. - Neptune68

4 Artificial Womb

With developments, artificial womb is likely, this may mean end of females. - Neptune68

5 Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers can keep all information in world. Billions are being spent on this. But it can be of great use too. - Neptune68

6 Chemical Weapons

Chemicals can destroy human body in bad manner. - Neptune68

7 Missiles

To many missiles is taking humans resources. - Neptune68

8 Electronic Warfare

Wireless Electronics is taking lot of human resources. - Neptune68

9 Space War

Space war can create another level of destabilisation of world - Neptune68

10 Gasoline Engines

Petroleum Economy as by product destroyed weather and now it is taken that for 1,00,000 years life on earth will be affected by flood, draught etc. - Neptune68

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