Most Underrated Hard Rock Songs of the 80s

Some of the lesser known, but ultimately harder rockin songs of 80s.

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1 Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - Journey

Steve perry has probably the greatest voice ever. So beautiful, so full of feeling, and this song just plain rocks! And the ending is the best ever!

Cursed by being generic 80s hard rock. It sounds just like every other hard rock song that came out at the time. It's a great song but once you've heard all the other hard rock songs of that time it's not much.

Best Journey song ever, doesn't get the credit it deserves like Lights and Don't Stop Believing.

Not really underrated, but, yeah, this song doesn't get much attention as Don't Stop Believin'. In my opinion, their most underrated song is Only the Young.

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2 Dreams - Van Halen

I would Say This Song is a bit to Overrated... Other songs like Jump, Panama, Hot For Teacher... All are overrated... Even know there my favorite songs... The real underrated would be When its love... Dreams over powered that song! But Dreams is so overrated in 5150! - VanHalen

The best song off of Van Halen's album 5150

good song from an OK artist

3 Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple

Love Deep Purple so much. This song sounds pretty different from their past songs, and I don't think it gets the credit it should have

One of the greatest

4 Rock N' Roll Children - Dio

One of Dio's lesser known hits, but it rly kicks @$$.

The Best music of Dio. Terrific!

5 Can't Let You Go - Rainbow
6 Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses

How is this underrated?

This isn't even close to underrated. If anything it was over-played. I got sick of it

this song is always overshadowed by sweet child o mine I think welcome to the jungle is way better

This Song is not underrated at all

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7 Let It Rock - Bon Jovi

" Let it rock! Let it go! You can't stop the fire burning out of control! " Yes. one of my favorite bon jovi songs! Bon Jovi rocks on forever!

I love how this song made it on this list on LUCKY number 7 - DatBoiSquirtle

Can't believe it's so underrated! People must recognise this song!

8 Crying in the Rain - Whitesnake

My husband Daz Bash rocks this on the drums! One of our favorites

9 Urgent - Foreigner
10 I Surrender - Rainbow

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11 Slow An' Easy - Whitesnake

Great song but I hear it way more than judgement Day, and I think it's better than Slow An’ Easy.

12 Lick It Up - Kiss

The best KISS song ever! Rocking riffs, grooving bass, cool drums and wonderful vocals, this is the coolest KISS song ever to be recorded, performed and loved!

People alwyz say 80s KISS suks. go 70s KISS. but if you listen 2 this song, it rly shows that they still rocked in the 80s, makeup or not.

Admittedly NOT a big KISS fan - but this song rocks. One of my top 5 favorites from the band.

Plus it's a great tune

13 Drop Dead Legs - Van Halen

Definitely underrated. In my opinion, has a pretty good riff. Great VH song! - matty925

14 Bang Your Head (Metal Health) - Quiet Riot

People always talk about how come on feel the noize is their best song, but I really think this song is just a better song to jam out to. the way the wailing vocals grow more powerful as the song reaches its chorus just really build the mood of this fast-paced song.

If you want the Ultimate UNDERRATED Quiet Riot song.. listen to Thunderbird.

I've played it on Guitar hero Rock the 80's! So cool!

There best song

15 Nightrain - Guns N' Roses

I agree with this one. Has always been my favorite song off the album!

Now THIS is a real underrated song. Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine, and others are very good, but this song is almost as good, if not better. Also, Mr. Brownstone is a great one. - matty925

Probably my 2nd favourite Guns N' Roses song

Guns N' Roses best album uyi2. And 1

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16 We Like It Loud - Rough Cutt

An awesome song from a very unknown band. Rough Cutt wuz basically all of the very first members of Ratt, & this song RLY RLY kicks @$$

17 Diary of a Madman - Ozzy Osbourne

Wow, this song is so eerie, yet very hard-rockin. This song rly shows the talents of Randy Rhoades (R. I. P. ). its a shame this is one of Ozzy's lesser known hits.

18 Breakin' All the Rules - Ozzy Osbourne

Such a catchy opening riff from the amazing guitarist Zakk Wylde

An awesome song!! Surely deserves to be at the top.

19 Bark at the Moon - Ozzy Osbourne

Great song. that's really all I can say. go ozzy!

Underrated. Over the mountain is super underrated

20 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica

Metallica needs more credit 4 this song

My second favorite after Orion on this album

Metallic needs more credit 4 this song.

21 Shake a Leg - AC/DC
22 Def Leppard - Excitable

I love it. It funks, it rocks and it's not as simple as one would think. My favorite. Definitely tune of ALL.

23 Rock You - Helix
24 The Last Mile - Cinderella

This song rly kicks @$$. jst listen 2 the light-hearted tone of this hard-rockin tune.

Very underrated blues rock.

25 Caught in a Mosh - Anthrax

I think this song is a classic - InsertNameHere

26 Hammer to Fall - Queen
27 Rock America - Danger Danger
28 Don't Tell Me You Love Me - Night Ranger
29 Fools Game - Michael Bolton
30 Shake Your Foundations - AC/DC
31 Read My Body - Kiss
32 Hell is Living Without You - Alice Cooper

Hell Is Living Without You is one of the best songs from Alice Cooper in my opinion, I don't see why it doesn't get played on the radio, I mean I've never heard it on the radio. Signed Roxxi Monroe

Different kind if love song.

33 Rip and Tear - L.A. Guns
34 Let the Good Times Rock - Europe
35 Children of the Night - Survivor

You really don't know what you're missing until you hear this. From 1982.

36 Heatseeker - AC/DC
37 Hate - Kiss

one of the most hard song of KISS

if you don't like KISS, listen to that song

If you like KISS, listen to that song too

Definitely underrated!

38 The Wild and the Young - Quiet Riot
39 I Still Love You - Kiss
40 Going Down - Jeff Beck
41 Too Tough to Die - The Ramones
42 Cum On Feel the Noize - Quiet Riot
43 Goin' Blind - Kiss
44 A Million to One - Kiss
45 Night of the Long Knives - AC/DC
46 Breakout - Bon Jovi
47 Love Kills - Vinnie Vincent Invasion

Love this song.

48 I Want You to Rock Me - Vixen
49 Spark in the Dark - Alice Cooper
50 Cry Tough - Poison
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3. Dreams - Van Halen


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