Best Types of Hamsters


The Top Ten

1 Roborovski Hamster

I have one. Her name is Peppermint. She rarely bites, but she always poops.
Her middle name is Poops-A-Lot.

2 Golden Hamster

These are definitely not the best. They're cool, but the number 1 is a white and gray dwarf hamster. I had one who lived a long life and soon she died. But she had many adventures in her running ball and car, including one with my dog but that is a different story. She was loyal and loving and would always fight for herself. She openly shared her opinions, and in her whole long life she didn't bite me even once. But she did poop. And she was fat. I'll miss Beans, my hamster, and always remember her as the true number 1 on this list, no matter what you guys think.

Syrian hamsters are the best, roborovskis just are so small and they don't even play with you, they move too fast, and they aren't even fun, also they nip and bite too much. I have a long haired Syrian hamster and she is loving and loyal. They should be number one on the list, don't know why they aren't!

I have one named echo and he is so friendly and fun.

3 Chinese Hamster
4 Campbell's Dwarf Hamster
5 Djungarian Hamster
6 European Hamster
7 Phodopus
8 Mongolian Hamster
9 Chinese Striped Hamster
10 Mesocricetus

The Contenders

11 Gray Dwarf Hamster
12 Romanian Hamster
13 Cricetulus
14 Long-Tailed Dwarf Hamster
15 Allocricetulus
16 Eversmann's Hamster
17 Greater Long-Tailed Hamster
18 Turkish Hamster
19 Ciscaucasian Hamster
20 Tibetan Dwarf Hamster
21 Sokolov's Dwarf Hamster
22 Kam Dwarf Hamster
23 Sunfire Hamster

I have two subdirectories hamsters they're bothe really fat and cute and furry and they are cool colors like patchy and they've got stripes down their backs and stuff like that. I also used to have an amazing white dwarf hamster. She's up in the sky now

24 Winter White

I have a Winter White, and they are the sweetest hamster ever! If you are getting a hamster I would get a Winter White

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