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1 Ultimate Humugasaur

Ultimate humuguser is 10 times stronger than humuguser and is the leader of the ultimate's.

2 Ultimate Way Big

Its the strongest ultimate of ben 10 its 600 feet tall and has the ability to fly he can also shoot cosmic rays from his hands and has blue horns near the fin and has shaded blue parts over his body and he appeared in ultimate enemy episode 51-52 of ultimate alien to fight against diagon and he will never appear before and after the episode

He is the most powerful

He can attack with cosmic rays

3 Ultimate Bigchill

Ultimate Big Chill possesses the ability/abilities to survive extreme heat, extreme cold, deep water pressure and the vacuum of space. That alone makes him ideal for many different combat situations and survival situations

Big chill has ice that burns like fire. He can turn intangible. He looks really cool. He can freeze things.

It's so cold it burns

4 Ultimate Spidermonkey

He's powerful, he looks awesome, he can shoot webs from his mouth and...
(anything I missed? )

5 Ultimate Ben

He has the power of any alien but his look never changes he is mainly used by ben10,000 36 year old in the episode ben 10,000 returns to fight against eon

6 Ultimate Cannonbolt
7 Ultimate Swampfire

He was the first ultimate alien and he has those exploding blue things

8 Ultimate Wildmutt

Grand return of a classic alien and with an all new ultimate form. I could say the same about way big and cannonbolt but they were in alien force

Woof! Go Wild Mutt! He is the ultimate alien, DEFINITELY! He's got those gill things which I think tops every other alien, DEFINITELY!

Wildmutt can talk when he is in ultimate form and that is great because not talking is one of his weakness and in ultimate he has his weakness deducted...

9 Ultimate Echo Echo

The sonic plate is the best, plus he could defeat ultimate kevin

Why is so low? He is one of the most powerful

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1. Ultimate Ben
2. Ultimate Way Big
3. Ultimate Humugasaur


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