Most Underrated Cities In the United States


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1 Portland

Portland is fantastic there is low traffic low crime great food great parks awesome basket ball team lots of intresting suburb areas and friendly people. Out of all big cities Portland has to be the best in America the state of Oregon altogether rocks we have so many neat parks spectacular cities and towns so little crime and best of all we have a coast Astoria another fabulous city is just two hours from Portland with the best coastline in Oregon possibly. Portland is a very popular moving destination and the whole state altogher so please come visit this spectacular city it has so much to see. You won't be disappointed - Jaeden29

Which portland? Maine? it better be

There's two of them, so which one?

2 Kansas City

Kansas City is great! The rich history, the great barbeque, and great architecture makes Kansas City so unique.

What's not to love? Friendly people,sports teams,the plaza,special bbq,and so on

3 Des Moines, IA

Many people hate this city because it's in Iowa. But it is actually a great place. - JakePlaid

4 Charleston
5 Minneapolis

Underrated because everyone thinks it's twenty below year-round up here, when in fact the summers and falls are gorgeous! The shopping, nightlife, theaters, teams in all four major pro sports and the best female basketball team on the planet! It's rated number seven among Northern cities behind cities like Omaha and Milwaukee. Nothing against those cities, they're nice, but they don't compare to the Twin Cities.

6 Seattle V 1 Comment
7 Phoenix
8 Savannah V 1 Comment
9 Albuquerque
10 Salem

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? Sacramento, CA
? Suffolk

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11 Asheville
12 Grand Rapids, MI

Nice people, gorgeous city, amazing restaurants, Beer City, USA, ArtPrize. Grand Rapids is so amazing and tons of people think it's a wasteland, but it's the complete opposite. If you want a wasteland go somewhere else because it's definitely not the beautiful city of Grand Rapids.

13 Warren, MI
14 Pittsburgh
15 Greensboro
16 Salt Lake City

Salt lake city underrated? I find it overrated.

17 Petersburg
18 Boulder
19 Chicago, IL
20 Dover
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1. Minneapolis
2. Des Moines, IA
3. Kansas City
1. Charleston
2. Des Moines, IA
3. Salem
1. Kansas City
2. Portland
3. Charleston



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