Top 10 Most Underrated Hey Arnold Episodes

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1 Olga Comes Home

Olga comes home and like always Helga is ignored and feels inferior to her and decides to sabotage Olga's grades from College by changing one grade to a B+ which completely devastates Olga that she has an emotional breakdown at first Helga is happy at Olga's misery but actually feels bad for her thanks to advice from Arnold she eventually tells her what she did and both Helga and Olga actually have a bonding moment where Olga reveals to Helga that despite always looking like she enjoys the attention she's actually miserable as she constantly feels almost like a trained circus monkey and being expected to be perfect all the time. - egnomac

2 Chocolate Boy

Such an underappreciated episode that follows Chocolate Boy and goes further into his addiction to chocolate. - egnomac

3 Mr. Hyunh Goes Country

After Arnold and Gerald discover Mr. Hyunh's amazing singing voice and decide without asking him to help him become a famous country singer and he quickly skyrockets to stardom but Arnold sees that Mr. Hyunh is unhappy with his sudden fame who confides to him that he enjoys his simple life more than being a famous and Arnold then tells him to do what makes him happy, while performing at The Grand Ole Opry Mr. Hyunh announces that he doesn't want to be famous and instead wants to go back to his old life and performs his song on stage for the last time. - egnomac

4 Ernie in Love

Ernie falls in love with a woman named Lola and with Arnold's help he gets a date with her they have a great time together that is until he asks her out on another date and Lola bring up the fact about him being so short and that it wouldn't work for the two of him Ernie despite heartbroken accepts it at first until he returns and confronts her about it that despite him being small his a big man at heart and that is what should matter and disappointing at her for not realizing that, she eventually apologizes to him and the two go out together. - egnomac

5 Phoebe Cheats
6 Jaime O' In Love

The episode centers on the relationship between Gerald and Jaime O', Gerald becomes fed up with his big brother Jaime O' who constantly torments him and wishes that he had a nicer older brother his wish comes true when Jaime O' starts becoming a lot nicer to him and Arnold when he gets a girlfriend Cherice however while at a dinner Gerald and Arnold finds out that Jaime O's girlfriend is using him for her own personal gain at first Gerald is unwilling to tell his brother the truth because he'll stop being nice and go back to being a jerk but when he actually see's how far Cherice has pushed his brother he actually feels bad for him and despite all the times Jaime O has treated him poor over the years he feels bad and tells him the truth which of course Jaime O' refuses to believe until he overhears the truth from Cherice, when Jaime O' confronts Gerald after hearing this he actually thanks him for looking out for him and agrees to try and be a lot nicer to him. - egnomac

7 Veterans Day

Another underappreciated episode where Arnold's grandfather and Gerald's dad take them to Washington D.C. for the Veterans Day weekend and begin telling stories of their time serving in the army with grandpa Phil telling a story in that sounds hard to believe in which he drove a truck of spoiled chams and was captured by enemy soldiers and ticks them into eating them making them sick allowing for the allies get through the breach and end the war and of course Arnold doesn't believe him until he shows Arnold the statue that was made of him in his honor as for Gerald's dad Martin despite being in the army during the Vietnam War he mostly served as a desk job after being sick with the flu during basic training and after accidentally shooting an officer in the butt and saw very little combat except while driving to an area where a battle took place and rescued a fallen soldier, Gerald at first is disappointing that he never fought in a an actual battle that is until while at Vietnam War ...more - egnomac

8 Hey Harold
9 False Alarm

An episode that is an homage to the 1957 movie 12 Angry Men. - egnomac

10 Back to School

Arnold's finds out that grandpa never graduated from grade school due to him dropping out during the Great Depression and was forced to drop out to get a job to help support his family and convinces him to go back which he does and at first everything goes fine until grandpa starts to feel the pressure and starts turning into a rebel and getting in trouble at one point almost gets expelled later he confesses to Arnold that he's afraid that he can't do it and Arnold convinces to him that he can do and helps him study and grandpa finally realizes his dream of graduating and getting his diploma. - egnomac

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